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Have you heard about the awesome N900 ? Do you want to try it and know more about Maemo ?

If you’re based in Portugal this is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on an N900.
Thanks to the WOM World/Nokia folks, we’re hosting a small meetup about the Nokia N900 and the Maemo community, in the next Saturday in Lisbon at the “Mar Adentro café” (Maps) between 15:00 and 18:00.
I’ll give a small demonstration of the N900 and then will let people ask questions about the device and the community and enjoy some hands-on time with the device. If you already have an N900, join us anyway, you’ll not regret :) .

Due to the space logistics, I appreciate that those willing to attend contact me.

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Extras-testing Marathon – Next Saturday

2009-10-29 01:54 UTC  by  Valério Valério

Are you a lucky N900 owner ? Want to help the Maemo Community ? This call is for you.

In the next Saturday(Oct 31) from 2pm till 7pm(UTC/GMT) we’ll host a testing marathon at #maemo-testing@Freenode, in order to make more awesome community applications available to end users. This marathon will be also a test for our community QA process, we want to test it and improve it before the N900 hits the shelves.
If you’re a developer, make sure your applications are in good shape before the testing marathon.

The information above was bit confusing for you ? Here’s a small FAQ:

What is a testing marathon ?

Basically is a ‘testing party’, where people together test software, report bugs, talk/send feedback to developers  in order to improve our community applications.

Do I need to be a developer to take part of the marathon ?

No, even if you can’t judge all the criteria in the QA checklist, you’re more than welcome, every small help has big value for us.

Do I need to be in the irc channel during the entire marathon ?

No, you can join/leave at anytime, but it’s recommendable to be in the channel at the beginning of the marathon, if you need some help or have some doubts.

I can’t attend the marathon, can I help in some way ?

Of course, you can test and evaluate applications at any time. Try to follow our community QA process and checklist and vote the packages under:

Still have doubts, want to discuss something ?

Join the discussion here.

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Maemo Summit – Informations for Speakers

2009-10-05 09:16 UTC  by  Valério Valério

For those that don’t follow regularly the forums, here are some information relevant to Maemo Summit speakers.

  • You are encouraged to use the Maemo Summit 2009 template for presentations, available as odp and ppt.
  • The best format for the presentations is 16×9 since this is the proportion of the screens in use. Presentations with 3×4 format might get black strips on the sides or get slightly squeezed.
  • There are Windows laptops with Internet connection for speakers in the N900, N810 and N800 rooms. They are equipped with, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat and Firefox.
  • Bring your presentation to your session room in a USB stick around 9:30, 13:30 (Friday) or 14:30 (Saturday). Have copies in our laptop or online just in case.
  • You can use your own laptop if you really need to. At your own risk, we won’t change the schedule if you have problems. Definitely not recommended for lightning sessions.
  • There will be N900 devices for speakers willing to demo their software. These devices can be connected to the projector with TV-Out.
  • The N810 room will have 2 independent projectors. You can use them to have e.g. slides and a device demo in parallel.

Question and more useful information in this discussion thread.

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OneDotZero experience – part 2

2009-09-15 23:38 UTC  by  Valério Valério

The second day of the OneDotZero experience started again with a nice chat during the breakfast, this time without devices :) . Was very nice to hear the ideas of my colleagues bloggers about the current state of the mobile devices market and the prosper future of this area. We talked mostly about the new N900, making comparisons with other platforms and discussing our impressions as end users of the new Maemo OS. I think in general everybody was impressed with the device.

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OneDotZero experience – part 1

2009-09-15 01:26 UTC  by  Valério Valério

Last week I was invited to London for the onedotzero event at the BFI, where Nokia were showcasing some very cool stuff around the Maemo Plataform.

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GSoC is already over, and the Maemo Community had a very successful participation this year, all students successfully completed the program, some with more difficulties than others, but in general, I’m very happy with the final results.

I hope that all who had involved in our organization have had a very pleasant time and a great learning experience. Let’s hope that we can run similar programs inside our community more times in the future, with the knowledge acquired, the benefits for the community will be even bigger, for sure :) .

I would like to thank some individuals and some company’s which had an important role in our GSoC participation:

Our mentors: Eduard Bartosh(ed_), Eduardo Lima(etrunko), Florian Boor(florian), Gary Birkett(lcuk), Gustavo Chaves(glima), Luis Felipe Strano Moraes(lfelipe), Rafael Antognolli(antognolli), Thomas Perl(thp), Ulisses Furquim Freire da Silva(Ryback_) and all the others that don’t had an student assigned.

Our Students:
Amit Sethi(amit_usual), Andrei Mirestean(andrei1089), Andrey Popelo(apopelo), Feng Gao(derkaiser), Kasun Herath(kasun), Kirtika Ruchandani(rkirti), Lauri Võsandi(v6sa), Max Usachev(plastun), Thiago Borges Abdnur(bolaum) and Zachary Habersang(z4chh).

Our Community: Everybody that proposed project ideas and helped our students, especially the Mer guys (I’m looking at you Stskeeps et al ;) ).

Nokia: For sponsoring the trip & accommodation of the students and mentors that attended the Mozilla Maemo Danish Weekend held in Copenhagen, especially Quim Gil for the help given during the program.

Texas Instruments:
For the Beagleboard kindly offered to Kirtika, was a great help for her project.

For running this successfully program, especially the GSoC team(Leslie, Ellen et al) and the Melange team.

Here’s some screenshots of our students work, more screenshots can be found in lfelipe’s blog.



Maemo OE


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Valério Valério

The Maemo Summit is a showcase for the Maemo community, so it’s important to get the word out.

We are looking for help, specially from those who have designing skills, but everybody can help :)

You can help us promote the event in several ways:

* Create cool promotion banners, web badges or flyers.
* Write about the summit on your website, and add the url here.
* Help in the Summit merchandise design.
* Add banners/web badges in your website, put flyers in your work place/university/user group.
* Join the Maemo Summit groups in social networks.
* Spread the word about the summit, among your friends and colleagues.

Ideas, thoughts ? Come discuss with us

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Qt everywhere – Qt/s60 demos on Maemo

2009-07-28 15:38 UTC  by  Valério Valério

After run the cool Qt/s60 demos produced by Ariya on my phone, I decided to test if Qt is really cross-platform :P . Well, I’ve to say that I’m really impressed, the demos run smoothly on my desktop and as you can see below on my n810 :)

Digital clock

Runs out of the box, I only made a small change in order to assign the device volume buttons to the three animation effects: Slide, Flip, and Rotate, because the menu doesn’t work, probably need some integration with hildon (I’m a Qt noob : ) )

Weather info

An propriety used in this demo (setOpacity) only exist in Qt 4.5 onwards, and the available version on the maemo repositories is the 4.4, so I commented some lines of code, my changes led to a bug as you can see in the video, the main weather state icon isn’t correctly updated. Note that the demo runs out of the box without any change, but due to the old Qt version used, the animations aren’t shown without a small fix.

The third Qt/s60 demo requires more changes, because of the use of  input methods,  let’s hope that everything run out of the box in Fremantle.

More information and the videos of the demos running on an s60 device:

Update: Qt 4.5.x is actually available for maemo4 under the extras-devel repository, see comment below (Thanks Kaitsu).

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Playing Quake on an 5800 with BlueMaemo

2009-07-09 20:20 UTC  by  Valério Valério

Yesterday I received a feedback comment here, saying that BlueMaemo can be used to control games in some S60 devices (Thanks Hath!!!), so just tried with my 5800 and the result is in the video above :) . Playing those games with the tv-out feature of the phone is even cooler :)

Required software and instructions here.

Note: In order to play Quake 2 in the 5800 you need to turn off OpenGL ES in the game menu.

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BlueMaemo 0.3

2009-06-13 16:27 UTC  by  Valério Valério

bluemaemo 0.3 main menu

As some already know, a new version of BlueMaemo rolled out in the last Thursday. BlueMaemo 0.3 is mostly a bug-fix release, but some new features are also available.

BlueMaemo v0.3 Changelog:

* Added support for the hardware keyboard in all profiles
* Added support for ‘key combos’ (e.g: ctrl+f, ctrl+alt+f6,…)
* Added Ctrl, Alt and F1 to F11 keys in the virtual keyboard
* Fixed bug in the bluetooth adapter state
* Moved configuration files to /etc/bluemaemo/
* Added back buttons in the ‘wait for connection’ and ‘process connection’ screens
* Fixed the sdl/openGL keystrokes bug

In other news, the BlueMaemo bug tracker was moved to the official maemo bugzilla (Thanks Andre), so now on you should report bug and submit feature requests (enhancement) there.

I would like to thank everyone that submitted bug reports and feature request, especially our package master Qwerty12 for some tips about the debian packaging, and Pycage that sent me a lot of outputs, that helped me fix a bug related to the keystrokes sent to games written in SDL/OpenGL.

Next developments will target Fremantle and improvements in the PS3 support.

I would like to give more time to my open source projects, but right now my thesis work is eating most of my time :( .

BlueMaemo V0.3 is available here.

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Video: Maemo 5 Beta

2009-04-28 21:59 UTC  by  Valério Valério

Today Nokia announced a new version of the Maemo 5 SDK, here is a small video with some new UI features:

Note: other features could exist in this new SDK, I don’t searched too much. I also noticed some elements missing in this version, like the application switcher and the back menu button in the right top corner of the screen, you can also see my previous video for a better comparison with the alpha SDK UI.

Happy Hacking :)

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Maemo @ GSoC – Accepted projects

2009-04-20 22:44 UTC  by  Valério Valério

Google announced today the accepted students for the Google Summer of Code 09, the maemo community will host 10 projects this year.
We received more than 40 students proposals, around half of the students proposed features/advances for Canola, seems that the ‘open sourcing’ of the project attracted much attention.

Some of my favorite projects weren’t selected, but I’m happy with the one’s selected by the democratic vote of the maemo mentors :D

Here is the list:

Barcode scanner and Shopping Assistant.
Bittorrent plugin for Canola.
IM Client For Canola Using Python-purple.
Integrating Maemo in Open Embedded(OE) – Creating a ‘maemo image’ in OE for the N800/N810.
Liqbase Framework Development and Application Implementation.
Mnemosyne for Maemo.
Picasa plugin for Canola.
Remember The Milk plugin for Canola.
Semantic-Based Context-aware Personalized News reader System for Maemo.
Twitter application and Twitpic support for Canola.

Some of the project titles may seem strange at the first look, so stay tuned in the maemo mailing lists for further  details, criticism and suggestion around the GSoC projects.

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