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(Version 1/2014, posted and effective as of 1st August 2014)

(2016/02/20: edited to replace Hildon Foundation with Maemo Community e.V.)

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the web site and the services provided therein (the “Site”), hosted as a public service by Maemo Community e.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates from which you have accessed this Privacy Policy. The web site is operated by community volunteers ("the operator of this site"). By accessing and using the Site, you expressly agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

This Site may contain links to other sites. Maemo Community e.V. does not share your personal information with those sites and is not responsible for their privacy practices. When leaving this Site, please read the privacy policy applicable to the site you are thereafter visiting.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Site. By accessing and using this Site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Visitor Identification (“Cookies”) and Non-Personal Information

Maemo Community e.V. or its third-party designees may place information on your computer to allow the operator of this site to collect certain data. This information is commonly known as "cookies". These cookies are session-specific and are cancelled and expire when you leave the Site and are not stored on your computer. The data collected through cookies does not, in any way, identify you personally or your computer. The information collected is collected for technical and maintenance purposes only.

Personal Information Collected

Maemo Community e.V. is committed to the protection of the privacy of its Site visitors. The operator of this site stores personal information that you may provide to the Site and the services provided on this Site. Such information may include, among other information, your name, e-mail address and information about your responses to the Site, campaigns and other activities, as well as about your contacts with the support personnel of the Site ("Personal Information"). In the event you are of the age of a minor or otherwise a minor in your country, you may need consent from your parent(s) or other legal guardian(s) before submitting any information via this Site.

Purposes for which Personal Information is Collected

The operator of this site may collect Personal Information for the purposes of provision, development and personalization of the Site and services, research, demographics and statistics. Specifically, the operator of this site may collect Personal Information for the purposes of personal communication with you in order to respond to your questions, and fulfill your requests.

Information Storage and Processing

The Personal Information relating to the Site will be stored, processed and used in accordance with applicable data protection regulations by EU/German laws. The Personal Information is stored on servers in Germany or in some other country within the European Union.

You expressly accept and give your unambiguous consent that your Personal Information gained in connection with your use of the Site, with respect to the Site, may be transferred across international borders to server locations supporting the Site (mirror sites), including but not limited to transfers from those locations back to the country of your registration, for operating and developing the Site or for the purposes of storing the data in the relevant database, which may be located in Germany or in some other country or countries within the European Union.

You expressly accept and give your unambiguous consent that Maemo Community e.V., its subcontractors or agents performing support and thereto related tasks may have access to your Personal Information in order to complete the task in question. These entities performing these functions have accepted appropriate confidentiality obligations when processing your personal information. Your Personal Information will not be revealed to any third parties without your prior consent, except as otherwise provided above in this Privacy Policy or required by law, court order or law enforcement officials.

Security, Review and Accuracy of Personal Information

Please note that while there are always risks associated with providing Personal Information, whether in person, by phone or over the Internet or any other media or terminal, and no system of technology is completely safe, "tamper" or "hacker-proof", the operator of this site takes appropriate measures to prevent and minimize risks of unauthorized access to, improper use and the inaccuracy of your Personal Information.

You have the right at any time to review any and all of your Personal Information stored by the operator of this site. Further, you have the right, at any time, to ask the operator of this site to remove some or all of your Personal Information and to prohibit any use of Personal Information submitted by or collected from you.

The operator of this site will on its own initiative, or at your request, replenish, rectify or erase any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated Personal Information retained in connection with the operation of the Site. To exercise these rights with respect to your Personal Information please contact

Modification of the Privacy Policy

Maemo Community e.V. reserves the right to change or modify at any time without prior notice this Privacy Policy and will notify you of such change or modification by posting an updated version of this Privacy Policy. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Privacy Policy. Continued use of the Site shall constitute your consent to such changes.