Contribution Guidelines

These Contribution Guidelines cover your software, code, documentation and graphics contributions to this site, project or otherwise through this site ("Contributions"). When you consider contributing you should also read the Terms and Conditions covering the use of this site.

When sending us your Contribution you should provide us at least the following information:

  • Name of the copyright holder of the Contribution. In case of multiple copyright holders, identify copyright holders and their portions in the Contribution e.g. with change log. If copyright holder is not known or the Contribution is in the public domain, inform and specify this to us, too.

  • License terms for your Contribution and licenses in different parts of the Contribution if it is under several different licenses. Your Contribution must be under license accepted by Open Source Initiative. See details for licensing documentation and graphics contributions below. Please refer to and identify clearly the applicable license and possible web site for more information on the License.

  • If the contribution or parts thereof are copyrighted by someone else than you and it is not evident form the license terms that you have right to submit the software please specify your ground for submitting Contribution.

Contributing Documentation

In case you want to contribute documentation, the preferable license for the documentation is the GNU Free Documentation License. By submitting your documentation contribution under the Free Documentation License you maintain ownership of and get credit for your contributions, but you allow others to copy, distribute and/or modify your documentation as long as they credit you. Please refer to the GNU Free Documentation License and the Free Software Foundation for more information on the License.

Contributing Graphics

Notwithstanding what is mentioned above of the applicable licenses, in case you want to contribute skins, icons or other graphics (“Graphics”) in, your Graphics contributions should preferably be under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. For general information concerning the License please refer to the Creative Commons Deed which is an introduction to the License expressing some of the License's key terms but not a presentation of all rights and obligations under the License. For full License text please visit the license page at the Creative Commons site. In case you do not wish to apply the referred license then please use any license as defined above to be used for any Contributions.

Acceptance of Contributions

Please note that Maemo Community e.V. makes no representations or warranties of any kind, including express or implied that your Contribution will end up to this site or any of its' projects. Maemo Community e.V. reserves the right at its exclusive discretion to decide whether or not to introduce any Contribution to this site or any of its' projects. Maemo Community e.V. also reserves the right to change or modify at any time, without prior notice, any terms set out in You are responsible for regularly reviewing such terms. Continued use of or any contribution to the shall constitute your consent to these terms and any such changes.