Aggregate your blog

You want to see your blog aggregated to Planet Maemo. These are the requirements:

  • Maintain an interesting blog about Maemo (in the wide sense, non-programmers are welcome as well).
  • We welcome also contributors of related/upstream projects as far as they have a focus on Maemo and its context.
  • Please create a Maemo category/tag if you are writing about other topics in your blog, so you can provide a Maemo-only feed.
  • The entries must be in English. If you need a multilingual Planet Maemo then help pushing this Brainstorm proposal.
  • Please don't contact us if you just started a blog or a Maemo category, unless you are already popular in the Maemo community.
  • You are not allowed to put banners in your feed!

If the points above describe your blog, send this to planet AT maemo:

  • A valid maemo-only feed (RSS or Atom will work).
  • The URL of your public maemo profile:[yourID] (hackergotchi/avatar/picture required).

Your chances of success are higher as you accumulate posts, months, focus and originality in your Maemo-related blog