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2012-11-30 and 2012-12-07 Council Meeting Minutes

2012-12-13 07:15 UTC  by  mtraceur

This post contains the meeting minutes for both the 2012-11-30 and the 2012-12-07 meetings. As the person responsible for preparing these minutes and posting them in a timely manner, I apologize to the community for falling behind on them these last two weeks. It is worth noting that since these meetings took place, there has been discussion on the TMO infrastructure topic, both internally and visibly to the community through Board posts, and probably to some extent forum discussion. So the bullets regarding TMO infrastructure issues do not necessarily reflect the latest information by any means.

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2012-11-23 Council Meeting Minutes

2012-11-26 20:11 UTC  by  mtraceur

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: DocScrutinizer05, qwazix, MentalistTraceur.
Absent: NielDK, ivgalvez

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
- IRC Account for ivgalvez
- Infrastructure
- CC Devices Situation
- Misc topics


  • Before the meeting, ivgalvez was able to give us an update from the Board, saying that next week the board has a conference with both Nemein and Nokia, and that hopefully this helps unblock the current situation.

Topic 1 (IRC Account Requirement for Councilors):

  • DocScrutinizer brought up that community councilors are supposed to have registered IRC accounts on FreeNode IRC, and ivgalvez currently doesn't have one.
  • Significant reasons for this mentioned were:
  1. An unregistered username can be used by anyone, and impersonating councilors has significant potential for community disruption.
  2. An unregistered username cannot receive special permissions for IRC channels, such as being able to change the topic of the council meeting channel.
  3. Unregistered users can't receive cloaks.
  4. Thus, DocScrutinizer cannot proceed with the cloak/permissions changes request until ivgalvez has registered his IRC nick.

Topic 2 (Infrastructure):

  • Wiki (still) has edit error.The error comes from /usr/share/mediawiki/includes/EditPage.php
  • Thus, Council decided to request that X-Fade publishes that, and perhaps other *.php files, or the entire /usr/share/mediawiki/includes* subdirectory, excluding any secret/sensitive files, to, so that the community could take a look at them and perhaps someone could figure out where the error is coming from.
Topic 3 (CC Devices Situation):

(Note: DocScrutinizer did not actively participate in this topic)
  • qwazix sent e-mail to the contact that sent the DHL tracking information for the CC devices, to ask about the two CC devices that have not yet been delivered. He has not received a response yet.
  • Recipient of the slightly malfunctioning N950 has sent e-mail to the same person, but has not followed up since then.
  • There is another contact that handled the previous wave(s) of device giveaways, it was decided to try them next, after a full week of no reply has elapsed.
Topic 4 (Misc topics):

Jolla Relations:
  • qwazix noted he has introduced himself to the Jolla community relationship chief, as a Council Member.
IRC Cloaks:
  • DocScrutinizer will just make a blanket request to set all current IRC "maemo/community/council*" cloaks to "maemo/community/contributor", before giving the new councilors council cloaks - to make sure there's no straggler "council" cloaks left.
  • Anyone wishing to keep a "maemo/community/council" cloak for some reason even though they are not a current council member, may contact the council explaining their reasons, to have their case considered.
Action Items:
  • qwazix will send ivgalvez an e-mail to request that he register his FreeNode IRC nick.
  • DocScrutinizer will send the IRC cloak/permission change requests to X-Fade when ivgalvez does the aforementioned.
  • qwazix will send X-Fade a request to publish the relevant wiki pages as per above.
  • qwazix will wait until Monday, then e-mail the fallback contact for the CC devices.

Hello all,

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Ivan Galvez Junquera
By Tim Samoff, Hildon Foundation Board Member.

Dear Maemo Community,

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Ivan Galvez Junquera
Minutes for first Hildon Foundation Board meeting. VoIP meeting held on Google Hangout. Attending: - Randall Arnold / texrat - Tim Samoff / timsamoff - Ivan Galvez / ivgalvez - Robert Bauer/ SD69 - Craig Woodward (intermittent) / woody14619

Hildon Foundation, Meeting 1 - November 3, 2012


+ Note:
- Technical Issues persisted via Google Hangout: only Randy, Ivan and Tim had voice capability. Others participated via chat.

+ Public Meeting Minutes?
- Tim: Yes
- Randy: Some private; some public
- Ivan: Are they required?
- Rob: n/a
- Craig: They should be public, with exceptions of criticalinformation/NDA.

+ Bylaws, version 7
- Bylaws unanimously approved by all Board members.

+ Board Officers
- Chair: Randall Arnold
- Secretary: Robert Bauer
- Treasurer: Currently, Tim Samoff
> Proposed to ask Cosimo Kroll/zehjotkah to occupy this role.
~ Cosimo has agreed to take the position and will be appointed at the next Board meeting.)

+ Bank account?
- Find out about bank account (ask Niel Nielsen/nieldk).

+ Meeting schedule
- VoiP every two weeks?
- IRC meetings (Board Business) every two weeks & VoiP meetings(Official Board Meetings) monthly?
- Will schedule regular meetings on Google Calendar (which will also create a permanent Hangout for the Board).

+ Transitioning tasks from Council to Board. Separation of current tasks.
- Ensure Council remains communication conduit for community.
- Board organizes operational decisions.
- Board needs an official statement for Board responsibility withcommunity.
> Ask Craig Woodward about channel(s) of Board communication.
~ After the meeting, Ivan asked X-Fade to set up the same mechanism that Council is using for communication. In the meantime, Council account can be used.

+ Funding activities:
- Nothing to report at this time.

+ Private session concerning some NDA-protected issues (recorded elsewhere).

+ Infrastructure problems:
- To be discussed via email.

+ Meeting concluded.

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Craig Woodward
Based on historic review, the following seems to be the only viable option for this process.

After confirming with the election rules, and historic precedent, the case for five Maemo Community Council candidates seems to be very clear.  The case for five is a "no election" scenario, granting the candidates full Council-ship.

This being said, it brings me great pleasure to announce the new, Q4 2012 Maemo Community Council:

As stated many times in the past month, these five contributors have put in timeless hours supporting our community. They are all people who our community has expressed much support for and who will do what it takes to see this community through the tumultuous months ahead of us.  In speaking for the entire previous Council, I'd like to offer a warm welcome (or welcome back) and wish them a happy and productive term!  The formal hand-off will occur at the Council meeting, Friday at 18:00 UTC on #maemo-meeting (on IRC/freenode).

Remember, the position of Community Council member is completely voluntary and unpaid. These fine people are serving you, the Maemo Community, in their free time, out of the goodness of their hearts and a passion for what Maemo is and means.

Once again, thank you all for the ongoing support. This Council only exists because of you.

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Craig Woodward

The results of the Hildon Foundation Board elections, Q4 2012 are now official.  Congratulations to all involved, and many thanks to the community for their support and their vote.

Please keep in mind that the Council election cycle is still going!  Nominations continue through the 28th, and voting will occur the first week of November!  There are currently four standing candidates for Council.

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Craig Woodward

Board Elections and Council Nominations

2012-10-12 17:12 UTC  by  Craig Woodward

For those who haven't been following along with the discussion:

  • Board elections have started, and will close on October 18th.
  • Council nominations have re-opened and been extended until October 28th.

The election thread has all the details, including the new time tables.  Thanks again to MisterC for creating the candidate declaration wiki page, and to Andrew for helping with clarifications and nomination validation on the community mailing list.

If you have not yet received your token for voting, please check your spam filters and/or validate you are elegable and have a current e-mail address in your account.


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Craig Woodward
This is a review of the weekly meeting of the Maemo Community Council.

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)
Attending: Woody14619, Ivgalvez, NielDK, SD69

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • CC status
  • Elections
  • Bylaws updates and NFP status
  • Council Mailbag (QT5 competition related)
  • Misc topics

Topic 1 (CC Status)

  • Elections for CC are finished, organizers are working on finalizing results.
  • See the official wiki page for links and eventual official results.

Topic 2 (Elections)

  • We have enough candidates to move forward, nominations end the 28th.

Topic 3 (Bylaws and NFP status)

  • Updates from Woody and TMO are posted in TMO.
  • We now have a tax-ID number.
  • Woody has had no time to work on getting bank account setup.
  • We need to chat with Nokia/Nemien to do further setup for transition.

Topic 4 (Council Mailbag)

  • Laszlo Papp requests Council attempt to recall/redistribute awards from QT5 competition from earlier in 2012, as he feels recipients have not promoted QT5 as the award required.
  • After consideration, this was a Nokia-run competition which Council was not involved in. Council feels it would be inappropriate to interject itself into the QT community (which is much larger than Maemo, Harmattan, and/or MeeGo).
  • It is decided we will encourage Laszlo to take this matter up with the Community via TMO. If there is a consensus there, the next Council may revisit this topic.

Topic 5 (Misc/reminders)

  • We continue to have infrastructure problems, hopefully resolvable by Hildon Foundation when we/if they get the keys.
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Craig Woodward

The nomination period for Council and the Board of the new Foundation are ending in just under 48 hours.  To date we have had NO submissions for Council and only two for the Board.  If there's no interest in keeping going, ignore this and it very well may go away.


Also, what may be the final version of the bylaws (version 5) has been posted on the TMO thread where there's been a lively discussion going on.  For those involved in that, thank you.  For those who would like to check them out and comment, please hit the link.

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Craig Woodward

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)
Attending: Woody14619, Ivgalvez, SD69

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • Elections
  • Bylaws updates
  • Legal status and paperwork
  • Back-burner items and path forward
  • Misc topics

Topic 1 (Elections)

  • Elections for CC are underway, all looks to be working well.
  • Banners were posted on TMO by Reggie for CC Election and Council Elections.
  • Ivan suggests Woody14619 do a thread/wiki page about the voting system.
  • The ML moderation is not happening, need to check X-Fade on that.

Topic 2 (Update on bylaws)

  • Updates from Woody and TMO are posted in TMO.
  • We should do at least one more round, using blog/ML, etc.

Topic 3 (Legal status, paperwork)

  • Hildon Foundation paperwork is in, we now exist (or will very soon).
  • Next steps include setting up a bank account, negotiating contracts.
  • Ivan suggests we use the donation policy from Mer.

Topic 4 (Path forward)

  • Discussion about the next steps for the Foundation and Council.
  • The suggestion of creating a to-do list to hand to both next cycle is made.
  • One Council member suggested that the community and potential nominees don't know the status of Reggie's reluctance to transfer TMO, and that the status should be made public before the election nomination period closes.  The majority felt it was not prudent to disclose it announce it publicly, but instead to inform nominees directly.
  • The suggestion of creating a "things candidates should know" list is made.

Topic 5 (Misc/reminders)

  • SD69 wants to setup a "coming soon" landing page for Hildon Foundation.
  • SD69 takes action to donate his domain and the one NielDK has to foundation.
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Craig Woodward

Due to time demands meeting minutes were not produced until 9-25.  Sorry for the delay!

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)
Attending: Woody14619, SD69, ZogG, djszapi, DocScrutinizer

Pre-meeting discussion:

  • A primary worker in QT5 development takes issue with those getting awards for QT5 development, but not helping on porting for the N9.

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • Elections (Council and CC)
  • Update on bylaws
  • Misc topics

Topic 1 (Elections)

  • Woody14619 has updated scripts to allow single-token to multi-election voting.
  • The CC will be setup and in effect will be a test of the system, having 7 elections on one token.

Topic 2 (Bylaws)

  • SD69 will have yet another revision out this weekend, shaping up nicely.

Topic 3 (Misc)

  • SD69 discusses issues around Foundation setup.
  • OBS and such are discussed, movement to continue collaboration with Mer touched on.
  • Discussion from before the meeting continues...
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