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Q4 2013 Community Council Election Update

2013-11-01 19:57 UTC  by  chemist

due to the lack of nominees we decided to extend the nomination period by one month.

From the merger with HiFo-Council we furthermore need to extend the election process by another week, adding a one-week contemplation period.

We are extending the acceptance of nominations till the end of the day 2013/11/30 (GMT).

Contemplation will start 2013/12/01 ending with the end of the day 2013/12/07 (GMT).

The Election then starts 2013/12/08. You will be notified with an election-token within the week before.

For detailed information on upcoming elections, general information about the process and if you are an eligible person to vote or as candidate - see:
Election Process

On behalf of the Maemo Community Council

Best regards
Ruediger Schiller
Community Council Chair

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Q4 2013 Community Council Election Announcement

2013-10-04 19:47 UTC  by  qwazix

Another six months are quickly running away and it's time for our Community Council to be succeeded by a new one, voted by the community.

The last election finished 8th of May 2013 so the election should begin on the 4th of November. Elections duration is one week, until the 10th of November. Nominations should open 2 weeks before that, thus on the 21th of the current month.

Please contemplate to throw your hat into the ring for the upcoming election, and help this community drive forward.

We will probably have two new devices to call our own during the next few months so the gloomy future that was in the horizon during the previous two elections has been avoided, and exciting times are coming.

In a personal note, I always regretted not being around here or active enough during the golden days of maemo, i.e. right before the N900 was announced and during the first months of it's availability. Don't lose the new opportunity to be part of new fun times that are coming fast.

On behalf of the outgoing community council

Michael Demetriou

(Joerg Reisenweber)

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Maintainers for the infra

2013-08-07 17:49 UTC  by  qwazix

Dear maemo/meego enthusiasts and Linux lovers,

as most of you likely know, Nokia stopped supporting the infrastructure at the beginning of the year. After two server migrations (Nokia -> Nemein in December 2012, Nemein -> community), is now completely community supported. Unfortunately, was delivered to the community in less-than-100%-working order and our small techstaff team succesfully manged to move the maemo infra to community owned servers and keeping services alive until now. But they are totally overloaded and are yet to have dedicated maintainers for all divisions.

So we, the maemo community council and the Hildon Foundation decided to ask the community for their urgent help. We are seeking maintainers for
- bugzilla
- drop
- garage
- midgard/cms/web
- repository
- wiki
- other co-sysops for Apache, mysql, php, Python

Understanding of requirements of a productive system is mandatory. You need to know about peer-review and proper documentation and coordination with sysops. We have no manuals about how stuff works, you need to find your way around by investigating the existing system. Due to the lack of documentation for midgard and, we need your knowhow in order to point techstaff to solutions. Without sufficient manpower, the problems we are facing are putting the whole infrastructure at risk. If things remain unsolved, we will be forced to shut down critical services or even the whole of sooner or later. We need your assistance in resolving these issues.

This request comes with no particular expectations and it may seem quite obvious, but we have to stress the fact that without community help, a community-driven infra will fail.

You are probably the right one who knows about these services well enough to help us keep them operating. Even just a small contribution of time is extremely welcome. Whether that's having some time set aside for a walkthrough of the architecture; the ability to answer a bunch of questions; or pointers to documentation we may have missed - we'd appreciate anything.
So if you think you can help, please offer it here or send a mail to

Thanks for reading and kind regards,
Maemo Community Council & Hildon Foundation

Joerg Reisenweber / joerg_rw
Michael Demetriou / qwazix
Rüdiger Schiller / chemist
Christian Ratzenhofer / merlin1991
Craig Woodward / Woody14619
Ryan Abel / GeneralAntilles
Jaffa / Andrew Flegg
Gido Griese / Win7Mac

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Councils become finally one!

2013-06-14 23:25 UTC  by  chemist

Dear community.

Firstly we would like to thank all the people who voted in the recent elections. Your say matters and it's important that you "the community" have your say on who will represent us. As I am sure you know by now the objective of the recent Referendum was to
align HFC and MCC together, hence forming a Council with similar rules including a few tweaks to adjust to new practicalities; instead of being a Nokia conduit.
This will allow the two bodies to be aligned for the current and any future term. Hildon Foundation will therefore be left with one Council and a Board of Directors. In future this shall result in a single election performed for the unified council.

For the above to happen it is required that the elections for HFC and MCC members are to be the same.
This unfortunately did not happen and we are currently left with one different member in each body, out of the five.

The members of the Councils to be aligned are:

Maemo Community Council
 Rüdiger Schiller / chemist
 Joerg Reisenweber / joerg_rw
 Christian Ratzenhofer / merlin1991
 Michael Demetriou / qwazix
 Aakash Sadh  / thedead1440

Hildon Foundation Council
 Rüdiger Schiller / chemist
 Joerg Reisenweber / joerg_rw
 Christian Ratzenhofer / merlin1991
 Michael Demetriou / qwazix
 Paul Healy / sixwheeledbeast

We feel three bodies will cause great confusion to the community and will be counter-productive.

Therefore to solve matters, sixwheeledbeast and thedead1440 stepped down with immediate effect from HFC and MCC respectively. While they step down to allow the alignment of the two Councils into one singular body, the current Council
for its term must listen to the opinions the aforementioned two may have on any topics before council reaching a consensus.

Hence the aligned Hildon Foundation Council members now are:

Rüdiger Schiller / chemist
Joerg Reisenweber / joerg_rw
Christian Ratzenhofer / merlin1991
Michael Demetriou / qwazix

We believe the above is an important step for moving the Community forward with a unified Council in the post-Nokia era.

MCC  hereby declares the bodies of HFC and MCC to be one single body in perpetuity.


MCC agrees to align all future changes to be in line with HFC's procedures of change so that the Bylaws are adhered to.
HFC hereby declares the bodies of HFC and MCC to be one single body in perpetuity.  Further, HFC accepts as it's own all existing rules, electorate processes and generals of MCC, including future changes, as it's own.

Maemo Community Council & Hildon Foundation Council coalition.

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[HiFoCouncil] HiFo Board of Directors elections

2013-05-31 19:21 UTC  by  chemist

The newly elected Hildon Foundation Council (HFC) provide the new Hildon Foundation Board eligibility rules (see appendix) for Board of Directors elections and announce elections for HiFo's BoD.

The nomination period for said BoD elections will start on the June 1st 0:00UTC and will end on June 14th 23:59UTC, the contemplation period runs from June 15th 0:00UTC till June 21st 23:59UTC, and voting then runs from June 22nd 0:00UTC till June 28th 23:59UTC.

Appendix - Hildon Foundation Board Candidate Eligibility Rules

1. Nominations will be accepted 3 weeks before the election begins from any community member with a karma of 100 or above.

2. Nominees with a commercial interest in Maemo or Hildon Foundation, such as working for Nokia - or any other company involved with software development - must declare their interest when advertising their nomination. Failure to do so may result in the HFC, declaring their nomination invalid and so bar them from standing in the current election.

3. Elections last for 1 week.

4. Only community members who have had accounts for over 3 months and have karma of 10 or above, may vote.

5. Each community member eligible to vote gets a single ballot.

6. The 7 nominees voted for most, as counted by a single transferrable vote system are elected. (For special cases see HiFo bylaws.)

7. There is no limit to the number of times a board member can stand for re-election.

Your Chairman


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2012-12-14 Meeting Minutes

2012-12-18 23:19 UTC  by  mtraceur

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: DocScrutinizer05, qwazix, ivgalvez, Mentalist Traceur.
Absent: NielDK.

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
- CC Device Issue Almost At Dead End
- Hildon Foundation Monthly Monetary Reports
- Infrastructure

Topic  (CC Device Issue Almost At Dead End):

  • qwazix still has no reply from anyone about the CC devices.
  • ivgalvez recently acquired one more Nokia contact, who he will try.

Topic  (Hildon Foundation Monthly Monetary Reports):

  • Mentalist Traceur brought up for consideration that the Board could publish a monthly (or some other timeframe) report to the community, saying how much money was earned, how much was spent where, and what the financial aftermath was for Hildon Foundation for that month.
  • There was mutual agreement with this suggestion.
  • ivgalvez will forward this suggestion to the Board

Topic  (Infrastructure):

  • Nokia agreed to pay for everything except TMO for two months while the preparations for a transition are ongoing.
  • TMO, however, has no such provision, and is thus fairly urgent.
  • TMO will be needing an administrator in the near future.
  • It is looking likely that the Foundation will have to hire a professional sysadmin at some point, if there is no sufficiently skilled volunteer.
  • We had a significant debate about what the better course of action was (note: infrastructure decisions are decided by Board, not Council, so this has only indirect influence on policy, if any).
  • The disagreement largely boils down to whether the hosting of forums and the other website needs to be on one server, and more importantly, how soon should the servers be consolidated.
  • It is also partly informed by a claim made that the laws of the US (where TMO is currently hosted) would require us to notify and/or get the agreement of all TMO members before the forum could be relocated to the EU.
  • The details of the discussion can be seen in the IRC log, linked above, but were not included in the minutes for brevity.
Action Items:
  • ivgalvez will contact his remaining Nokia contact in the hope of getting the CC issue unstuck.
  • ivgalvez will forward the monthly (or other time period) Foundation financial report to community idea to the Board.

2012-11-30 and 2012-12-07 Council Meeting Minutes

2012-12-13 07:15 UTC  by  mtraceur

This post contains the meeting minutes for both the 2012-11-30 and the 2012-12-07 meetings. As the person responsible for preparing these minutes and posting them in a timely manner, I apologize to the community for falling behind on them these last two weeks. It is worth noting that since these meetings took place, there has been discussion on the TMO infrastructure topic, both internally and visibly to the community through Board posts, and probably to some extent forum discussion. So the bullets regarding TMO infrastructure issues do not necessarily reflect the latest information by any means.

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2012-11-23 Council Meeting Minutes

2012-11-26 20:11 UTC  by  mtraceur

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: DocScrutinizer05, qwazix, MentalistTraceur.
Absent: NielDK, ivgalvez

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
- IRC Account for ivgalvez
- Infrastructure
- CC Devices Situation
- Misc topics


  • Before the meeting, ivgalvez was able to give us an update from the Board, saying that next week the board has a conference with both Nemein and Nokia, and that hopefully this helps unblock the current situation.

Topic 1 (IRC Account Requirement for Councilors):

  • DocScrutinizer brought up that community councilors are supposed to have registered IRC accounts on FreeNode IRC, and ivgalvez currently doesn't have one.
  • Significant reasons for this mentioned were:
  1. An unregistered username can be used by anyone, and impersonating councilors has significant potential for community disruption.
  2. An unregistered username cannot receive special permissions for IRC channels, such as being able to change the topic of the council meeting channel.
  3. Unregistered users can't receive cloaks.
  4. Thus, DocScrutinizer cannot proceed with the cloak/permissions changes request until ivgalvez has registered his IRC nick.

Topic 2 (Infrastructure):

  • Wiki (still) has edit error.The error comes from /usr/share/mediawiki/includes/EditPage.php
  • Thus, Council decided to request that X-Fade publishes that, and perhaps other *.php files, or the entire /usr/share/mediawiki/includes* subdirectory, excluding any secret/sensitive files, to, so that the community could take a look at them and perhaps someone could figure out where the error is coming from.
Topic 3 (CC Devices Situation):

(Note: DocScrutinizer did not actively participate in this topic)
  • qwazix sent e-mail to the contact that sent the DHL tracking information for the CC devices, to ask about the two CC devices that have not yet been delivered. He has not received a response yet.
  • Recipient of the slightly malfunctioning N950 has sent e-mail to the same person, but has not followed up since then.
  • There is another contact that handled the previous wave(s) of device giveaways, it was decided to try them next, after a full week of no reply has elapsed.
Topic 4 (Misc topics):

Jolla Relations:
  • qwazix noted he has introduced himself to the Jolla community relationship chief, as a Council Member.
IRC Cloaks:
  • DocScrutinizer will just make a blanket request to set all current IRC "maemo/community/council*" cloaks to "maemo/community/contributor", before giving the new councilors council cloaks - to make sure there's no straggler "council" cloaks left.
  • Anyone wishing to keep a "maemo/community/council" cloak for some reason even though they are not a current council member, may contact the council explaining their reasons, to have their case considered.
Action Items:
  • qwazix will send ivgalvez an e-mail to request that he register his FreeNode IRC nick.
  • DocScrutinizer will send the IRC cloak/permission change requests to X-Fade when ivgalvez does the aforementioned.
  • qwazix will send X-Fade a request to publish the relevant wiki pages as per above.
  • qwazix will wait until Monday, then e-mail the fallback contact for the CC devices.

Hello all,

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Ivan Galvez Junquera
By Tim Samoff, Hildon Foundation Board Member.

Dear Maemo Community,

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Ivan Galvez Junquera
Minutes for first Hildon Foundation Board meeting. VoIP meeting held on Google Hangout. Attending: - Randall Arnold / texrat - Tim Samoff / timsamoff - Ivan Galvez / ivgalvez - Robert Bauer/ SD69 - Craig Woodward (intermittent) / woody14619

Hildon Foundation, Meeting 1 - November 3, 2012


+ Note:
- Technical Issues persisted via Google Hangout: only Randy, Ivan and Tim had voice capability. Others participated via chat.

+ Public Meeting Minutes?
- Tim: Yes
- Randy: Some private; some public
- Ivan: Are they required?
- Rob: n/a
- Craig: They should be public, with exceptions of criticalinformation/NDA.

+ Bylaws, version 7
- Bylaws unanimously approved by all Board members.

+ Board Officers
- Chair: Randall Arnold
- Secretary: Robert Bauer
- Treasurer: Currently, Tim Samoff
> Proposed to ask Cosimo Kroll/zehjotkah to occupy this role.
~ Cosimo has agreed to take the position and will be appointed at the next Board meeting.)

+ Bank account?
- Find out about bank account (ask Niel Nielsen/nieldk).

+ Meeting schedule
- VoiP every two weeks?
- IRC meetings (Board Business) every two weeks & VoiP meetings(Official Board Meetings) monthly?
- Will schedule regular meetings on Google Calendar (which will also create a permanent Hangout for the Board).

+ Transitioning tasks from Council to Board. Separation of current tasks.
- Ensure Council remains communication conduit for community.
- Board organizes operational decisions.
- Board needs an official statement for Board responsibility withcommunity.
> Ask Craig Woodward about channel(s) of Board communication.
~ After the meeting, Ivan asked X-Fade to set up the same mechanism that Council is using for communication. In the meantime, Council account can be used.

+ Funding activities:
- Nothing to report at this time.

+ Private session concerning some NDA-protected issues (recorded elsewhere).

+ Infrastructure problems:
- To be discussed via email.

+ Meeting concluded.

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Craig Woodward
Based on historic review, the following seems to be the only viable option for this process.

After confirming with the election rules, and historic precedent, the case for five Maemo Community Council candidates seems to be very clear.  The case for five is a "no election" scenario, granting the candidates full Council-ship.

This being said, it brings me great pleasure to announce the new, Q4 2012 Maemo Community Council:

As stated many times in the past month, these five contributors have put in timeless hours supporting our community. They are all people who our community has expressed much support for and who will do what it takes to see this community through the tumultuous months ahead of us.  In speaking for the entire previous Council, I'd like to offer a warm welcome (or welcome back) and wish them a happy and productive term!  The formal hand-off will occur at the Council meeting, Friday at 18:00 UTC on #maemo-meeting (on IRC/freenode).

Remember, the position of Community Council member is completely voluntary and unpaid. These fine people are serving you, the Maemo Community, in their free time, out of the goodness of their hearts and a passion for what Maemo is and means.

Once again, thank you all for the ongoing support. This Council only exists because of you.

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