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ownNotes 1.2.6

2014-01-03 00:00 UTC  by  Benoît HERVIER

A new version of ownNotes is available in OpenRepos or in downloads section.


  • Bug fix : lock token wasn t always properly initialized
  • Bug fix : Deleting multiple item at the same time could cancel some deletion
  • Feature : Cover provide now actions to sync or create a new note
  • Bug fix : Fix refreshing bug on bew note creation
  • Bug fix : translation are now properly loaded
  • Feature : Partial french and russian translation.

More information on ownNotes

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Michael Sheldon

Rockwatch 1.3 Released

2013-12-30 16:00 UTC  by  Michael Sheldon



Rockwatch allows your N9 to communicate with a Pebble smart watch. It makes it possible to install and manage Pebble apps, upgrade your Pebble’s firmware, receive notifications of e-mails and SMS messages and control your music from your Pebble.

New features in version 1.3

  • Support for incoming calls and caller ID.
  • Fixes incorrect time offsets when setting the watch’s time from the phone.


Available in the Ovi Store

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Open Academy and KDE

2013-12-26 11:45 UTC  by  morphbr

It has been a while that I don’t write here but I thought this subject was worth it :)

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Henri Bergius


2013-12-12 08:00 UTC  by  Henri Bergius

We just opened the Flowhub website for pre-orders. Flowhub is the collaborative development environment for NoFlo and other flow-based programming systems.

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Q4 2013 Community Council Announcing Candidates

2013-12-02 21:04 UTC  by  chemist

Dear Community,

I am happy to announce this term's valid candidates as following

NAME == TMO Nickname == Profile

Joseph Charpak == jcharpak ==

Niel Nielsen == NielDK ==

Jussi Ohenoja == Juiceme ==

Joerg Reisenweber == joerg_rw ==

Ruediger Schiller == chemist ==

Please see the wiki [1] for further information.

Stay tuned for your voting-token-mail within the next couple of days!

On behalf of the Maemo Community Council
Best regards

Ruediger Schiller
Community Council Chair


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Our team has just released an add-on to the Tizen SDK 2.2.1 that provides support for OpenCL for ARM CPU and webCL - see
OpenCL is an open standard from the Khronos Group defining to API's and a programing model to enable parallel computing on heterogeneous platforms (multi-core CPUs, GPGPU). WebCL- also specified by the Khronos group  -  defines the JavaScript bindings to OpenCL and allows web app developers to use the acceleration provided by OpenCL. Those API's should allow application developers to improve application performance by exploiting the parallelism of multi-core processor, it is particularly tailored for computing-intensive tasks, such as image processing, physics simulations, gaming, 3D animation, computational photography, etc... 
The Tizen add-on is our implementation of OpenCL 1.1 for ARM CPU. It works with the Reference Device-PQ ( - also known as the "Tizen developer device" - which hosts a quduad-core ARM A9 processor. The webCL implementation is as close as you can get to the current draft spec. (The specs have not  been ratified yet but Tasneem Brutch - heading the webCL working group on webCL and proud  member of our Lab - tells us that it is getting close).The webCL implementation is a plugin version but we are also working on an integrated version ( - which will have much better performance.
The add-on only supports Linux for now and there are still a few limitations-  for instance related to kernel compilation, so please read the release notes carefully and the developer guide.
This is really just a small step for application developers who want start playing around and experiment with the technology, engage with us on the topic and get a feeling of the things to come. There are only binaries for the moment but the sample apps that comes with it are open.
This is only the beginning - more will come - as always we welcome your input, participation, feedback (please tell us if you encounter bugs or something broken).

Hope you enjoy it
Michael Sheldon

CuteSpotify for Ubuntu Touch

2013-11-12 00:18 UTC  by  Michael Sheldon


CuteSpotify makes it possible to listen to your Spotify songs on Ubuntu Touch. It’s based on MeeSpot (a MeeGo Spotify client), which I’ve updated to make use of Qt5 and Ubuntu’s QML components. It’s still a little rough around the edges but most of the core functionality is in place now.

One particular problem to look out for is that because of the way Ubuntu Touch currently handles applications CuteSpotify has to be kept in the foreground and the phone has to be kept switched on for music to play (otherwise the application gets suspended). Approaches for handling applications that need to keep running are currently being debated, so hopefully that won’t be the case in future version of Ubuntu Touch.

As a temporary workaround, if your phone is in developer mode (achieved by connecting it up to the Ubuntu SDK) you can run “sudo service powerd stop” (default password is phablet) to stop the phone from going to sleep while you’re listening to music, then “sudo service powerd start” to resume normal power management when you’re done. (See popey’s comment for an alternative method).


Video of CuteSpotify running on Ubuntu Touch


To install CuteSpotify on Ubuntu Touch simply search for “CuteSpotify” on your phone and it should appear.


The source code for CuteSpotify can be found here:

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Alas, poor Yorick: History repeats

2013-11-11 20:29 UTC  by  fpp

In my ongoing uphill battle to maintain at least one meaningful post per year in this solitary monologue, here is the new entry I announced earlier today.

I must warn Planet Maemo purists (if there are still any) that it is not, stricto sensu, Maemo-related.

It is, however, a follow-up on previous posts dating back to 2009, so it is arguably not completely off-topic either :-)

You can read it on my new host & blog:


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In between the cracks : new blog…

2013-11-11 16:43 UTC  by  fpp

Belatedly I have realized that going along with big old WordPress for this intermittent blog of mine was probably a mistake.

I use about 1% of its wealth of functionality, and not often enough to become proficient at it. It’s also slow as molasses on this cheap host I’ve been using.

Moving to a better host (for many other reasons) also made me aware of the hassle involved in carrying over database contents for such apps.

So instead I painstakingly extracted my posts from WordPress and ported them to a much simpler, lighter and database-less blog app called PluXml.

There will be a post with actual content appearing shortly on this new media, which makes it two posts this year, a huge improvement on the previous ones :-)

The new IBTC is at and the old one will probably disappear shortly.


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Firefox for Mobile Firefox for Mobile Better automated detection of Firefox performance regressions - November 10 from Matt Brubeck - Comment - Like

A good time to try Firefox for Metro

2013-11-10 17:20 UTC  by  Unknown author
Firefox for Mobile Firefox for Mobile A good time to try Firefox for Metro - November 10 from Matt Brubeck - Comment - Like

Passing the Torch for AGTL

2013-11-07 20:00 UTC  by  webhamster
About four years ago I created the first code for AGTL. It was built on previous experience I made with a very simple geocaching application for Android. Ever since, I kept AGTL running, first on the Openmoko Freerunner, then on the Nokia N900 (still a great phone!) and finally on the Nokia N9. And ever since, I had less time than I wanted to fix bugs, create new features and to stay in contact with you, the community.

A few days ago, I switched from the Nokia N9 to the Dark Side, a.k.a., Android (Nexus 5). With this switch I lost the ability to test new version of AGTL on the N9 and to use the software for myself (still the best method for finding bugs). Therefore, I decided to lay the responsibility for AGTL into the hands of somebody else. I decided to name Aapo Rantalainen as the new maintainer for AGTL. He caught my attention with many helpful bug reports and patches for AGTL, so I decided to pass the torch to him. Apparently, this has already paid off: Aapo made a lot of commits during the last days, fixing bugs and applying patches that I didn't have time for.

I hope to be able to help here and there with AGTL, and to stay up-to-date on its further development. New versions will be announced on this website.

Thanks to Aapo for taking the responsibility and to all the other people that provided me with bug reports, feature suggestions and (sometimes also monetary) input during the last years! It was definitely a great time and its not over yet!