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2014-09-09 Meeting Minutes

2014-09-15 18:35 UTC  by  peterleinchen

Meeting held 2014-09-09 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Gido Griese (Win7Mac), Paul Healey (sixwheeledbeast), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Niel Nielsen (nieldk), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Absent: Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer05)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • Certificate issue on wiki.m.o
  • Security check on m.o
  • Transition to Maemo e.V., referendum and membership registration

Topic (Certificate issue on wiki.m.o):

  • A certificate on seems to have "refused" to be updated last month. Issue has been reported by user on TMO.
  • Techstaff immediately resolved this. Big THANKS.
  • Sixwheeledbeast expressed something about CSS misbehaviour on wiki pages (due to He was asked to write technical details to techstaff directly to get this resolved.

Topic (Security check on m.o):

  • nieldk proposed to do a scan of environment
  • It was agreed that he may check for latest vulnerabilities and do a general conformity test. NOT without informing our techstaff before doing so (on #maemo-admin or/and via e-mail).

Topic (Transition to Maemo e.V., referendum and membership registration):

  • Discussion on the referendum regarding the "Maemo council and election rules".
  • The referendum should be held regarding the "specification of council duties" and "rework of council rules". Please see this post/thread for more details.
  • It was agreed that the first draft of wording should be prepared by council (juiceme) and it will be publicly discussed on TMO.
  • RzR pointed out to have mentioned last weeks given CoC (Code of Conduct) rules in that thread.

  • Discussion on the "active member sign up".
  • The current form was sent out by chem|st and thanks to juiceme available for all.
  • Some pros and cons were discussed, but in general the form was agreed.
  • Sending way to e.V. for registration was discussed and answered by chem|st earlier that a scanned copy by mail would be fine. Together with some copy of ID/drivers license.
  • Age of registration candidate was discussed. needs to be over 14 and in case of age below 18/21 a parental signature will be needed too.

  • Future of Maemo regarding monetary affairs was asked.
  • Win/Mac gave the number of currently 3378$ (~2600€) to be handed over to e.V. With a view to free/low-cost hosting (IPHH) and free work of our techstaff this could sound sufficient, but will not suffice for long term...

Action Items:
  • Sixwheeledbeast to clarify the CSS issue on with techstaff.
  • juiceme to create a wording draft for the referendum (to be counterchecked by council members).
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2014-09-02 Meeting Minutes

2014-09-15 18:34 UTC  by  peterleinchen

Meeting held 2014-09-02 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Craig Woodward (Woody14619), Gido Griese (Win7Mac), Ruediger Schiller (chem|st), Paul Healey (sixwheeledbeast), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Philippe Coval (rZr), Niel Nielsen (nieldk), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Absent: Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer05)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • NielDK's resignation
  • Discussion on Maemo e.V. and Council rules
  • Code of Conduct

Topic (NielDK's resignation):

  • NielDk joined in even he was not expected to appear after his resignation post.
  • NielDk explained his view on and council/e.V. and the reasons that lead to his decision. I think this quote of NielDK [23:36]: "Let me extend a bit, I think Doc is correct in wanting the council to be the speach organ for the community, towards board, but it is not deciding what the board should accept or do (eV or HiFo), the board cant legally 100% function like that" expresses it the most.
  • At the end of the meeting NielDK was convinced to resign from his resignation. And keep staying active member of Council and board of MC e.V..

Topic (Discussion on Maemo e.V. and Council rules):

  • The discussion faded into the transition to maemo e.V. and again the Council rules.
  • Another quote of Woody14619 [23:40] explains the situation we are in: "There are 3 points of contention: (legal) ownership/liability, (technical) operation, and (community) input and direction. Splitting liability from operation is the issue."
  • Board (e.V.) is the legal representation of And will take all legal responsibilities.
  • The role of e.V. seen by DocScrutinizer is only acting as cashier. But this does not fit the structure!
  • Another reason for clashing seems to be the pretending of "council rules". Council will still be elected by garage members (no change).
    But council election rules may be changed by board (2/3 majority).

  • Short conclusion (by peterleinchen): Council does not operate, but eV does. Council is concentrator of community will (and speech organ to board/e.V.). Council will be elected from garage.m.o members. Council cannot force board to act illegally.
    Board is the legal owner (legally responsible). Board is therefore the entity that "governs" Board can change bylaws (also: council election rules) by 2/3 majority.
    The MCeV is an entity and chain of command is "General Meeting>Board>Council"
  • DocScrutinizer joined the channel after the meeting and claimed he just defended the "MAEMO COUNCIL AND ELECTION RULES"

  • Question came up, how much member really care about the community or whether community is already gone (due to so less votes (~100) against sent out tokens (~5800).

Topic (Code of Conduct):

  • RzR asked about to set up a Code of Conduct for
  • Please see the links as examples, like debian kde github mozilla

Action Items:
  • N/A
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2014-08-26 Meeting Minutes

2014-09-15 18:33 UTC  by  peterleinchen

Meeting held 2014-08-26 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer05), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Philippe Coval (RzR), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Partial: (lbt), (xes), Gido Griese (Win7Mac)

Absent: Niel Nielsen (nieldk)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • handling of MoMs
  • community input
  • x-fade contact about IRC

Topic (handling of MoMs):

Topic (community input):

  • rZr set up a wiki page for community which can be edited by users. This way community may communicate to council about things to sort.
  • Please see also RzR post on TMO.

Topic (x-fade contact about IRC):

  • Until now we were not able to contact x-fade directly, but could have success by contacting via co-worker.
  • Win7Mac joined in and sent mail from GeneralAntilles, that he was able to get in contact with x-fade.
  • DocScrutinizer05 pointed out to not mix things (IRC resolving vs. Jolla board contact).
  • A new e-mail was set up with some more technical details and sent back to GeneralAntilles (to be forwarded to x-fade).

Action Items:
  • N/A
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2014-08-19 Meeting Minutes

2014-09-15 18:32 UTC  by  peterleinchen

Meeting held 2014-08-19 at 20:00 UTC on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Paul Haley (sixwheeledbeast) Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer05), Niel Nielsen (nieldk), Philippe Coval (RzR)

Partial: (xes)

Absent: Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • new MC e.V. structure, roles of HiFo/MC e.V. and Council
  • karma calculation
  • coop with Jolla

Topic (new MC e.V. structure, roles of HiFo/MC e.V. and Council):

  • Discussion on new MC e.V. structure as well as the roles of HiFo/MC e.V. and council.
  • DocScrutinizer disagreed with the authority of MC e.V.
  • General agreement that the council rules are already defined.
  • Feedback from community is asked for and will be welcome.

Topic (karma calculation):

  • Discussion on the "karma" calculation issue for voting system.

Topic (coop/friend with Jolla):

  • Discussion on the cooperation / "make friends" with Jolla.

Action Items:
  • Check if karma calculation/evaluation is fixed.
  • NielDK to prepare a draft for letter to Jolla.
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2014-08-12 Meeting Minutes

2014-09-15 18:31 UTC  by  peterleinchen
2014-08-12 Meeting Minutes

Meeting held 2014-08-12 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer05), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Philippe Coval (RzR), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Partial: (lbt), (xes), Gido Griese (Win7Mac)

Absent: Niel Nielsen (nieldk)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • IRC channel operator priviliges
  • Discussion on Council writing an introductory letter to Jolla
  • Discussion on a place for Maemo e.V. related documents
  • Discussion on the change to Maemo landing-page

Topic (IRC channel operator priviliges):

  • It is necessary that some active channel-op has co-GC (Group Coordinator) rights.
  • The channelops on #maemo-meeting are GeneralAntilles, Jaffa, jOERG_rw. It was suggested that co-GC rights should be granted to same people.
  • The current GC is Xfade, but he has been absent from IRC and not reachable by mail lately. Council needs to contact him to agree on the GC rights transfer.

Topic (Discussion on Council writing an introductory letter to Jolla):

  • It was suggested that the new Council should send an introduction to Jolla to present ourselves.
  • However it seems that Jolla has no need of Maemo and Maemo has no requirements from Jolla so this is not essential.
  • It was pointed out that HiFo has already written an open letter to Jolla earlier, and apart from general goodwill there is no real need of communication between the entities.

Topic (Discussion on a place for Maemo e.V. related documents):

  • There needs to be a common place to store e.V. bylaws, meeting minutes, blog posting and membership application forms and guides.
  • A wiki page is not optimal for this kind of information, better to have a subpage on hierarchy.
  • Win7Mac joined in and sent mail from GeneralAntilles, where he was able to get in contact with x-fade.
  • A new e-mail was set up with some more technical details and sent back to GeneralAntilles (to be forwarded to x-fade).

Topic (Discussion on the change to Maemo landing-page):

  • It is required that we replace the starting-page after nokia signs off.
  • There are no other requirements or guidance what/how to do that, except "once we proceed, Nokia will require you to replace the landing-page with a statement announcement for 3 months", whatever that means?
  • There is still awful lot of stuff on that refers to Nokia and that needs to be corrected/removed.

Action Items:
  • N/A
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2014-07-29 Meeting Minutes

2014-09-15 18:22 UTC  by  peterleinchen

Meeting held 2014-07-29 at 20:00 UTC on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)


Partial: Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer05), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Absent: Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Philippe Coval (RzR), Niel Nielsen (nieldk)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • no topics

Nothing has been discussed.
Action Items:
  • N/A
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2014-07-22 Meeting Minutes

2014-09-15 18:13 UTC  by  peterleinchen

Meeting held 2014-07-22 at 20:00 UTC on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Ruediger Schiller (chem|st), (xes),
Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Philippe Coval (RzR), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Partial: Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer05)

Absent: Niel Nielsen (nieldk)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • IRC cloaks
  • administration of IRC channels
  • certificates problem
  • HiFo / MC e.V. transfer
  • future of Harmattan
  • listing of resources

Topic (IRC cloaks):

  • As proposed last meeting by sixwheeledbeast the necessity and the basics (privacy) of cloaks on IRC was discussed briefly.
  • As no one claimed to need that, no decision was made. Possibly to decided next meeting.
  • Discussion faded smoothly to next topic...

Topic (administration of IRC channels):

  • DocScrutinizer05 claimed the non-existence of any administration rights for Maemo affiliated personnel.
  • The only person with IRC administrative rights seems to be Nokia/x-fade.
  • rZr is going to contact x-fade and convince him to add a member of current council to GC (GroupContact) or inform IRC admins to do so.

Topic (certificates problem):

  • chem|st stepped in and announced that all problems regarding certificates and also IRC administration will get solved as soon as the Maemo ownership/licensing is solved.
  • This is work to be done by HiFo (resp. MC e.V.), but community may help getting the website straight by editing the documents in this thread.

Topic (HiFo / MC e.V. transfer):

  • chem|st explained a bit about the current situation of HiFo (Woody is going to close the American HiFo bank account) and registering of MC e.V. (registration still needs to be confirmed by court).

Topic (future of Harmattan):

  • MeeGo/Harmattan is closed down by Nokia. But it is not clear where the rights for Meego/Maemo6/Harmattan are at the moment.
  • FOSS source DVD of Harmattan is available and may be hosted on (but not to consider due to resource limiting on current infra).
  • Firmwares/flasher and so on (binary blobs) will most probably never be available like the ones from Maemo (due to binary blobs of 3rd parties).
  • Other resources in question are the SDK repo and some development stuff (scratchbox, VMs).

Topic (listing of resources):

  • It was clearly discussed that hosting of above mentioned resources will be against the law. But a named listing of those resources togther with a md5sum (better: sha1sum) will be okay.
  • So we ask community to step in and help listing those resources. Please see rZr's post or edit directly here.
  • A listing of files available on Nokia's NDS fire servers is also welcome but are to be seen as temporary solution, as those servers are foreseen to close down in near future (at least for our resources).

Action Items:
  • RzR trying to contact x-fade.
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Robin Burchell

profiling is not understanding

2014-09-12 18:06 UTC  by  Robin Burchell
When software goes slow, generally, the first reaction is to profile. This might be done through system tools (like Instruments on OS X, perf/valgrind/etc on Linux, VTune, etc). This is fine and good, but just because you have the output of a tool does not necessarily correlate to understanding what is going on.
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Streaming the Screen on Android

2014-09-11 22:37 UTC  by  madman2k

In this post I want to discuss way of getting the screen content of your Android device to the TV or monitor. If you wonder why one might want to do such a thing – just think about playing some Android games with a bluetooth gamepad or watching a movie where your PC is not available.

Specifically I want to introduce SlimPort. SlimPort is a feature of Nexus devices which is unfortunately not covered much in reviews.
Basically SlimPort is DisplayPort over the Micro-USB connection of your device allowing you to mirror its display.

But the future has arrived: we got Miracast!

One might wonder why one should go through the hassle of using a old-school HDMI cable.
You can get a Chromecast Stick for 35$ and nowadays it also supports Miracast so you can simply stream the images over WiFi.

Well Miracast is all nice if all you need to do is to put up some slides without carrying all possible adapters with you. But as soon as you try to stream a movie or a game you will reach its limitations.

Remember that Miracast works by grabbing the Framebuffer and compressing it with H.264. While encoding happens in hardware it still takes some time and it inevitably introduces compression artifacts. This means:

  • in games you get a noticeable lag – especially in FullHD
  • in movies you get noticeable artifacts – especially in FullHD
  • in both cases your battery will get drained for heavy WiFi and Encoder usage
Going old-school

Going with the old-school cable on the other hand you get HDMI 1.4 transfer rates for up to 1080p at 60Hz while saving the battery.

Configuring the second screen is quite straightforward in android. As Mirroring is your only option, there is actually nothing to configure. Once you connect the adapter android will set up your monitor based on its EDID information and transfer image and audio over HDMI.
In case you only want to have the image over HDMI, simply attach your speakers to the phone and android will re-route the audio.
The days where you had to manually set up everything are over.

Furthermore most adapters have an micro-USB port allowing to still charge your phone while using SlimPort.

Device Support

The downside is that most of the devices do not support SlimPort. The device list more or less boils down to

  • Google Nexus 4/ 5
  • Google Nexus 7 (2013)
  • LG G2/ G3

Samsung devices go with the alternative MHL. Comparing these two SlimPort has the bandwidth advantage of 5Gb/s vs. 3Gb/s of MHL so it does not have to compress that much. However both are clearly better than going wireless.


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Let's build a browser engine! Part 5: Boxes

2014-09-08 23:16 UTC  by  Unknown author
Firefox for Mobile Firefox for Mobile Let's build a browser engine! Part 5: Boxes - September 8 from Matt Brubeck - Comment - Like
Philip Van Hoof

PADI Rescue diver

2014-09-01 16:25 UTC  by  Philip Van Hoof

For this one I worked really hard. Buddy breading, relaxing people in panic at 20 meters deep, keeping yourself cool. And that in Belgian waters (no visibility and freezing cold). We simulated it all. It was harder than most other things I did in my life.

Categories: Art culture

Plastic surgery Discussed

2014-08-27 05:02 UTC  by  rcadden

header_plastic-surgeryThere are people who wonder why they have impairments in life. These impairments or dysfunctions results to a varied negative impacts to several people. These includes traumas, burns, congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, infections and diseases, and tumors and cancer. These cases leads many people having these a great alteration n their life. With this condition they might not be able to perform normal activities of daily living. In addition to that, emotional effects are a huge factor on their inability to continue life normally. One may be embarrassed, bullied, or even abused of their condition by some people. Low self-confidence and self-esteem would result in cases like these. As time passed and technology grows, fortunately, there are several discoveries which lead to make a solution to these problems.

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