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Quim Gil

MeeGo Conference 2010: call for participation

2010-08-04 21:53 UTC  by  Quim Gil
Green Dublin Letterbox - Stephens Green Dublin

Green Dublin Letterbox - Stephens Green Dublin (CC by-sa)

A subdomain is born:

The first MeeGo Conference will be held in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium on November 15-17. The venue has a main room with a capacity of 600 people and we will do our best to fill it up.

Currently “we” are the Linux Foundation, Intel and Nokia, who are providing the basic hands and funds needed to assure the success of the event. Now you can get involved!

  • The call for session proposals is open until August 23rd. We welcome proposals about hardware support, platform development, application development, MeeGo project process and progress, and any other MeeGo related topics.
  • Sponsors wanted! We expect a very interesting audience and we are putting a strong effort making the event accessible through free registration, sponsored participants, sponsored meals & parties…
  • Volunteers are welcome. The meego-community mailing list is the place to be. For instance, testing and feedback about the conference website is very useful at this point.

The event registration will open soon. Early birds are great contributors to the success of the event, allowing better planning and providing louder buzz. Make your plans, see you there!

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Quim Gil

Received today from the Forum Nokia folks. Please forward to Maemo / Qt / N900 developers:

Nokia’s Calling All Innovators developer contest is coming to a close, and there is still time to submit an app. The contest features four categories where you can demonstrate your creativity and talent developing mobile apps for use on Nokia’s latest devices:

The top three submissions in each of these application categories will receive cash prizes of up to $30,000 (USD), as well as Spotlight Placement in Nokia’s Ovi Store to promote your winning application to consumers using Nokia devices worldwide.

Additionally, regardless of category, all application submissions are eligible to win special prizes. For instance, the best application for the Nokia N900 and the best cross-platform application using Qt will both receive $50,000 (USD). Check out all the prizes on the contest website.

This year, there are more chances to win than ever before. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity – submit your application right away. The deadline for entries is 10 June 2010.

Don’t delay – submit your winning app now!

PS – Do you have the next big idea? It could be worth a $1 million investment from Nokia. Submit it to Nokia’s Growth Economy Venture Challenge.

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Quim Gil

200 Mathilda Ave @ Sunnyvale

200 Mathilda Ave @ Sunnyvale

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Quim Gil

Maemo + Moblin = MeeGo –> Join us!

2010-02-15 10:45 UTC  by  Quim Gil

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Quim Gil

Maemo 5 final release: firmware and updated SDK

2009-11-16 10:43 UTC  by  Quim Gil

The Nokia N900 is landing in the hands of real users with the Maemo 5 final release that we have been polishing in the last weeks.

The fortunate users of a pre-production Nokia N900 are encouraged to flash completely their devices in order to have them as they come out of a sales box. The instructions to flash the internal memory and the eMMC can be found at Even if technically your backups and the current eMMC firmware should work, we recommend you to start completely from scratch. As if you would have got a new device today.

The Maemo 5 SDK is being updated accordingly (as we speak, so wait if you still don’t see it). It can be downloaded at Now it comes with a GUI installer to ease the path to get you started. Current Maemo 5 final SDK users can simply update their sources in order to get the content matching the sales release.

Welcome the Maemo 5 final release! Welcome the Nokia N900!

MS windows users willing to update the [[N900]] can use the [ Nokia Software Updater].
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Quim Gil

Maemo – Barcelona Long Weekend, December 4-6

2009-11-06 13:21 UTC  by  Quim Gil

Just an extended microblog post to let you all know about something that is growing pretty fast: Maemo – Barcelona Long Weekend.

It all started with a UX Meets Code workshop for 50 invited Maemo developers but then we started getting questions in forums, emails and phone calls. Specially about local activities. This is something we wanted to start sometime, somewhere… So why not Barcelona next month! We are now proposing developer training en español, a localization workshop taking el català as test case, gatherings of local groups interested in Maemo and the N900…

GNOME, KDE, Debian, Softcatalà, Hispalinux & co: cuanto mejor sea la respuesta local más gorda la podremos liar.

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Quim Gil

Maemo 5 Final SDK released: go Extras!

2009-10-06 09:49 UTC  by  Quim Gil


The Maemo 5 Final SDK has been released containing everything a developer needs to get their software ready for N900 users. Check the Maemo development landing page in Forum Nokia for the SDK download, the release notes and other technical details.

This SDK release delivers the latest, stable Maemo 5 code base, which is a reason good enough for any Maemo developer to install it an leave behind previous versions. But there is more:

  • If you are new to this check the modest yet beautiful Discover Maemo 5 SDK wiki page.
  • Windows / Mac / Eclipse users: you can start with the VMWare based Maemo Virtual SDK. The new release has the same content than the official Maemo 5 Final SDK. DIRECT LINK
  • After clear and continuous developer feedback the SDK offers now the possibility to install Nokia applications needed for proper testing of add-ons, plugins and web services.
  • A new Sharing Plug-in API has been released to help you integrate web services for sharing files. Users can install these plug-ins in one click and have new web services just as integrated as the ones that come out of the box.

Also don’t forget the Maemo 5 UI Guidelines published recently, specially the Hildon 2.2 UI Style Guide, the Maemo 5 Desktop Widget UI Guidelines and the document about Redesigning from Maemo 4 to Maemo 5.

You can check the Development section for an exhaustive list of Maemo 5 developer resources including the community supported runtimes.

Last but not least: your questions about Qt development and the N900 developer device program will be answered this Friday in the Maemo Summit.


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Quim Gil

Software freedom lovers: here comes Maemo 5

2009-08-27 11:23 UTC  by  Quim Gil

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Quim Gil

Maemo Harmattan keynote at GCDS

2009-07-05 13:24 UTC  by  Quim Gil

Many of you already have heard the news: Maemo Harmattan will base its application framework in Qt while keeping most of the Fremantle middleware based on GNOME technologies. The goal is to offer an open, efficient and compelling Linux mobile stack with a cross-platform Qt API used also by Symbian and available in other mobile and traditional operating systems. Hopefully a successful step helping free software projects collaborating with each other and also helping free software developers reaching millions of potential users.

At a personal level it was a pleasure and a honor to explain these news to the GNOME and KDE communities in the same place and at the same time in the first day of the first joint Desktop Summit ever! Hopefully the work Nokia is putting in Harmattan will benefit KDE, GNOME and specially, that common meeting point in need of so much love.

There is not much time (and even less bandwidth)  to blog extensively in the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, but here you have the main sources I’m aware of:

Catch me up and let’s talk!

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Quim Gil

Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend: THIS weekend!

2009-05-26 09:28 UTC  by  Quim Gil

Three days to land in Copenhagen to enjoy a Danish Weekend. It looks like we are going to have around 100 developers coming literally from all directions to hack and take part in several activities. I wonder where all these people is sleeping though since we have (aparently) many beds available.

Let me insist again that you need to register in order to get your shirt and other goodies (free-as-in-literally-beer). Speaking of shirts, william [at] mozilla dot com can get one of your size from XXS to XXXL if you send him an email in advance NOW.

See you in Friday’s party!

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Quim Gil

Vær med til Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend!

2009-05-14 15:08 UTC  by  Quim Gil

Time to talk about The Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend! Just in case you missed the announcement:

Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend
May 30-31 + Friday night party (29th).
IT University of Copenhagen (see map & pictures & more pictures)

The Maemo and Mozilla projects are organizing a joint developer camp in Copenhagen the last weekend of May. If you are working on Fennec, Fennec add-ons or Maemo 5 applications this call is for you!

Let me repeat this: Maemo developers not related with Fennec/add-ons are welcome as well! (some people wondered). In fact we have already a good representation with Fremantle Stars, other remarkable projects with a foot in Maemo 5, GSoC projects and Mer.

The meeting is open and free, although registration is needed if you want us to have enough sandwiches, drinks and memorable shirts.

So if you’re in a hacking mood and want to participate, or if you know people who would love to participante, please help spread the word, blog about it, make some noise ! We definitely want a packed house and as much hacking as possible :) (c) William’s Blog

RegisterWho is coming.

Once you have registered, go for the logistics:

  • Schedule: the weekend is for hacking but there is place for presentations, demos, workshops and other activities. Show your stuff and book a slot in the auditorium or one of the rooms.
  • Accommodation: there is a group reservation in the Hotel Cabinn Scandinavia for those looking for a place to stay.
  • Party: join us at the ITU student bar on Friday 29 May from 19:00 to 23:00.
  • Tshirt: specify your preferred size in the registration form (S, M, L, XL or XXL).
  • Vi ses i København!

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    Quim Gil

    Maemo Summit: October 9-10-11 in Amsterdam

    2009-05-13 20:50 UTC  by  Quim Gil

    I was meant to blog about the imminent Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend but… Tomorrow.


    Detail from westergas_section, by josh jackson (some rights reserved)

    The first Maemo Summit ever was a big success last year. Today starts the walk towards the second edition!

    October 9-10-11 - WesterGasFabriek - Amsterdam  (get a feeling)

    3 days: 1 organized by Nokia and 2 by the community.

    4 post-industrial spaces surrounded by culture, parks, canals and fun:

    Location plan (pdf 1,1MB)


    Not yet, but for you to know:

    Free entrance! Registration needed to grant you food, drinks, a shirt and a seat.

    300 participants expected: developers and engaged users, community members and curious newcomers, from many countries and The Netherlands too.


    Bootstrapping. See Maemo Summit 2009/Organization


    See also the discussion at (formerly known as – community united!)

    Interesting stuff guaranteed. See you there! (or before)

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