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Daniel Martín Yerga

Talking about Hildon widgets

2009-05-01 13:59 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

I was playing with Pymaemo Hildon module in Maemo 5 SDK, and I thought it was a good idea to put some code examples to use some of the new widgets with Python since in the new tutorial there are only examples in C and some people aren’t comfortable in this language (I include myself).

The widgets with which I have been playing till now is the following ones:

HildonPannableArea [screencast]
HildonStackableWindow [screencast]
HIldonTouchSelector [screencast]

In these links you have a small python example of each. Some of them are a rewrite from the C code in the tutorial and other are written for me from scratch. Don’t hope big and complex examples ;)

Finally there is a widget that I think it hasn’t had an improvement in Fremantle and it hasn’t alternative in the default set: Hildon Number Editor.

Hildon Number Editor

I can’t use it with my fingers.

I wrote a few months ago a widget in Python that was doing the same function but that could be used by the fingers (you can do it smaller too, at your election):

Finger Number Editor

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Daniel Martín Yerga

State of my nation (related to Maemo)

2009-04-29 13:52 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

I have just promoted SharePy 1.0~alpha3 to the Extras repository (don’t scare you this version name because it should be stable enough).
This new stable version has the following new features from the 0.2 version that was until today in Extras:

SharePy main view

SharePy file list

Now the application is coded in such a way that it’s easier to add new services, as if it was supporting plugins, still I need to improve this code to make this much easier to other developers who want to add other services easily.

Also I have dropped the support of the Share on Ovi service because from the change in the method of authentication in it wasn’t working and I haven’t been able to get it working again. Sorry.

There some services that will be supported in the future like Facebook, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.
If you would like some other service , don’t hesitate in ask it.
Also I have uploaded some python modules to the repositories like python-slideshare and python-facebook. With this names you will imagine that are doing them.

In another related topic, the last Monday I was coding a small application to show quotes from the markets. It gets data from Yahoo Finance.

I was launching a contest in the IRC and in Talk to choose to name, and the winner is StockThis.
Congratulations to man_in_ltop, he has suggested this name. Sorry, there isn’t prize.

The application is simple as hell, you can see some screenshots here:

StockThis market list

StockThis graph view

It will be available in Extras in some hours or days when I fix the last couple of bugs. A new python module is uploaded python-ystockquote, to get data from Yahoo Finance.

To finish the post, just to say, last week I was in a talk that Frade gave about Maemo in the Asturlinux X Anniversary. Also, I did a free software course in the University of Oviedo, where jsmanrique spoke about portable devices with a part about Maemo too. Very Interesting talks.
I am very glad that one of my applications was put as example in both talks. Thanks!

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Daniel Martín Yerga

No defined title

2009-01-29 21:34 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

I have come to the conclusion I should be writing more frequently here. I need to improve my English skills and this could be a way and a fun one.
I am a bit busy with the finals at the moment but I could write some lighter stuff in these times. It’ll become a more personal blog and specially with more stuff about Chemistry, and not only about Maemo.

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Maemo WordPy is becoming an adult

2009-01-10 14:58 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

Maemo Wordpy has come to the 1.0 version.
After several months of hard work from the last version and also several months of delays from the planned date (I needed to have some fun too), the version 1.0 beta4 has been promoted to the Extras repository.
It will be very similar to the final 1.0 version, only bugfixes will be added.

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Daniel Martín Yerga

Presenting SharePy

2008-10-10 21:07 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

SharePy just have come to its second important release, so it’s a good moment to present it in society, since I couldn’t be in the Maemo summit presenting it.

I have created an application to upload files to the Nokia service Share On Ovi from the Internet Tablet. In the actual version it’s a simple application, you can add files (images, videos and audios), tag it and upload to some of your channels in Share On Ovi.
The important change in the 0.2 version is you can add multiple files at once, and tag it as a batch.

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Daniel Martín Yerga

Porting to Maemo is fun

2008-07-15 17:20 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

My two unique holidays weeks this year are being busy. Some party with friends, good sessions of one of my hobbies (maemo development), a well-deserved rest and even sport.

In the last days I have been porting some applications to the Internet Tablets.
Firstly, the most bored application for the users (but I like more :P), EasyChem.
EasyChem is an application to draw chemical molecules in 2D. It’s a very simple app but that do very well its function. It can export to .fig and .eps. I will try add a .png exporter.

Easychem, drawind molecules in maemo

Though I am a python guy (and not very good at it) and I never learnt C, I have come to a point that I can read C code, and even I can write some GTK and Hildon in C code (but not too much). So with little effort I hildonized EasyChem and now it’s perfectly integrated in maemo: hildon window, menus, fullscreen, filechooser dialogs and so on.

You can download it from the extras repository in your application manager or in its downloads page in Easychem

Another available application in the extras repository now is Hex-a-hop. Hex-a-hop is a very funny puzzle game.

I have got the debian sources and I added a few modifications by pipeline (he was the first one who ported this game to the tablets and put it in Internet Tablet Talk). I modified the icons to the sizes used in maemo, the desktop file, and added a couple of code lines in order that it had an icon in the task navigator. And so it was to the extras repository. My next challenge is add sound to the game.

Try it, it’s very addictive: Hex-a-hop for OS2008

I am just uploading versions for OS2007 and OS2006 for both apps, so it will be available in few hours.

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Daniel Martín Yerga

umm, cookies

2008-07-11 00:40 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

Recipe view in pyrecipe

Do you like cookies? I like cookies and I like cook cookies.

Yes, I like cook very much and I like to have my recipes always to hand, but the paper is already gone out of fashion, so I wrote a new application to manage my cooking recipes in the Internet Tablet.

And today I have released Pyrecipe’s first version. It can create, edit and show recipes. Actually it can import recipes in the Gourmet and Krecipes formats. It can export to HTML, Gourmet, Krecipes and Mealmaster formats. More formats are coming.

It has other functions as Timer, where you will be able to control the time you are cooking.
Also it has a small Shopping List. It has a basic interface, with options to add, to delete and to mark items. You can save shopping lists in a file to open them in another moment.

Pyrecipe is in beta state yet. Actually it only run in OS2008. Soon it will support previous versions.
If you want to try it, you can install pyrecipe pressing in this arrow in your Internet Tablet browser:

It will add the extras-devel catalogue with beta software to your application manager. I recommend that after installing pyrecipe you should deactivate this catalogue. You can do it with the following way:

  • Go to the application manager.
  • Menu ->Tools -> Application catalogue.
  • Search the ‘maemo Extras Devel’ catalogue and select it.
  • Press Edit button.
  • Check Disable.
  • OK and Close, and it’s all.

I would receive charmed comments about the application as well as international recipes or even a lunch invite ;)

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Daniel Martín Yerga

It seems there is a new feature in the maemo downloads page, bug 2155. (And other new bugs)

So if you have your application in the extras repository, now you have a measure of your application downloads from the repository:

Download statistics for maemo wordpy

Undoubtedly it’s a very good news and I hope now that we have this option more developers upload her packages to the extras repository. It’s a small feature but the progresses they will do in this field soon, surely will be more reasons for upload packages to the extras repository.

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Maemo Wordpy 0.6: And Blogger arrived

2008-02-09 21:20 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

Between exam and exam, I had time to launch Maemo WordPy’s new version.
Well it was almost finished and there was a beta in extras-devel repository and it seemed it was working well and it became slightly popular :) but I didn’t want to launch the final version until I wasn’t receiving the n810 to be able to test the OS2008 version.
So launching it today, I have time to rest and to enjoy tomorrow during my birthday.

Well, here there is a list of the new features for this version:

  • Powerful image edition.
  • New preferences with support for multiple accounts.
  • Define images in offline and upload it when publish. Yes it’s possible now!
  • Insert flickr images in an article.
  • Upload images to flickr.
  • Option for set font size.
  • Zoom in text with hardware keys.
  • OS2008: Preview article tab.
  • OS2008: Option for finger-friendly scrollbars.
  • OS2007-OS2006: Preview article in the browser.
  • Wordpress: Categories sorted alphabetically.
  • Wordpress: Option for allow or avoid pings.
  • Blogger support: Write articles, set labels, upload local images to Picasa, publish/draft. Thanks to Jayesh Salvi.
    An explanation, the support for Picasa is only when you want to insert a local image in an article. In the future there will be major support for Picasa, especially if MS-love-Yahoo goes out forward.
  • A nice easter-egg. It’s a small silly thing, but it can be funny. I am going to add a small easter egg in every new version. Please, python gurus, don’t look at the code :)

Known Issues:

Only for Blogger
If you have installed Erminig, you will have gdataclient 1.0.9 installed.
Maemo WordPy depends on the same library but I have called it python-gdata (taking Debian’s directives) and I have upload it to the extras repository.
I have uploaded the version 1.0.10, which has support for Picasa, this way if you have gdataclient 1.0.9 you will not be able to upload images to Picasa.
There is a solution, uninstall gdataclient and to reinstall Maemo WordPy, with what you will install the new python-gdata version and I think Erminig will be able to work with this version equally.

Unknown Issues:
Many :)
As you can see this version has a good jump in features, so if there is some problem, please to comment it. Feedback is welcome.

You can download the new version, following the instructions in its web: Install Maemo WordPy
Or it’s possible that already it’s available in your application manager.

You can see the roadmap as it’s changing with every version, since the people suggest ideas to improve Maemo WordPy: Roadmap.

Have fun.

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Daniel Martín Yerga

I was bored and reading moblin mailinglist, when in a message there was a link to the libmokoui2 code, there was mentioned that there were a python bindings. This library has the famous Moko Finger Scroll function.

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Maemo WordPy image handling

2007-12-11 16:33 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

I am developing hardly Maemo WordPy so the next version (0.6) is a great application for blogging. To even be much better than most blogging software that can be found on the desktop ;)

When you are in your computer and you think “I am going to write an article on my blog”, you leave the computer and you are going to write to the tablet because Maemo WordPy offers you a few advantages that no other software doesn’t offer, then I will think “Eh Maemo WordPy finally is a good software”.

After these thoughts, I am going to present a feature that will be availably in Maemo WordPy 0.6. This one is image edition. Maemo WordPy will be able to edit live images, some of its characteristics are:

  • Resize images. It’s a very logical option, you don’t want to show an image of 2Mpx in an article of your blog, it would be horrible.
  • Crop images. You only want to show an important part of an image, now you can crop an image from Maemo WordPy.
  • Rotate and Flip. These options are a must. Rotate could be very useful, and flip is nice.
  • Some filters. Brightness, Colorize, Invert, Contour. You can adjust the brightness of an image, something also very useful if you have a photo something dark it could not look well in an article. With Colorize you can add more color to the image, or if you choose the minimum value the image will be black and white. Invert and Contour filters are very nice, but it isn’t very useful.
  • Screenshot. Now you can grab a screenshot directly from Maemo WordPy and you can edit it as if it were a normal image.
  • Flickr support. There will be an option to upload images to your Flickr account and even an option to choose one of these images in Flickr and add it to an article.

There is a video available in youtube showing how this works: Image handling in Maemo WordPy.
I don’t like flash videos here, but the original ogg/theora video (propietary? :)) is 7 Mb, and the server doesn’t want more than 500kb files.
The video is somewhat slow but it’s for the way of recording it, that was some tricky. In the device the most operations in the image handling are fast.

Please comment what options you would add to the image handling in Maemo WordPy. Or how that could be improved. Now is the perfect time.

There will be many changes more in Maemo WordPy 0.6 when it is launched, but I wanted to write this article to report on this feature before tomorrow it is launched Canola2 and it takes all the protagonism ;)

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Daniel Martín Yerga

Maemo WordPy 0.5

2007-11-16 23:19 UTC  by  Daniel Martín Yerga

This version works only with OS2006 (only tested in gregale) and OS2007.
OS2008 will be possibly next week.

New features:

  • Interface reorganization. I think that with this the screen space will be better utilize.
  • Added Help to the preferences and tags dialogs. Many people don’t know what’s the URL that should be added in the settings dialog and they shouldn’t know. The preferences dialog now has a help option (aka ? icon). Also in html tags dialog, explaining each one.
  • Menus finger-friendly. Very finger-friendly. Menu screenshot.
  • Added new menu icons from Gartoon iconset.
  • Option for delete articles already published. Now only downloads the last five published articles, but there will be an option to choose this in the future.
  • Save settings in system backup. When you do a backup to reinstall the system Maemo WordPy retain their preferences.
  • Image size now with preserving aspect ratio.
  • More html tags: abbr, superscript, subscript, and so on.
  • Show/hide toolbar. You can hide the toolbar to get a better vision of the article entry. In fullscreen mode and without toolbar, all space is for writting.
  • New way for save and load articles. Now xml files are used to store the articles. Feature for WordPy desktop version.
  • Options for ’save’ and ’save as’ articles. Before you could only ’save as’.

You can see the full changelog.

Maemo WordPy has a new page more complete than the previous one (though not much more).
From there you can see the documentation, and instructions for installing Maemo WordPy.

I updated the Roadmap, so you can see the new features to come. The next version 0.6 will be a inflection point, especially for handling images. There will be a small image editor in Maemo WordPy.

As always I am open to any comments about Maemo WordPy, good or bad.
And please don’t forget to report bugs you find.

Finally thank everyone who has asked me to improve Maemo WordPy, which features lacks and good use they had given it. Special thanks to Karl Petermichl.

Nor I missed all the good reviews it has been over the Internet, and even those articles that said only ‘testing with maemo wordpy’. These are things that make you smile.

BTW, thanks also to maemo team.

Thank you very much.

Well, this article is for Maemo WordPy 0.5, it isn’t a thanks article :)

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