I have ported the latest upstream version of Mirage to Chinook.

Have some improvements that can be found in the changelog.
The most important for the end user are:

  • Support for tap and hold.
  • Thumbnails pane, without kinetic scrolling ;)
  • Ability to open remote images (http and ftp).

If someone with a N810 or N800 with ITOS2008 might try and give me her impressions would be great.
Especially on the tap and hold support, if translations (en, es, fr, it, de, pl, ru) are working properly and if all dialogs are shown correctly.
And any bug that might have.

Download: Mirage 0.9 Chinook
Yes, it needs Python

Thanks in advance.

I will release the 0.9 version also for the ITOS2006 and ITOS2007 ASAP.