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OpenEinstein build 48 for Nokia 770

2007-07-28 22:58 UTC  by  dillera

logo_light.gifI've complied OpenEinstein 2007-07 build 48. Current as of today. You can download it below. It's about 1.8 megs, bzipped. It will expand into a 16 meg file.

Feel free to download the binary here. You'll need this file also: Einstein.rex. The last thing you need of course is a real Newton ROM, so please have that handy. Directions are in the manual-- it's worth the read if you are going to try and run this.

I'm still trying to figure the best way to make this run on the 770. I like killing the maemo_af_desktop, so that the OpenE isn't locked into it, but sometimes OpenE won't start. If someone has it going full screen on the 770, please add a comment for your exact startup line. I still haven't gotten it to go the full 800x480 on the 770.

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The first ever non-apple application has been allegedly run on the iPhone. The people over at the iPhone DevWiki report. Watch out Nokia 770, soon the iPhone will be as hackable as you are!

At least, some day it will. This user, Nightwatch is using his own arm toolchain, so this isn't like we have a nice Scratchbox available to install onto debian. But as time moves on, our own apps on the iPhone draw closer and closer.

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Next Internet Tablet to include Phone?

2007-07-18 13:58 UTC  by  dillera

Nokia must be responding internally to the iPhone mania. The question is, will it be a more advanced smartphone, or a phone enabled internet tablet? Scoble asked around and only got some smiles. Can Nokia really continue to push the Internet Tablet line, sans phone, now that the iPhone has set the bar so high? Nokia has some cool devices, good technology, mature development infrastructure and a lot of community based support and coding efforts. But relying only on wi-fi will not enable a truly mobile communications device. They have something ready to replace the N800. Will they strap a phone onto it? Will they dump Opera for Mozilla or build-out their Webkit browser? That would certainly be in the arena for an iPhone competitor.

For all the committed Nokia users out there, hating the iPhone buzz-- if you haven't seen this page yet, give it a look. Why? 'cause someone thinks that The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face. Perhaps Nokia's answer to the iPhone is already here, it's just losing marketing game.

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iPhone vs N800 Quick Comparison

2007-07-18 05:31 UTC  by  dillera

Apple iPhone: ARM CPU @ 667mhz [Samsung], 128Mb ram, 8GB Flash
Nokia N800: ARM CPU @ 320mhz [TI], 128Mb ram, 256Mb Flash

N800 has dual SD cards for more Flash, iPhone has no way to extend the 8Gb. N800 has a bigger screen, higher DPI but doesn't have the light-touch touch-screen like the iPhone. I'd still consider getting a N800 to replace my 770 if the price drops. I'd like to use ITOS2007 and have Flash 9 available for browsing-- especially now since Mozilla has just been released for ITOS2007. We'll probally never see Flash in the iPhone, but who knows. I just don't think Apple will do it.

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Building Open Einstein

2007-07-18 05:01 UTC  by  dillera

Here are some more detailed instructions on getting Open Einstein built on MacOSX Intel, using the JAM complier and targeting the Nokia 770. I also built it for MacOSX, to run locally on my macbook.

The published directions are here, and you should read them first and familiarize yourself with them.

Install MacPorts

* MacPorts-1.5.0-10.4.dmg

Open a terminal and then use macports to install the following packages:

$ sudo port install gettext
$ sudo port installlibffi
$ sudo port install jam
$ sudo port install arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc

Then you must add


to your $PATH on the Mac (edit .bash_login in your home directory), then restart your terminal or read in the new bash_profile.

Pull down Klibs and Build

K is located at SourceForge (

$ cvs login
[Enter] for password

$ cvs -z3 co -P K

$ cd $PATH_TO_KLibs/_Build_/Jam

$ jam -starget=nokia2006

Klibs should build with out problems. If you want to build for the Mac, just leave off the -starget parameter.

Pull down Open Einstein and Build

$ svn checkout einstein

$ cd einstein/Einstein/_Build_/Jam

$ jam -sK=$PATH_TO_KLibs -starget=nokia2006 -sjittarget=GENERIC

Now there is a new folder in the /_Build_/Jam directory called build.ARM-LINUX-Nokia2006. This folder will contain the einstein binary for the Nokia 770.

Move files over to 770

You need three files:

  • einstein - the ARM binary of einstein.
  • Einstein.rex - the ROM extension for einstein (it has the NewTest app to test your emulation speed).
  • ROM file - the actual ROM file from a newton. Read the Open Einstein Manual on how to create one using your existing Newton and a Tcp/Ip connection.
  • [You should set up sshd on 770, change password of 'user' to something you know, change the ip address below to match your 770 local ip. Use ifconfig -a to check the local 770 ip.]

    Now copy the files:

    $ scp $PATH_TO_EINSTEIN/_Build_/Jam/build.ARM-LINUX-Nokia2006/einstein user@
    $ scp $PATH_TO_EINSTEIN/_Data_/Einstein.rex user@
    $ scp $NEWTON_ROM user@

    Once they are copied over, you can start Open Einstein like this:

    /home/user # ./einstein -l log2 -m 737041 .
    Welcome to Einstein console.
    This is Einstein Platform 2007.
    Creating image...
    Max units count = 986
    Max units count = 1026
    Type help for help on available commands.
    einstein> power

    And you should see the Newton Start up on your device. Below is a screen shot of the Newton running on my MacBook, in Xwindows:


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    Open Einstein booting on 770

    2007-07-16 05:50 UTC  by  dillera

    After some trial and error, and some help from Paul G, I managed to build Open Einstein for both my Intel Mac and for my Nokia 770, using just my Macbook. I followed the directions to build at the Google Code site. I'll have more explicit directions soon, but the code does build and run on the 770. And you don't need scratchbox to build it! Excellent work Paul.

    Here are some screen shots (click for bigger versions):

    Einstein2007 2

    Einstein2007 1

    After Einstein was built, the directions for starting it are the same as before. The easiest way to control einstein is via SSH into the 770, so that you can shutdown all the Hildon interfaces.

    Full directions to build this will be up soon.

    Update: There is a new Einstein Platform 2007.7 User Manual at Paul's Einstein Page.

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    Nokia 800, N95, iPhone Browser Video Comparison

    2007-07-14 22:28 UTC  by  dillera

    Update 06/17/07: Here is the link to the original post over at atmaspheric. The blog is worth reading.

    I found a cool video over at, filmed by Jonathan Greene. He puts an iPhone, Nokia 800 and the N95 thru their paces while browsing the web. The video is nicely done and well narrated. It shows a lot more than my pictorial essay from a few days back. Worth a look at only 22 min long. You'll certainly get a sense of the various levels of ease-of-use for these devices when browsing the web.

    Some points that stuck me as I watched it:

  • The stylus mode of input just stinks for truly mobile device (cumbersome)
  • The iPhone is fast
  • The N95 is useless if you want to browse anything real on it
  • Apple really put a lot effort and technology into making finger browsing possible and easy (and fun)

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    Newton ARM Emulation Goes Open Source

    2007-07-14 15:30 UTC  by  dillera

    The Newton
    At the 2007 Worldwide Newton Conference in Tokyo on July 8th, Paul Guyot announced that his most excellent Newton Emulator for ARM, Einstein, was now open source and available immediately on Google Code. His announcement to the NewtonTalk mailing list is worth the read. One improvement that sounds enticing:

    "the heavy work done these past weeks allowed me to design a new experimental module where NewtonOS instructions are executed natively on ARM PDAs. "

    There have been other improvements to Einstein since last year- the biggest (to me) is the ability to cross-compile and build Einstein on your Mac while targeting the Nokia 770. No more waiting for binaries to be released. The 800 was tested and the binary didn't run-- ITOS2007 has some different libraries (from ITOS 2005 and 2006), which probably caused issues. I'm attempting to roll a build for my 770 this weekend. We'll see how it goes.

    Here are my screen shots of my 770 from the release of Einstein last year.

    Also announced was the release of Driver Labo, the wifi drivers for Newton by Hiroshi Noguchi. AFAIK, these are the only available drivers in the world that support WEP on the Newton. I had purchased licenses back when they were available, but since 2005 Hiroshi hadn't ever responded to requests and pleas to accept payment for new licenses. As a result many Newtons can't participate in locked-down Wifi networks. The release of these drivers as Open Source is a welcome event.

    There is an overview of the WWNC '07 with some pictures of course.


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    Size of iPhone vs Nokia 770

    2007-07-11 03:28 UTC  by  dillera

    I took some pictures showing the size difference between the 770 and iPhone. iPhone is really is smaller than you'd first think. Unfortunately, it also has a lower resolution screen than the 770. The zoom feature makes up for that somewhat (see the last picture in this post for an example of a zoom). It is nice that Safari always renders the whole page, so there is not any horizontal scrolling (unless you pinch-zoom). On the 770, boing-boing was wider than the screen and so it used a horizontal scroll. You can see that Safari didn't render the flash banner add on the top of boing-boing. You can also notice in the first picture that Safari does a better job of using larger fonts- the smaller screen is more readable than on the 770.

    The touch-screen on iPhone is remarkably different than what is on the 770- it only requires the lightest touch of a finger, not physical pressure. Using a stylus on iPhone doesn't work- the screen is using the conductivity of your flesh to make contact, more like a touch pad on a laptop than a traditional touch-screen.

    You can click on each of these to load a larger version in a new window.

    Iphone-770 1

    The iPhone and the 770 both rendering boingboing.

    Iphone-770 2

    Iphone-770 3

    Size comparison- stacked up.

    Iphone-770 4
    The iPhone's tabs - multiple windows open. You slide the windows left and right to go to each one.

    Iphone-770 5

    Safari zoomed for the main column of text on boing-boing.

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    The Power of Marketing

    2007-07-09 16:37 UTC  by  dillera

    Posts that contain IPhone per day for the last 30 days:
    Technorati Chart

    Posts that contain N800 per day for the last 30 days:
    Technorati Chart

    How about posts that contain Nokia per day for the last 30 days:
    Technorati Chart

    Amazing. I wonder how much Apple spent on the marketing for iPhone launch?

    Speaking of the iPhone, I've been happily using mine since release and I've been able to do what I wanted to for the past few years: use a PDA sized device to browse my favorite websites and have them render on the device in an acceptable time frame. Using the iPhone for browsing is a delight and is many times faster than my n770. The cpu in the iPhone is a screamer. I can listen to music via the iPod functions and browse (with multiple 'tabs') with ease- as long as I'm in wifi range. Edge is pokey, but the majority of my browsing is a work and at home, where there is plentiful wifi. Nothing else near this size can render pages this fast- it's faster than some older laptops I've used.

    And having a real working phone to boot is just one less thing I have to carry around. I'm sure there is a place for the Internet Tablets, but the 770 was never so useful as this iPhone has been in just a few days of using it. My 770 is fun to hack around with for a few hours at a time, but I've never been able to use it like i can the iPhone. And just imagine what is going to spill out once Apple gets a SDK out. Ebook readers alone will be a killer app. A lot of possibilities.

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    ITOS’06 and Screen Shots

    2006-06-10 19:25 UTC  by  Unknown author

    Of course I wasted all that time yesterday snapping photos of the new ITOS'06 Beta when the classic Load Applet and Screenshot taker was ported and sitting over in the Maemo Garage. It works fine In 2006. After I took a few shots I realized there was no easy way to get them to my Mac, without having SSH or Xterm handy on the 770. So I ended up loading Opera, got on Gmail, and then attached them to an email to my self. That worked fine.

    Screen Shot of the amazing FBreader, which is also already ported and ready to go.

    Screen shot of me attaching my screenshots in a Gmail to myself.

    Here is my Gmail, attachment laden and ready to send.

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    Virtual Memory- ITOS 06

    2006-06-10 01:09 UTC  by  Unknown author

    It's all in there this time. Control Panel, Memory, Virtual Tab.

    770B1 Memory Cp

    Sweet. Extend away.

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