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ITOS 2006 – The Elusive Thumboard

2006-06-10 01:07 UTC  by  Unknown author

Have you used the thumb-board (T-Board) yet? It's tricky. The idea is that you use the pressure of your thumb or finger, say, in the chat screen and the T-board will pop up. You put in your line of text, then return to the chat screen.

Here is the T-board:
770B7 The Thumboard

You control the pressure to activate it in the Text Input Settings Control Panel:
770B4 Cp Thumboard

You have to mash the screen pretty hard, with the default settings, but it works. Now it makes more sense...

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ITOS 2006 and IM

2006-06-10 01:01 UTC  by  Unknown author

So the new IM client on ITOS'06 is really nice. Of course it does Google, and through that Google Talk- but it also seems to be a full featured Jabber client.

At my company, we've installed our own Jabber server for internal IM. I was able to easily add a new "account" and connect to that Jabber server- and the Nokia IM client pulled in all those contacts as well and aggregates them together with the Gmail contacts. Nice work. Some screen shots below show the story.

770B3 Two Imaccounts-1
The Account Control Panel (this is after I added in my work Jabber account)

770B2 Jabber Setup-1
Adding a new account, specify your own Jabber server (or account at

770B5 Status 2 Accounts
Now status shows both accounts (Google is the talk icon, Jabber is the lightbulb)

770B6 Contact From Both Im
And my contacts for both accounts are all in there.

This looks to be a great release. I was worried that we wouldn't see this till later summer. Its amazing that Nokia has this much in the beta already.

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Nokia 2006 Beta

2006-06-09 23:40 UTC  by  Unknown author

Lots of talk on the net about this- and they are all correct- this beta is amazing. It's very fast and the the UI enhancements are nice. I've taken some screen shots (12) the old fashion way, and I'll let them do the talking.

First, the flasher on OSX worked like a charm:

blinky:~ dillera$ sudo ./flasher.macosx -F BETA.SU-18_2006SE_0.2006.22-21_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R
Found image kernel (length 1266304)
Found image initfs (length 1880192)
Found image rootfs (length 67633152)
Found image secondary (length 86784)
Found image xloader (length 13824)
USB device found found at bus 003, device address 002-0421-0105-02-00
Found board Nokia 770 (F5)
NOLO version 0.9.0
Sending X-Loader image (13 kB)...
100% (13 of 13 kB, avg. 613 kB/s)
Sending secondary image (84 kB)...
100% (84 of 84 kB, avg. 718 kB/s)
Flashing X-Loader... done.
Sending kernel image (1236 kB)...
100% (1236 of 1236 kB, avg. 733 kB/s)
Flashing kernel... done.
Sending initfs image (1836 kB)...
100% (1836 of 1836 kB, avg. 728 kB/s)
Flashing initfs... done.
Sending and flashing rootfs image (66048 kB)...
100% (66048 of 66048 kB, avg. 625 kB/s)
Finishing flashing... done

When it was done, I had my 2006 770 ready to go!

770-3 Desktop
Here is the new Desktop. That Google bar is a search bar- type something in and it will pop open the browser with the search results.

Continue reading on for my 12 other screen shots......

Here are the rest of the screenshots. Click on each one for a bigger version.

770-1 Email
Inbox. Pretty much the same.

770-2 Email
Message detail. Mail seems faster, though I never used the 2005 version.

770-4 Presence
Presence menu is the little ball on the top menu bar.

770-5 Chat-Contacts
Chat - looking at contacts- it pulled in all my Gmail contacts automatically.

770-6 Gmail
Gmail works very nicely in this version of Opera.

770-7 Gmail Message
Gmail message detail in Opera.

770-8 No Gcalendar
Come on Google--- No calendar?

770-9 No Gspreadsheet
And no Spreadsheet? What about this Nokia Love?

770-10 Gtalk
Talk - but he wouldn't pick up.

770-11 Presence Menu
Messaging Menu - clicking on the People Icon gives you a nice overview of all your communication and messaging.

770-12 Chat
A chat session.

770-12 Gtalk
Calling screen.

The beta is nice- install it now!

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