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Ian Lawrence

This information also appears on the Ubuntu Mobile Guide

Assuming you have a fairly recent drop of UME, new applications should:

  1. install a .desktop file into /usr/share/applications
  2. install an icon into /usr/share/icons/hicolor/<size>/<type> (e.g. /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/myapp.png)

If 1 is done correctly, the app should show up in the UI.

If 1 and 2 are done, it will also have the right icon :)


The has a standard
for the application to appear in certain environments.

So you can also add

to the desktop file and the icon will appear on the desktop.

Also something to note:

For example, cheese does not have
but it appears in hildon desktop...others also do not have
and do not seems that there is some special
implementation for ubuntu mobile which is seen in the gconf keys:


value in .desktop. If
then every .desktop is shown and

Always show these apps, even if they don't have

Cheese is in this list hence it is always shown

Apparently this key should go away when *every* application is a good citizen and complies to the standards.

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Ian Lawrence

Working in Recife

2008-06-03 17:31 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence

I am here with the rest of the guys from Manaus at INdT

doing some crazily cool stuff with Canola and well, forging

ideas basically.

It is incredibly cool here if you are a nerd but its not

Work in Recife

all work, right. Some of us

Beach Turma

took off to Maragogi in the next state called Alagoas.

We ended up going diving


which was incredible as we saw so many fish


and very relaxing. A perfect weekend to recharge the

batteries ready for the next coding sprint.

I love Brazil!

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Ian Lawrence

River Trails

2008-04-07 17:22 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence

After the GPS enabled web applicationI created seemed to work in theory it arrived the time to test it in practice.

I decided to GPS mark all of the floating bars along the

Tarumã Açu (which is the first 'tributary' after leaving Manaus).

This is probably not so useful really as floating bars, well, float around the river basically but it is like most enjoyable things in life: good while it lasts.

I rounded up the usual suspects

prepared the technology

and off we set in Clives' amazing GPS

enabled boat, plotting bars

as we went.

We had an encounter along the way with a huge peacock bass

which are great sport fish and fight like ninja's when you hook one.
Memories are unfortunately somewhat hazy after this so here are the waypoints in text and gdb formats.

Maguires Guesthouse and Amazon Trekkers if you are up for it

Ian Lawrence

Django,Bluetooth and GPS on Ubuntu Mobile

2008-03-16 18:22 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence

This article also appears on the community UME Guide

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Mobile RSS feed reader updated

2008-02-09 21:36 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence
I had a few days during Carnaval holidays to
update Frothing to the latest and greatest
version (1.4.10) of Liferea.
There are a bunch of new translations added as
well as many bug fixes so this is a recommended

This work was made easy because of a dpatch I
received from Steve Kowalik. Thanks to this I got
to party a bit big props going his way.

Free software development rocks.

The tarball is available from:

If you already have a device running ubuntu
mobile you can get a deb from the Launchpad
PPA. Add this line to your sources.list

deb hardy main

and do an:

apt-get update
apt-get install liferea

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Ian Lawrence

Using Autotest for Mobile testing

2008-01-16 18:19 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence
root@ian-laptop:/usr/local# svn checkout autotest
Checked out revision 1111.

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Ian Lawrence

Setting up a personal debian repository

2007-12-09 10:40 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence


If a user adds your repository to her /etc/apt/sources.list file, she can easily view and install all the packages available in it.
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MOTU Q&A session

2007-11-30 15:17 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence

Getting Started

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My Personal Package Archive on Launchpad

2007-11-27 18:30 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence

A PPA gives you:

  • An APT repository of up to 1 gigabyte

  • Binary packages built for x86 and AMD64 architectures against Ubuntu.

  • A web front-end where Launchpad users can browse and search for your packages.

I uploaded the mobileguide for hardy and it seemed to build OK.

I hope that the MOTU guys think the deb is OK ;)

I have also submitted it for REVU (a web-based tool to give people who have worked on packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on) so fingers crossed it is accepted!

There has been some discussion on the maemo-dev lists recently about implementing a similar system for armel and this would be great I think. I have just packaged the liferea 1.4.4 sources with a hildon.dpatch which I am testing at the moment so anyway to have this automatically build for both armel and lpia would be *awesome*

Interesting times ahead in mobile if it all comes off.
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Frothing-0.1 on Maemo

2007-11-23 20:03 UTC  by  Ian Lawrence

Thanks to some great work from Chris Malley, frothing now runs on armel Nokia Tablet devices as well as Intel lpia architectures.

It was a little jumping through hoops because libgtkhtml2-0 and libgtkhtml2-0-dev are not available (yet?) in the maemo repositories so he need to apt-get the source from debian/ubuntu and build it inside scratchbox with


Also he added:

AC_CHECK_LIB(gthread-2.0, g_thread_init)

into and did a


For more info check out the project home page

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The FOSK Certification will be a single low stakes entry level exam to test the FOSS knowledge and competency level of technical and non technical staff who are responsible for the day to day computer needs of Not for Profit organizations. This professional may work as a technical person, a circuit rider, account management or technical sales, executive positions or any other role that is responsible for recommending and/or choosing FOSS solutions for an organization.

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Ian Lawrence

To install Frothing you need to compile it inside
a Hildon compatible desktop environment.

To create such an environment have a look
at the Moblin site or the Maemo site.

Frothing was originally created for the Ubuntu
Mobile Guide as an example of how to port an
application written in C to the Ubuntu Mobile


This guide is available online here and is good
to read for background information.

Compiling from Source

Either check out the source from svn or

grab the tarball to compile

The source can be checked out from the
repositories by:

svn checkout frothing

The tarball can be downloaded from
the project page and extracted by:

tar zxvf frothing-0.1.tar.gz

After unpacking/checking out the code, run the standard autotools commands inside your target:

./configure --enable-hildon
make install


On Ubuntu the dependencies can be satisfied by:

apt-get install build-essential libgtkhtml2-0 libgtkhtml2-dev libxml-perl libxslt1-dev
libglade2-0 libglade2-dev libsqlite3-0 libsqlite3-dev
libhildondesktop-dev xulrunner

This project is also registered on Launchpad

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