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Some posts about Qt4 on Maemo from KDE planet

2008-08-24 20:37 UTC  by  gnuton

While we are talking in the Qt4maemo ML about how some things should be implemented and improved in Qt for maemo, some interesting posts have appeared in KDE planet.

There Lorn Potter, a Trolltech hacker, is happy to see one of his applications, GutenBrowser, running in maemo without any effort: “All it took was a recompile!”.

Ariya Hidaya, another Trolltech hacker, and Adam Treat (Manyoso) a KDE hacker and Member of the KDE e.V. tested and investigated the low graphic performance of Qt 4.4 on the N8x00 devices.

Looking forward to seeing new blogs of KDE people aggregated in Planet Maemo, I´ll continue working on Qt 4.4.1 packages.

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Qt 4 Maemo: the new experience.

2008-07-26 06:13 UTC  by  gnuton

The Maemo platform is growing up day by day and its good software and hardware attract every day new people.
Unfortunately not all of these people are able to program in GTK, since they don’t use linux or because they are KDE people.
Qt4maemo was born as a natural answer to this leak. I compiled and uploaded the first Qt4 packages when I hadn’t got a Maemo device yet. Less than 2 months ago I was contacted by Nokia to work fulltime on this project. Obviously I accepted and now I spend most of my time behind a monitor hacking Qt! :)

The Project:

  • Why Qt?
    There are a lot of things that make Qt a good choice for developing your application: it has an intuitive library and you don’t need to change your code to run your application on your Desktop or Tablet. Qt integrates a lot of powerful tools easy to use, such as Webkit and Phonon.
  • The Goals
    The aim of this project is to give to the community a Qt integrated in the hildon environment.
    Qt developers don’t need to learn new stuff and the hildonization of Qt is transparent to them.
  • The Status
    The application menu bar has been hidden and its QActions are showed in a QMenu that popups when the user clicks the application title bar. The Quit action has been moved to the right menu position.
    The input method has been integrated, the IM popups when the keyboard is closed and a keywidget receives the focus. It also supports the sticky and the lock mode for the shift and Fn keys. The Compose key (“Ch” on the keyboard) works fine, so basically the on-screen and the hardware keyboard are pretty usable.
    The GTKStyle has been integrated in the source tree and it is used as default style. The other styles have been disabled in order to have a more slim library and this allows to save space on the device.
    The Qt package and its dependencies have been updated to diablo and they are available in the Qt4 repository.
    A lot of little stuff has been completed, such as the right QToolbar position and the QMessageBox size calculated with the available area dictated by the WM……
  • The next steps.
    The next big step is moving the packages from the Qt4 garage repository into extras. Why is it a big step?
    Because in this way people can start to port their applications.  Qt4maemo is under development but is usable and the changes on the Qt4 code don´t involve changes in the application code.
    Obviously other important steps include completing the port and MAKING MORE people use Qt on maemo!
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Qt4 Diablo Repository.

2008-07-14 20:48 UTC  by  gnuton

The Qt4 repository for Diablo is now available.

The repository contains:

  • Qt4 dependencies: binary and source packages.
  • A snapshot of the hildonized Qt4 available in SVN.

For more information, visit the Qt4 diablo repository page.

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Today, i’ve reported a bug of QGTKStyle on maemo.
Click here to follow the status and to watch the screenshot of the bug

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QGTKStyle has been available for Maemo

2008-05-27 18:40 UTC  by  gnuton

QGTKStyle is a Qt style rendered using GTK to give a native appearence for Qt applications running on the GNOME desktop.
It’s available on our repositories at
This is an experimental package: it’s stable but it’s under heavy development, so this package is provided ONLY for testing and bug reporting.

If you want to keep up-to-date on QGTKStyle changes, please check QGTKStyle page at google code .
Note: QGtkStyle is installable only via xterm. In order to install it, you simply need to run apt-get install qgtkstyle as root; So run qtconfig as not privileged user and select GTK as style.
Our forum is always open for any discussion about it, and you can use the tracker to report a bug in the package.

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QGTKStyle on maemo

2008-05-25 07:06 UTC  by  gnuton

As Qt4 lover and programmer, I want to have well integrated Qt applications on my Maemo device. Some time ago I read about QGTKStyle project on Qt Blog. Thanks to the last Qt4 (4.4.0) available for maemo, a few days ago I tried QGTKStyle on my SDK but it didn’t work! It didn’t support 16bit screen!
So I talked with Jens ( the troll! ) and in less than 24 hours he had extended his pet to every X11 colour depth!
Last evening I tried it again and… it worked: GREAT! :) It’s not perfect yet but it works! My Qt4 apps now look better.

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Reflashing my N810

2008-05-23 06:47 UTC  by  gnuton

Last night I was hacking Qt4 for maemo and I forced apt-get to install some packages in my full root partition of my N810.
This operation has probably corrupted its JFFS filesystem and BOOM!
When I tried to boot up my device it showed me the normal bootscreen and after 20-30 seconds it reboot itself! :(
So I googled to search the instruction to reflash my N810.
I followed the instruction on maemo wiki and finally I got it working again! :)
Reflashing your device via linux is easy and safe if you follow all the suggestions in the wiki page, such as:
– Running flasher by root.
– Mount your usb sys partition ( mount | grep usb ) or run mount -t usbfs usbfs /proc/bus/usb.
– Always check the checksum of the downloaded files before running the flasher!
That’s all, happy flashing!

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Qt4.4.0 packages with WEBKIT (yeah!)are available at qt4 for maemo homepage.
These packages aren’t compatible with the old Qt4 applications in our repository. So we descourage anyone to force a dist-upgrade on your device.
I’m providing to rebuild ours Qt4 applications and these will be uploaded soon for a “sane” upgrading.
Have a fun with the cutting edge Qt and Webkit!

Ps: if you want to try Qt4.4.0 power, you can install qt4-demos. It’ll take ~80Mb of space of your sdk environment.

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Chinook 4.0.1 SDK Environment: Funky installation.

2008-05-15 12:10 UTC  by  gnuton

Today i’ve installed Chinook Environment on KUbuntu Hardy using the scripts: scratchbox installer and sdk installer.
The script runs fine but there are some issue such as:
Setting up sudo (1.6.8p12-4osso7) ...
Updating sudoers
mmap: Permission denied
Solved running
echo 4096 > /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr and so apt-get install -f
Setting up gconf2 (2.16.0-1osso9) ...
/scratchbox/tools/bin/chown: `messagebus:messagebus': invalid user
Soved with:
cd /var/cache/apt/archives
fakeroot dpkg -i *dbus*
Usually this file is in the debconf package. But the Maemo debconf doesn’t have got it! O_o
The error message is:
/scratchbox/tools/bin/sh: line 1: /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure: No such file or directory
I’ve solved it copying this file from my host to scratchbox environment.
cp /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure /scratchbox/users/gnuton/targets/CHINOOK_ARMEL/usr/sbin
So i’ve runned again apt-get install -f and now i’ve my working (?) SDK Env.
That’s all! Happy installation to you! :)

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Maemo style on Qt applications

2008-05-14 17:42 UTC  by  gnuton

I’ve just readed on trolltech blog that there is a new Qt plugin that permit a Qt application to use the current gtk theme engine.
It will be nice to use it in Qt maemo apps.
I’ve to try it.
Click here to read the original post.

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SMplayer for maemo is available.

2008-04-28 08:51 UTC  by  gnuton

SMplayer, a powerfull GUI for MPlayer, is now available for Maemo.

More info are available at qt4 garage homepage.


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My first numpty physics level

2008-04-24 17:02 UTC  by  gnuton

Some days ago i’ve sended my numpty physics level to its author.

Now it’s available at Numpty Physics Home Page.

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