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Tom Swindell

Ruby-Maemo Snippet #2: Fullscreen Toggle!

2009-01-02 19:13 UTC  by  Tom Swindell

So, there we have it, a method for toggling between fullscreen and non-fullscreen mode in your ruby-maemo application. If you can’t see the code, you’re probably viewing an aggregated feed, so please view this post directly.

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to mention that there’s a temporary ruby-maemo debian repository: ‘deb diablo user’.

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Tom Swindell

Ruby-Maemo Snippet #1: Kon’ nichi wa Ruby!

2008-12-29 22:41 UTC  by  Tom Swindell

Unfortunately embedded Pastie code doesn’t get aggregated so anyone interested in seeing the code example has to view my blog directly. I plan on putting these “snippets” into a catalog of their own at some point, so keep a look out. :)

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Tom Swindell

Ruby-Maemo 1.0 RC1

2008-12-28 16:49 UTC  by  Tom Swindell

After a long break, I’ve finally managed to continue working on the Ruby-Maemo project. For those that are not familiar or have forgotten, it is my attempt to port the Ruby Programming Language to Nokia’s Internet Tablet platform aka Maemo. The project currently provides packages for:

Ruby Core

  • ruby1.8
  • libruby1.8

Maemo Integration

  • libatk1
  • libconic
  • libgconf2
  • libgdk-pixbuf2
  • libglade2
  • libglib2
  • libgnomevfs2
  • libgstreamer
  • libgtk2
  • libhildon1
  • libosso
  • libpango1
  • libsqlite3
  • libvte
  • libxml2
  • ruby1.8-maemo (Meta-Package)

These packages will in future be available from the maemo-extras repository, but can be downloaded directly from here. All comments, requests and suggestions are welcome, please let me know what you think about the latest release.

You may notice that some of the libraries that were available in previous releases are missing, this is because I’m currently updating them. They will be uploaded as soon as they’re ready, which should be some time over the next week or so.

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