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Joaquim Rocha

It’s been a while since last SeriesFinale’s version and I have been a bit busy meanwhile but still got time, together with Juan, to pull up some nice new features. In the end, we had so many changes and the app felt so smooth that we nicknamed it “Xmas Comes Earlier”!

So what can you find in this new version?

* The covers are now downloaded in the background which allows users to keep using the application and improves idle times when adding/updating shows.
* No more database deletions. Many people complained that sometimes it would suddenly delete all the database. We have now introduced a few verifications that make it harder for the database to be deleted unless you do it yourself.
* The format of the JSON of the database and the way the serialization is done is now faster which allows faster load and save times.
* The impossibility to delete shows is also fixed.
* No more problems with characters like & on the episodes and shows’ names.
* Already added shows are now marked with color when searching for shows.
* The highlight of episodes is now fixed, when marking them.
* A new logo that works in a black background has been added.
* Images are now downloaded to temporary files which allows a safer assignment to the shows/seasons.
* The images are now deleted if it’s not being used anymore (when shows are deleted), and are not downloaded more than once (when a show is added twice).
* The removal of the application now deletes the images folder.
* AUTHORS, README and THANKS files were added to the package.
* Translations were updated.
* The search dialog now allows you to search shows in a chosen language.
* The About dialog was added. Here are a few screenshots:

Shows when no cover has been added

Shows when no cover has been added

Temporary image when downloading cover

Temporary image when downloading cover

Search dialog with Language choices

Search dialog with Language choices

About dialog

About dialog

Two other things that are new are the creation of two mailing lists for SeriesFinale:
seriesfinale-general for general discussion, help and feature requests
seriesfinale-development for discussions related to features development and bug tracking

You should be able to upgrade SeriesFinale from the extras-devel repository. I’ll promote it extras later.


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Joaquim Rocha

SeriesFinale 0.5 AKA Supa-Dupa Edition released

2010-03-29 15:14 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

For those who didn’t notice, last week SeriesFinale finally got promoted to Extras which are very good news and now SeriesFinale 0.5 has been just released!

Why is this edition so special? Because it will from now on retrieve images for the shows and its seasons.
This morning I finally took the time to check how to retrieve those and I really like the way SeriesFinale looks like now. Of course, this means that the next shows update you do will start retrieving all the images for your shows and seasons which might take, let’s say, a while. Still, don’t worry because once it gets the images, next time you update, only the general information will be retrieved.

I’ve also fixed the slowness when panning the different content views. Panning should now be much more fluid.

Another good thing in this edition is that the tiny episodes’ checkbox still looks tiny but it’s in fact larger and this means you can much more easily tap on it to mark episodes.

Juan, the maintainer of the Diablo version and a colleague of mine at Igalia, sent patches for including the season number together with the episode number, so it shows like “2×05″ which is more useful than just the episode’s number.
He also pointed a bug when adding a show  manually, which got fixed for this release as well.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing what you’ll see soon (I just finished sending the packages to the server) in your favorite mobile phone:

SeriesFinale with shows' art

SeriesFinale with shows' art

SeriesFinale with seasons' art

SeriesFinale with seasons' art

(I didn’t have time to update or integrate any translations in this version but I’m planning to have it done for the next one so I apologize for any inconvenience.)
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Joaquim Rocha

SeriesFinale 0.4 released

2010-03-13 00:20 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

I have just release a new version of SeriesFinale.

For this 0.4 version there is a very useful and requested feature: Update All!
Now you will be able to update all the TV shows by just clicking a button instead of having to go show by show and waiting for each one to be updated. As you see on the screenshots below, the shows view now also displays the next episode to watch plus, when updating the shows, feedback on the shows that are finished updating is given by a banner.

SeriesFinale new shows view style

Menu with Update All

Banner showing a just updated Show

You’ll also notice that initializing and quitting the application is now much faster. This happens because as for the shows’ updates, the loading and saving of the database is now run on a different thread.

There was also a bug when manually editing an episode, which is now fixed.
Another bug you might have experienced was duplicated episode entries. It usually happened when there were placeholder episodes named “TBD”, since SF was using the episodes’ names to compare them, when the “TBD” episode was updated with the correct but different name, a new episode would be added instead… I removed the name checking from the comparison and now two episodes are the same if they have the same number and same season number.

Also, you might have noticed that the TV shows view scrolls really slowly. Today I found why such happens and will try to have it fixed for the next release.

As usual, you can find SeriesFinale code on its Gitorious project and expect this new version to appear soon on an AppManager next to you.

I hope you like this version as much as I do!

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Text Prediction on GNOME

2010-03-03 09:27 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

I was disappointed with the text completion provided by the N900 (eZiText) that, on top of that, is closed and I wondered if it was possible to have an Open Source solution to provide text prediction and completion.

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SeriesFinale 0.3.6 AKA Color Edition (TM)

2010-02-20 21:41 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

As promised, I’ve added the original air dates of the episodes to SeriesFinale.

This feature had been requested since people first knew of SeriesFinale and it is quite useful. It will tell you, by the color and actual date information, when a show’s episode was first aired in its network. Of course if you happen to watch a show on another network (usually this happens if you’re not from the same country as the TV show itself), then you won’t need this date to warn you to go sit and watch it but at least you see which episodes were already aired on their original country.

This release has not many changes apart from the date thing plus a couple of bug fixed and the Spanish translation (thanks to Juan A. Suárez Romero).

(By the way, as I write this, TheTVDB seems to be down so you are likely to have some trouble updating your shows and getting the air dates on it but I hope it will be up again soon)

Here are a few screenshots:

SF: Seasons with colors and dates

SF: Episodes list with air date info

SF: Episode info with air date

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Joaquim Rocha

FOSDEM follow-up

2010-02-09 10:53 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

FOSDEM was really nice this year. Still too many interesting presentations to attend than our physical condition allows but that’s life.

Like I announced on my last post, I gave two presentations there and I am glad with both of them. People seemed really interested in OCRFeeder and I hope they try it out, send me feedback and spread the word about it.
I could personally meet P. Christeas, who had send me a patch for it, and listen to the questions and suggestions of people about how OCRFeeder works.

I must say the most impressive presentation I attended was by  Professor Andrew Tanenbaum himself, about MINIX 3, what a beautiful piece of software it seems.
If you have not attended it, maybe you can watch the video recording once it is available.
Later on I had a nice chat with him regarding web browsers on MINIX and the real portability of applications that are said to be multi-platform.

Here are the slides for the presentations I gave:

OCRFeeder, documents conversion on GNOME View more presentations from Joaquim Rocha. Seriesfinale, a TV shows' tracker for Maemo 5 View more presentations from Joaquim Rocha.

Looking forward for FOSDEM 2011!

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Joaquim Rocha

Going to FOSDEM!

2010-01-28 21:05 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

… and also, this year I giving two presentations there.

I’m presenting OCRFeeder in the GNOME DevRoom and SeriesFinale in the Embedded/Mobile DevRoom!

I just love FOSDEM, the spirit of it, the number of important Open Source projects in there and the city of Brussels!

If you wanna have a chat about OCRFeeder, SeriesFinale, Hildon Input Methods, Rancho (for Django folks), Igalia or other important Open Source projects, while drinking a nice Belgian beer, let me know!

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Joaquim Rocha

HIM (re)opened

2010-01-27 20:19 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

I have been working for the past months in Hildon Input Methods (HIM) and many things have changed in it (and many will) with only a target in mind: make the experience of typing in N900, physically or virtually, a great experience.
Still, one thing I dislike in HIM is the fact that it is semi-closed source. Now what’s this semi-closed source thingy? It means that some modules are open, others are closed (HIM is a complex project).

(this is not the project logo)
(this is not the project logo)

For the open ones, and have you failed noticing it, the sad truth was that they were updated from time to time. No open development was done… but this has changed!
Since last week, HIM’s open source modules are now developed “in the open”, using Gitorious (thanks to Kimmo)!
The modules are hildon-input-method and hildon-input-method-framework.

This constitutes another step of freedom inside Fremantle and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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SeriesFinale 0.3 released

2010-01-13 08:57 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

Yesterday I finally uploaded the changes I had locally committed in my git clone of SeriesFinale and send them also for building in the extras repository of Maemo.

The 0.3 version has the following changes:

Added extra information to tree views

While you can enter the list of episodes and check what’s the next you need to watch, it is boring to need to navigate so much just to check this, so I added some extra information to the shows and seasons views. Basically now you’ll readily know how many seasons you have in a show, how many episodes you are left to watch, what’s the next one to go and which seasons/shows are completely watched.

SeriesFinale 0.3 season view

SeriesFinale 0.3 seasons view

Added configuration file handling and episodes order recall

Paco Zafra, a SeriesFinale user, asked for the app to remember his episodes’ sorting preferences and with this version it will start doing so. Hope you like it Paco.
This also means it now stores an XML file with these preferences and will do it for other future preferences added to the program.


With this release I also added support for internationalization and included the Portuguese translation already.
You can contribute to SeriesFinale by sending me a .po file translated in your language.

SeriesFinale 0.3 in Portuguese

SeriesFinale 0.3 in Portuguese

Apart from the changes above, several code improvements were made.

The update should be arriving at you N900 any time soon.

Hope you like it!

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SeriesFinale 0.2.1 version on Extras Devel

2009-12-15 08:12 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

SeriesFinale seems to have had a good reception by the community. I didn’t imagine that such a simple app could please to so many people, or more particularly, that so many people would have issues with keeping up with TV series’ episodes. I’m happy for having written it.

SeriesFinale in N900 desktop

(SeriesFinale together with some of the community apps I use)

So, in the middle of last week I uploaded the version 0.1 to extras devel repository after solving the Debian package generation within the Scratchbox (Lizardo, from PyMaemo, helped me on this and wrote a helpful FAQ entry to the PyMaemo website). Still, the repository builder kept using Python 2.3 to build the package just like the problem I had on Scratchbox… tried again to push some changes and build it and still: fail! In the end I just gave up using CDBS for the package generation and edited the template of dh_make directly. Luckily, having a working Python setup script cuts part of the work (I like writing software, not packaging it!) and about the failed attempts, that’s what extras devel are for anyway…

Now version 0.2.1 is the one you can install and not call me ugly names afterwards :)
This version should have been available since last week but apparently there was some kind of problem in the Extras Devel repository and some apps weren’t made available until yesterday.

SeriesFinale in App Manager

What does version 0.2.1 brings apart from working out of the Application Manager?

* Added mark all/none menus to the episode list view (suggested by Paco Zafra on the comments to my last post)
* The configurations folder is now stored under /home/user/.osso . My co-worker Calvaris suggested this to me since it will include the folder when you backup the device. And don’t worry with the current configurations you have now because I added a script to move the old folder automatically to the new location after this package is installed.
* Code improvements, among them, corrected local paths inclusion in sys path (for developing and running)

Episodes List Menu

For the next version I plan to enhance the visual of things a bit (how or what lies in my brain currently) and to introduce translation files.

Add your suggestions as comments to this post or sent them by email to me.

Have a nice weekend!

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Presenting N900 to non-Maemo friends

2009-12-13 16:41 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

Last weekend was a long weekend in Spain with two holidays and I took the chance to go south to Portugal with my girlfriend and meet my family and friends who I was missing.

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2009-12-06 19:10 UTC  by  Joaquim Rocha

I’ve been neglecting this space but I hope this post will compensate.

So, I had a problem. My girlfriend and I really like to watch a few TV series but we never know what was the last episode we watched… The irregularity of the TV schedule and the fact that sometimes we stop watching a show and catch on with it after a while make us forget how far in a TV show are we at.

Hence, I imagined it would be really useful that every time we start watching an episode I grab my N900 and mark it as watched! Plus, it would be nice to read the episodes’ synopsis in case we need to know what happened at a certain episode before.

And that’s what my hackfest time at Igalia brought to life! Using the TheTVDB API, users can search for their favorite TV shows and it will pull the shows’ information with every season’s episode information as well and present them as a check list. Of course, all this can be inserted and edited manually, useful for example for TV shows that are not available on TheTVDB.

While I try to put it on Extras Devel, you can get its source from Gitorious, download the source package or download a Debian package directly.

Enjoy SeriesFinale:

SeriesFinale from Joaquim Rocha on Vimeo.

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