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Tim Samoff

The logo contest winner!

2008-07-31 13:25 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

I didn’t mention it, but sometime after I had entered a number of logo ideas to the logo contest, I offered to dismiss my submissions in order to help in the judging process for the new logo. I thought I had some pretty good ideas, but I saw a couple that I liked better — out of over a hundred submissions!

And, the winner, after much deliberation (over mailing list, email discussion, and IRC), is:

Glaubert Oliveira from the Design Team! logo contest winner: Glaubert Oliveira
Congratulations, Glaubert!

I’m really looking forward to seeing this logo on the website — as well as everywhere else!

Here’s some more info from (another contest judge — and organizer of the judging process).

Tim Samoff

I'm going to Berlin!

2008-07-16 17:13 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

Ok. So, I am pretty flipping excited. has just approved sponsorship for me to travel to Berlin (as in Germany) this September for the and the first annual conferences!

I am excited for several reasons:

  1. OSiM World is rad.
  2. I get to meet a bunch of my fellow cohort. (I can’t wait to see all of you!)
  3. I get to immerse myself in two straight days of Maemo goodness. (Maybe even document it in some sort of special way.)
  4. And, well… I’ve never been to Europe! (Really.)

Seriously… This is more exciting than I could ever express here.

Thank you Nokia/Maemo — and, most notably, — for continuing to support this community in such an amazing way.

Tim Samoff logo contest...

2008-06-24 14:28 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

This is old news — especially if you’re a member of and got the four or five email notifications about it — but the fine folks in ‘s Maemo division have decided to support the Maemo community in rebranding Maemo. Part of this process is centered around redesigning a logo for the website.

I’ve submitted a number of ideas myself, and I thought I’d post them here too. I’ll keep posting my ideas as I come up with them (clicking the image will take you to a larger version at the wiki).

Submission #1:

Submission #1

Submission #1b:

Submission #1b

Submission #2:

Submission #2

Submission #3:

Submission #3

Submission #4:

Submission #4

Submission #5
(discarded because it looks
too much like the Palm logoduh!):

Submission #5

Submission #6:

Submission #6

Submission #7:

Submission #7

Submission #8:

Submission #8

Submission #9:

Submission #9

Submission #10:

Submission #10

Submission #11:

Submission #11

Submission #12:

Submission #12

All of the submissions can be found here (there are some good ones too!).

Good luck everyone!

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Tim Samoff

Maemo Group on LinkedIn...

2008-06-19 16:38 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve created a group on . Just go to my profile and click on the group to join.

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Tim Samoff

The Nokia N95 8GB...

2008-04-04 14:59 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

The fine people over at recently sent me a (just on loan for two weeks so that I could check it out). The N95 GB is a nearly $700-$800 cell phone, depending on whether you get it with a plan or not. (Ok, ok. Are you breathing again?) But, for $800, you don’t just get a phone… The N95 8GB has 8GB of internal memory, 128MB RAM, a 5-megapixel camera that can take stills or record video (with a flash, zoom, and a whole bunch of “manual” features), video call capability, an FM radio receiver, GPS, support for a variety of audio codecs, Java and Flash support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared, A/V output, and more…

Nokia N95 8GBI’ve only just opened the package, so I’m not going to post a full review right now. My first impression is that the N95 8GB seems to be pretty slick. Aside from a slightly brickish form-factor, the user-interface is pretty intuitive and (for a cell phone) the buttons are all easily accessible and feel pretty responsive. The slider aspect of the phone (to access the number/text pad — slide up — or the media player controls — slide down) seems a fragile, but honestly, I’m not sure how many people have handled this phone before me.

With the advent of ‘s , I wonder why companies continue to make all-in-one phones with limited internal memory, no touchscreen capabilities, and without additional memory card slots. Still, the N95 8GB is a small, easy-to-pocket phone and media player with a bunch of features. While I haven’t dived into all of the functionality yet, it looks very promising. I’m really looking forward to seeing how well it connects with and accentuates my .

Tim Samoff

Flying: The N810 way...

2008-04-02 20:24 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

Thanks to my trusty (and, , of course), Josiah was occupied while flying this past week…

Mr. The Frog Rocks the N810

For those of you who still don’t consider the Internet Tablets as worthwhile s, you should think again. Find someone with installed and play around with it for a while. I know you’ll be impressed.

The video you see in this picture went from DVD to (Mac) to N810 without a hitch. The playback was flawless and the N810 kept its charge for much more than the three hour flight to and from California (almost two whole movies and a bunch of music listening).

Tim Samoff

recently released , an instrumental concept album… With it comes a 40-page booklet. If you like NIN, you can download the first nine tracks (out of 36) for free, including a digital version of the booklet (which is basically an image for each song).

'Ghosts I-IV' by Nine Inch Nails

I’ve taken some time to convert ever page of the booklet to 800×480 Background images, usable on the Internet Tablets. The Zip file is a 17MB download, but it’s well worth it.

Download the Zip file here.

For more info about what wants to do with Ghosts, watch this.

Tim Samoff

The N810 Giveaway Winner Announcement!

2008-02-04 19:48 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

As if finding myself with two s wasn’t enough of a predicament. (I know: there are many of you scratching your heads, saying, “Yeah, right!”) But, honestly, there have been innumerable accounts over the course of my (what, over twenty years now?!) involvement with open source software and communities where I wished I could give back even a modicum of the products, support, friendships, et cetera, that I have withdrawn for my own use (and even profit).

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Tim Samoff

A gift to me (can be) a gift to you...

2008-01-24 16:04 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

Yesterday, you might remember me mentioning that was sending me a gift for helping them do some testing. Actually, it wasn’t Nokia, per se, but a friend, one of the fine people on the development team, . Anyway, I was thinking that the gift would be a T-shirt or something — you know, just a small gesture of thanks.

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Tim Samoff

Shiny new N810!

2008-01-23 19:49 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

I got my shiny new today.

Yes, I’ll admit it… I’m stoked!

Me & my TabletsYou’ll notice that it’s in a nice little leather case as well. You can see it better here (although, I don’t know how long that link will be work, so do a search on for “N810 case” and you’ll probably find it). The N810 itself aside (which everyone knows is pretty dang super cool, so I don’t have to say all that much about it), the leather case is really great too. It has two slots for SD cards, a cut-away where the stylus on the N810 is, a magnetic strap, and an optional belt-clip. The case is black and is made of quality genuine leather. Coolness! (The photo here was lovingly taken by my pal, )

Ok, so, yeah… The N810 itself? It’s awesome. You know about my enthusiasm for the already. It’s basically just a smaller N800 with a slide-out keyboard and on board GPS. Everything else is mostly the same (well, except that the N810 doesn’t have a 360 degree camera or an FM radio receiver like the N800 does). But, the thing is sweet. Go get one.

Lastly, because of some testing help that I gave to the wonderful folks (they’re the Nokia team in charge of all things software-related for the Internet Tablets), they’re going to send me a gift (actually, the gift is in the mail right now). I’ll write another post when I receive it.

Anyway, happy tableting! (And, thanks, maemo team, for choosing me to be one of the lucky Device Program recipients!)

Tim Samoff

Late Christmas present...

2007-12-26 19:42 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

I decided to take a few of the photographs that I’ve shot over the past year and turn them into desktop images for your -enabled . The Internet Tablet versions are below (the originals are available here).

Crayon Color (800x480)

First Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN (800x480)

Hot Tub Beauty (800x480)

Midwest Sunrise (800X480)

Montgomery, TX (800x480)

Stratus (800x480)

The Underside (800x480)

Winter Passage (800x480)

Click on the thumbnails to view the full versions and to save to your Internet Tablet(s). Or, download all of them in a single Zip file here:

Samoff IT Backgrounds 2007 Samoff IT Backgrounds 2007

Who said Christmas only lasted one day?

Tim Samoff


2007-12-19 15:44 UTC  by  Tim Samoff

I finally flashed my to the latest operating system release (aka ): (if you are still having trouble with the “official” download, try this).

My immediate impression (of pretty much everything that has been updated) is…


Daniel Gentleman (or, ThoughtFix of ) has written an in-depth review of the new OS here. Here’s an excerpt:

IT OS2008As a portable device operating system, OS2008 scores a hit. The interface was built to focus on the Internet Tablet’s primary purpose: Internet use. The shortcuts, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and bundled software show that well. OS2008 goes beyond that to give the consumer something of value and interest beyond the browser, too.

I agree with him on pretty much everything.

There are still a few things I’m trying to work out, though:

  1. On my virtual keyboard, it now says “EN” (which I’m assuming is an indication that I am using the English dictionary) where the Caps Lock button used to be. So how do I use Caps Lock now? This has been answered in the comments below.
  2. Word completion seems to work a little better in the new OS, but I can’t figure out how to add words to my dictionary now. Has this option been removed in lieu of a more intelligent dictionary?
  3. No matter how I organize my Bookmarks in the Bookmark Manager, it doesn’t seem to reorganize anything in my actual Bookmarks list. Is this intentional?

Other than that, everything is pretty slick… For instance, the Application Manager now saves your selection position (i.e., no more scrolling and searching where you used to be in the application list!). The better-optimized finger navigation is great too — and navigation, in general, is very quick now. And, honestly, restoring all of my most loved apps seemed a lot smoother too (e.g., it only took me an hour or so to do what used to take a few).

So, if you haven’t, download and flash away!