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First Look N800 vs Agenda VR3

2007-11-30 15:25 UTC  by  waite

So with all the eepc vs N800/laptop/… I thought I would create my own comparison. So lets take a look at my first Linux handheld and my current.

Agenda VR3 Nokia N800

Processor 66 Mhz NEC VR4181 400 Mhz TI OMAP

Memory 16 MB DRAM 128MB DDR

Intrenal Storage 16 MB FLASH 265MB FLASH

Display 160×240 monochrome (16 bit grayscale) 800×480 16-bit color

Display Size 2.25″X3.25″ 4.1″

User Interface Touchscreen
stylus/finger Touchscreen
stylus/finger Buttons 7 buttions Dpad + 4 buttons Connectivity IRDA
2XRS232 802.11
usb Audio Microphone Jack
buzzer Stereo speakers
Audio Jack Text Input On screen keyboard
Handwriting recognition On screen keyboard
Handwriting recognition
Bluetooth Keyboard Operating System Linux v2.4.0 Linux v 2.6.21

Well I guess they N800 is the clear winner. To be fair my VR3 has sat dormant for 6 years now or so, but it is still fun to reflect. It was a nice piece of hardware with 2 fatal flaws that Nokia could have, but did not, hit.
1) It released a developers edition with almost no apps expecting the devels to provide pretty much all the apps a real user would want.
2) It was not invested in the Community at all.

And hey if you want to compare youself, pick up a VR3

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First Post

2007-11-30 13:54 UTC  by  waite

MTBlog is now waite blog. So I have finally moved my blog from b2evo. Thanks madller for setting up the maemopeople WordPress acct for me. Maybe now I won’t spend time whacking spam comments and instead well… blog.
And now I can even try out WordPy for some nice remote blogging.
Until next post….

Peas out!

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