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Everybody is very happy with the support of the full web in mobile devices, but any regular user knows/suffers the fact of trying to enjoy rich web sites from a mobile device. Even with a powerful mobile device like the Nokia N810, making use of WiFi connectivity powered by a good ADSL/Cable network connection behind, certain web sites are a hell to enjoy.

The user, although having a full-web browser, ends up using a simpler mobile version for the browser not to drain battery power (for instance, due to the Javascript engine making intensive use of the CPU in Facebook or in Google Reader). The Google Reader site is a good example of how the mobile version is good enough for us to do what we want with almost no cost in computational terms.

I have always loved visiting Spanish sports online-newspapers like As or Marca from the N810, but always making an exercise of injecting patience to my state of mind before accessing: they are filled with Flash content (mainly with advertising purposes) that makes loading the main page as painful as a kick on your butt.

Some days ago, I specifically searched for some sort of Flash blocker, taking into account that such an add-on exists in Firefox and that maemo’s microb is based on the Firefox engine. I discovered the Browser Extras repository and then found a Flashblocker port for MicroB.

Using Flashblocker has changed a 100% CPU into an idle CPU when browsing those sites I mentioned, and I can spend the whole weekend fluently browsing for sports results and with no care about the gadget’s battery.

Thanks to Andre Pedralho for such a great job. I encourage you to read the Maemo Browser Extras web page and install the Browser Extras repository for maemo which will give you access to other stuff like the User Agent Switcher or AdBlock.

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Manrique Lopez

Maemo Summit ended

2008-09-22 05:41 UTC  by  Manrique Lopez

Maemo Summit is over, but the community has just get stronger. The lighting talks idea was great and we could see some interesting projects. I’ll post during next days about things we have seen and those that have been announced, but some remarkable points for me after these days:

  • there are real passionate hackers working in Maemo and not just talking about the Nokia guys but also about the people from third parties
  • new device is comming, but, one of the real improvements for Maemo platform will be the set of tools (SDK, docs, help mechanisms,…) that will be released
  • The community and the open philosophy behind it could make Maemo the best open environment for mobile world, but it could also be the major challenge for Nokia to achieve the success they are expecting with these devices
  • Many demos about how to run a complete Debian based distribution in actual hardware, but hey guys, do you expect to be usable in your device? But it could be useful…
  • One last thing for developers, you will be able to do nice things with 3D animations, but don’t use it for the gallery but for user experience improvement
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Manrique Lopez

Maemo Summit, here we go…

2008-09-18 09:05 UTC  by  Manrique Lopez

Five minutes, that’s all the time I have for my presentation and talk about Elisator. And I sure that during that five minutes, I’ll be thinking about my early presentations about Linux in embedded devices:

So, yes, this Maemo Summit could be an interesting experience…

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