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Sygic has finally announced the public availability of Sygic Mobile Maps with Turn-by-turn navigation for the Nokia N900 Maemo devie. It's available for purchase for around 60 euros and you need to download around 1.8 Gigabytes of maps data to your phone ! Official Press Release Below The first turn-by-turn voice guided navigation application for Maemo phones has just got available for European Nokia N900 users at Sygic web e-shop. With the full set of navigation features, multiple user settings, fast route calculation, user-friendly operation and the latest maps situated on-board of the device, Sygic Mobile Maps turns Nokia N900 into a full-featured personal navigation device, and provides for superb user experience and reliable navigation. The first available region, launched today, is EUROPE. It costs EUR 59,99, it has no time limit on use after purchase, and it includes countries of Western Europe and Eastern Europe as follows: - Maps included: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican. - Maps ...
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Nokia N900 Comparison Pictures

2010-03-13 16:49 UTC  by  varunkrish
The Nokia N900 is a special device. It's the first phone running on the Maemo 5 OS. Geeks love the N900. It's the power of Linux in the palm of your hands. The device like  a hacker's tool, it's not perfect , but does somethings wonderfully well - web browsing for instance. Presenting an  exclusive photo gallery comparing the N900 to some popular devices in the market ! Nokia N900 next to the E72 N97 Mini, N900 ,E72 , N86 8MP Some of the best mobile displays  hanging out together iPhone N900 and Omnia HD  (the HD2 was mysteriously missing from our garage  and Wave was not yet launched at the time of this shoot ) iPod Touch, E72 , iPhone 3GS, Omnia HD , N97 Mini, N86 , N82 and N900 N900 next to big brother Nokia Booklet 3G N900 boasts of a QWERTY keyboard too How many of you like the N900 ?
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Hi folks as we know Nokia N900 does not support sending DTMF request to the operator for credit check and other details. Finally there is a way to do so with a click of a widget . The widget used to send DTMF request is called the USSD Widget. It is developed by Guseynov Alexey , Martin Grimme. The widget has two ways of sending the DTMF requests one is by typing the DTMF in codes in USSD dial Pad. And the other one is USSD Widget So its now possible to see the DTMF response in the homescreen. This widget support automatic widget checking and many other customizations like font color, widget background colour etc.. The USSD widget need runtime components like python-hildondesktop hildon-desktop-python-loader pexpect ussd-common And the USSD components like Ussd-pad Ussd Widget You can Download the package with all components here. Then transfer the contents of zip file to root of N900 i.e N900/ Then goto X-Terminal and Type sudo gainroot then type cd MyDocs place all the contents of downloaded zip file to root of N900 i.e N900/ then type dpkg -i filename.deb example: dpkg -i python-hildon.deb likewise install python-hildondesktop hildon-desktop-python-loader pexpect ussd-pad ussd-common ussd Widget Have a look at the video tutorial for more brief explanation httpv:// Let us know how it worked for you.. UPDATE: To enable root in Nokia N900. Goto App Manager in N900 ...
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The Nokia and Intel joined hands  for a open source platform called MeegoMeego is a combination Of Intel’s Mobiln and Nokia’s Maemo. The Meego official site has revealed that the first meego release for Nokia ARM based Nokia N900 and for Intel Atom based netbooks is coming soon.

Valtteri Halla, the Nokia member of the two-person Technical Steering Group (TSG) of MeeGo stated that

I guess this is something that finally will signify the real “Day One” of MeeGo project, a genuine merger of moblin and maemo. What is scheduled to be available then is the first and very raw baseline to a source and binary repository to build MeeGo trunk on Intel ATOM boards and Nokia N900.

We will get you more info when the baseline package is out. But looks like this release will be aimed at developers and not consumers. We’ll have to wait and see if Nokia releases a consumer upgrade for the N900 to MeeGo

Official Meego Release for Nokia N900 in the works ©, .

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At MWC 2010 we bumped into folks behind Rightware Kanzi -- a cross platform 3D UI platform. Here is a video of the UI in action on a Nokia N900 running on the Maemo platform.  There is even gesture detection using the front video calling camera . Watch the video to see it in action

The platforms supported are Android, Blackberry, Linux, Maemo, Moblin, iPhone OS, Palm Web OS, Symbian OS, and Windows Mobile. Kanzi solution is built on top of OpenGL ES graphics API.They are offering a SDK for developers to create the interfaces for the Kanzi platform.

ARM has outlined about the Kanzi engine and looks like a lot of ARM  processors including the Cortex-A8,Cortex-A9 are compatible.

Kanzi is looking to license the UI to cell phone manufacturers and other consumer electronics products. It does look pretty cool and has even multi-touch. Can we ever see it on consumer electronic products ?  Only time will tell

Video : Rightware Cross platform 3D UI on Nokia N900 ©, .

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MugenPowerBatteries  have been in the business of making hi-capacity batteries for quite some time and they have been working on a battery for the Nokia N900 which ships only with a standard 1320 mAh battery. The stock battery lasts a day for average use but who does not love using a gadget for ever without charging ?

Mugen informed us that they are shipping a 2400mAh battery for the N900 starting this march and they are starting to take pre-orders for the same now.

Although this battery is bound to give close to double the normal battery life,  the powerpack increases the thickness of the already chubby N900. A replacement battery cover ships along with the battery.

This battery can be yours for 87.95 USD  and this is a discount pre-order price . Normal pricing is 96.95 USD

They are offering free worldwide shipping !

Product Page

Nokia N900 gets a 2400mAh Battery , available for pre-order ©, .

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Video : Firefox Mobile for the Nokia N900

2010-02-07 13:15 UTC  by  varunkrish

Firefox Mobile was released for the Nokia N900 recently. Here is an official video tour of the app running on a N900

Interesting features of this software include

  • Awesome bar
  • instant bookmarks
  • Specific search engine search
  • Open tabs on left
  • browser controls on right
  • awesome bar automatically stows away
  • double tap zoom
  • Download manager – can download any files to N900
  • Add on support
  • Weave Sync synchronizes your desktop FireFox with Mobile Firefox. Syncs open tabs from computer to the desktop, as well as history and saved password!
  • Manage bookmarks with tags

via MyNokiaBlog

Video : Firefox Mobile for the Nokia N900 ©, .

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Nokia N900 in All its Glory – Photo Gallery

2010-02-03 16:04 UTC  by  varunkrish

We have been talking a lot about the N900 which runs on the fairly new Maemo 5 OS . While we will be publishing an in-depth review of the device shortly, here are some pictures of the N900 for your viewing pleasure.Although the phone comes with a stylus you might rarely need one. Viewing the display is a treat ! Now let the pictures do the talking – N900 In All It’s Glory !

The face of the phone

QWERTY Keyboard

5 MP Camera – Megapixel Madness

Kick Stand

Simple yet Cool Maemo UI

Although its big i fits nicely in the hand

Multitasking FTW !

Here is how the N900 looks next to the iPhone and Omnia HD

We will posting more comparison pictures shortly  !

Do you like these pictures or the N900 ?  Let us know in the comments

Nokia N900 in All its Glory – Photo Gallery ©, .

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Download Firefox 1.0 for Maemo now !

2010-01-30 08:12 UTC  by  varunkrish


The final version of firefox for maemo version 1.0 is finally out for download

looks like flash is disabled..

had to restart the phone a couple of times to get the app working.

looks like its a bit more stable now

and this post was typed entirely on firefox mobile including uploading the image

goto to download the software

Download Firefox 1.0 for Maemo now ! ©, .

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The Mozilla developers have announced the third release candidate of its mobile browser for Maemo. Firefox for Maemo, also known as Fennec, with the aim to improve overall responsiveness and page load time has disabled the plugin support. This also includes the disabling of Flash support on the software.


In the blog post by Stuart Parmenter, Mozilla’s Director of Mobile, said “We’ve decided to disable plugin (not to be confused with add-ons, which are supported) support for this release.  The Adobe Flash plugin used on many sites degraded the performance of the browser to the point where it didn’t meet our standards.  If you wish to enable our experimental plugin support, you will be able to manually via about:config, but do so at your own risk.  We are working on an add-on that will allow the user to have control of which sites to enable plugins for, as some sites, like YouTube, do work quite well.”

Mozilla’s Fennec browser is competing against mobile browser giant Opera Mobile/Mini. Even though, Opera Mobile/Mini does not support plugins its main advantage of Fennec could be the ability to compress WebPages for those with limited data plan. As of now it is difficult to say how fennec would fair in the market. You can try out Fennec RC3 for Maemo supported devices, like Nokia N900 and N810, here.

Firefox RC3 For Maemo Released: Disables Flash ©, .

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Nokia N900 Camera Samples

2010-01-26 18:49 UTC  by  varunkrish

Nokia N900 packs a 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Auto Focus. The Tessar lens comes with Carl Zeiss Optics and a Dual LED Flash. We have been using the N900 Camera for quite some time now and the images produced are pretty good.  Digital zoom is possible upto 3x .

We have more than 30 images captured with the N900 Camera just for you !

n900 camera lens

To begin with we have an Eye from Swaroski

Giant Touchscreen

Finding Nemo

The light is captured pretty well

Vogue – What a color !

This is the uncropped version of the Swaroski from above

Apple !

taken against the sun

Taken inside an elevator

Sugary Breakfast

Ear-rings for the Ceiling



if you want to chk out the full size images chk out our flickr set

The N900 Camera is pretty impressive overall and it can be a great candidate for live blogging when combined with PixelPipe which lets you upload photos to flickr, twitpic etc. The Cropping feature is impressive.

One problem with the N900 Cam is that its kinda slow to grab a shot esp. when you compare it with other NSeries phones like N86 and N82. Looks like this is a software issue and it will be fixed eventually . We saw some improvement in speed after the latest firmware update for the N900.

You wont find this a showstopper unless you want to capture moving objects.The phone can also capture video in 800×480 pixels resolution, we’ll have some videos soon.

Nokia N900 Camera Samples ©, .

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