Hi all,


I tested SDIO GPS with a OMAP1710 and it works. Many phones and internet tablets are based on this platform. The steps below show the procedures I’ve done:


Compile a new kernel from linux-omap with some additional features activated.

Device Drivers  ---><*> MMC/SD card support  --->   SDIO UART/GPS class support

Boot your device with this feature.

Maemo-omap1710:~# modprobe sdio_uart

Plug your SDIO card and the message below will be printed.

mmc_slot (GPIO 193) is now openmmci-omap mmci-omap.1: cover is now closedmmci-omap mmci-omap.1: command timeout (CMD8)mmc0: new SDIO card at address f111

The entry /dev/ttySDIO0 should be created.


I’m using GPSd to test it. Download the last version, compile and install on my device using scratchbox.

Start the GPS daemon

Maemo-omap1710:~# gpsd -N -n -D 2 /dev/ttySDIO0 &Maemo-omap1710:~# gpsd: launching (Version 2.34)gpsd: listening on port 2947gpsd: running with effective group ID 0gpsd: running with effective user ID 0gpsd: opening GPS data source at '/dev/ttySDIO0'gpsd: speed 4800, 8N1gpsd: garmin_gps not active.gpsd: gpsd_activate(1): opened GPS (4)gpsd: SiRF packet seen when NMEA expected.gpsd: FV  0x06: Firmware version: MEW-05-00-030627Wgpsd: FV  0x06: Firmware version: 0800003f21

Get you position:

Maemo-omap1710:~# gpspipe -rgpsd: client connect on 7gpsd: client(0) turned on raw modeGPSD,R=1$GPRMC,000004,V,0000.0000,S,00000.0000,W,0.0000,0.000,090602,,*3C$GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*32$GPRMC,000005,V,0000.0000,S,00000.0000,W,0.0000,0.000,090602,,*3D$GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*32$GPRMC,000006,V,0000.0000,S,00000.0000,W,0.0000,0.000,090602,,*3E$GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*32$GPRMC,000007,V,0000.0000,S,00000.0000,W,0.0000,0.000,090602,,*3F$GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*32$GPRMC,000008,V,0000.0000,S,00000.0000,W,0.0000,0.000,090602,,*30$GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*32

The filesystem used is based on Maemo.