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Alberto Garcia

Vagalume 0.7 released

2008-09-01 16:14 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

Stream your favourite records

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Alberto Garcia

Vagalume 0.6 for Windows released

2008-08-18 15:06 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

Thanks to the work of Luis Garcia Rio (who has also been working on the OpenMoko port), we have just released Vagalume 0.6 for MS Windows.

In case you’ve never heard about it before, Vagalume is a client designed for the Maemo platform. More info here.

Please note that this is an experimental release and doesn’t contain the complete set of features. It might also be more unstable than the GNU/Linux version. We’d like to hear about your problems with this version in the mailing lists.

Vagalume for Windows has been tested on XP and Vista. Here are screenshots of both versions (click to enlarge):

Vagalume 0.6 on Windows XP Vagalume 0.6 on Windows Vista


To use Vagalume in Windows, you need to install:

Some important notes:

  • When installing GStreamer, you will be asked whether to use the existing GLib installation or to install a new one. Choose no to use the existing installation.
  • When installing Vagalume, you will be asked whether to install an icon theme. If in doubt, choose Yes.

Go here to download Vagalume for Windows. There are two different installers, the full and the minimal installer.

Both will ask you to install GTK+ and GStreamer (just choose no if you have already installed them). The difference is that the full version comes with both packages, while the minimal version will point you to their respective web pages.

To uninstall Vagalume, go to the Windows control panel.

As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Regarding Vagalume 0.7, we’re fixing a couple of bugs that we’ve recently found. It will be out soon.

Update: 23 Jan 2009

Vagalume for Windows can now be found here.

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Alberto Garcia

Back from holidays, I already miss Istanbul

2008-07-31 10:25 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

I got back from Istanbul a couple of weeks ago. We had a really great time there, it’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.

After GUADEC me and other Igalians spent some days visiting the city. Back home I enjoyed the Galician sun and beach (including the Cies Islands, which are wonderful) for some days more.

Relax in Istanbul Cies Islands

Regarding the conference, so many things have been said that I don’t think I have much more to add. Congratulations to all the people behind the Gran Canaria bid, I’m sure we’re going to have a great time next year :) (by the way, I uploaded a video of the closing session here and here). Also, if anyone has good quality photos of my Vagalume talk (better than this one) please contact me, thanks !

Getting back to work after holidays is always hard. I’ve got lots of things to do, including some lessons in our Master on Free Software this weekend. So if you have written me an e-mail and haven’t got a reply, please be patient :)

I have had no time to release Vagalume 0.7 yet, although the code is mostly ready (I’d like to see how this problem evolves, also). However the development never stops. Luis Garcia Rio has been working with OpenMoko and here’s the result:

Vagalume on the Neo 1973

Yes, that’s Vagalume running on the Neo 1973. It does work and you can actually play songs.

This is a preliminary version and nothing has been uploaded to the SVN yet, but expect things soon. If you’re interested, join vagalume-devel.

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Alberto Garcia

A quick one: Guadec, Vagalume and Moblin

2008-07-01 13:29 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

I’ve got a thousand things to do these days so this is going to be a very schematic post :)

See you in Istanbul !!

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Vagalume 0.6 released

2008-05-15 01:22 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

Vagalume 0.6 is here!

Among the new features introduced in Vagalume 0.6, the coolest one is probably the brand new tray icon for desktop users written by Mario, similar to the one already available for Maemo:

Vagalume tray icon

Other highlights from this version include:

  • Update the status message of your IM client. Tell everyone what you’re listening to. Currently supported: Pidgin, Gajim, Gossip and Telepathy
  • Gettext support: Vagalume has been translated into Portuguese, German, Finnish, Spanish, Galician and Italian
  • New setting to disable the love/ban confirmation dialogs
  • New D-BUS methods and a script to control Vagalume from the command line (currently only for Maemo, more news soon)
  • Osso-backup support

I would like to thank all the contributors, in particular Tim Wegener for his work in the IM status support. And of course all the translators too!

Last but not least, I’d like to remind you again that, as I said in my previous post, I’ll be at LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin with other Maemo hackers. Hope to see you there!

And now, enjoy!

P.S.: I’m moving Vagalume to Maemo extras, so one of these days it should be available there. Stay tuned!

Update: Vagalume 0.6 is now available in Maemo Extras

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Vagalume in your language

2008-05-02 00:44 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

We’re about to release a new version of Vagalume and this one will be the first with gettext support. So if you want to help to see Vagalume in your language feel free to send me an e-mail, download the latest vagalume.pot file and send me the translation (you can also join the vagalume-devel mailing list).

Note that there are people already working on translations, so if you want to help please have a look at the translations that we already have and ask me before starting.

I’m also glad to announce that I’ll be talking about Vagalume in a couple of conferences:

Hope to see you there! :)

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Alberto Garcia

Back from Mobile Rules

2008-03-26 01:37 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

Mario and me have just arrived from our trip to San Jose (California) for the Mobile Rules! awards ceremony. Unfortunately we had no luck this time and we didn’t get the award.

We had a great time nonetheless and I’d like to congratulate Nokia for having organized the event and all the other participants (namely the winners, specially the people from MyStrands who beat our Vagalume in the Multimedia category). The trip was great, we enjoyed it a lot and we met some cool people.

A thing I’m more sure about now is that Vagalume still needs lots of improvements. I’ll continue working on it very soon (but it’ll take me some days because I’m starting teaching this weekend in our Master of Free Software). So it is time to get back to work!

Oh, no, we didn't get the award! Oh, no, we didn’t get the award!
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Alberto Garcia

And the finalists are …

2008-02-18 01:29 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

OMG ! Last Friday I published the new version of Vagalume and the same day the list of finalists of the Mobile Rules! competition was announced. Guess who is one of them …

Mobile Rules!

Award ceremony in San Jose (California) next month.

Thanks Óscar for your words of support!

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Alberto Garcia

And the winner is …

2008-02-15 18:03 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

The people have spoken and the results have been overwhelming.

Vagalume 0.5.1 on the N800

Vagalume 0.5.1 is out. More UI updates soon.

Thank you all for your comments and see you at FOSDEM :-)

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FOSDEM 2008 is here

2008-02-07 12:47 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

FOSDEM 2008 is around the corner. Of course I’ll be there along with other igalians so I hope to see you there :)

If you’re a Maemo user/hacker then you’ll probably be interested in this wiki page where we’re trying to coordinate a meeting.

By the way, some people have suggested me to use GTK themeable icons in Vagalume instead of the custom ones that come with v0.5. Here’s a couple of screenshots comparing both (click on the images to view them full size).

Vagalume 0.5 using GTK icons Vagalume 0.5 using custom icons

I’ve just created a survey so you can vote which one you prefer :) If you don’t have a user at, just leave a comment in this post.

See you at FOSDEM !

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Vagalume 0.5: back from the dead!

2008-02-01 19:03 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

The last version of Vagalume was released more than a month ago. And although it was dead for some weeks because I had many other things to do, here comes Vagalume 0.5, back from the dead!

Vagalume is back from the dead

As I said before, I’ve been busy lately so the list of changes is not as big as it might be, but thanks to the help of my colleagues Mario and Felipe we have some new things. The list of changes include:

  • New buttons and other minor UI improvements
  • New plugin for the Maemo status bar (IT OS2008 only) (*)
  • Fixed a bug that made scrobbling fail under certain conditions
  • A window to see the progress of downloads (and cancel them)
  • A new setting to select the download directory

Here’s the new look of Vagalume under IT OS2008:

Vagalume 0.5

And for those interested, now we have a new vagalume-users mailing list.

(*) Mario has written a detailed post about the status bar plugin, including a screenshot. Check it out!

Go here to download Vagalume.

And that’s all. Enjoy!

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Satanic messages in the computer era

2008-01-21 22:11 UTC  by  Alberto Garcia

Everyone has heard of stories about hidden messages in songs, many of which could only be heard by playing the record backwards. That was in the vinyl era. CD owners had to rip their songs into wav files and process them with a suitable software tool. For example the manpage of SoX describes its reverse efect as “Reverse the sound sample completely. Included for finding Satanic subliminals”.

Some years ago I was listening to a CD by the Scottish band Urusei Yatsura when I heard the disctintive sound of a ZX Spectrum audio tape in one of its tracks. That sound had already been used several times by some artists (such as Aphex Twin), but this time it was very sharp and sounded like a complete program.

So I loaded it into the emulator and I found a funny satanic message written by the band:

Satanic message by Urusei Yatsura

The source code (it was written in BASIC) had some comments, including this one:

What is sadder?
a. Finding this
b. Writing it

For those interested, this message can be found at the beginning of the song “Thank you” from their last album “Everybody loves Urusei Yatsura”.

You can also load this program using a ZX Spectrum emulator. Get the file in TZX format here.

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