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Animating the Web(Kit)

2009-11-05 05:55 UTC  by  tonikitoo
After the landing of QGraphicsWebView implementation (in summary, a mimic of QWebView widget but for the QGraphicsView world) in WebKit trunk, your creativity is your guide :-)

A week ago, I tried to quickly exercise what it is up to, and inspired in Kent's flipin widget idea, I got some cool rotation effects on the Web content. See the (amateur) show off below:

Nice stuff thanks to Qt and its QGraphicsView and QStateMachine flexibility.

--Antonio Gomes


Cool news on QtWebKit

2009-10-22 07:06 UTC  by  tonikitoo
Two months past the last time I wrote something here, I realized things like:

1) these (trendy) micro-blogging thing make some people (including me) extremely accommodated and too lazy to blog;
2) I need vacations.


Well, now apart from these irrelevant personal feelings, I'd say that a bunch has happened in that meanwhile, and I will try to (slowly) get my to-be-blogged list freed ...

For now I will be sharing a some cool stuff that have recently happened in the QtWebKit land, project I am mostly spending my time on:

  • Kenneth and I landed the QWebGraphicsItem (now called QGraphicsWebView) implementation. In summary class makes it possible in an easy and fast way to have native GraphicsItem based object for Web rendering. See bug 28862 ([Qt][API] Add a new QGraphicsWidget based version of the "QWebView"). It makes it possible to have all supported transformations to happen on Web content.
  • Among other follow-ups to the above, bug 30162 made the "animated flip" feature a nice show case to the Demo browser.
  • Girish has landed support for "windowless" plugin to QtWebKit. See progresses and details in bug 20081.
  • "Holger landed his rewrite of ImageDecoderQt that significantly improves the memory footprint", said Simon Hausman is his blog :).
  • Bug 27214 created a webkit-qt dedicated mailing list.
  • Ongoing text drawing improvements in bug 24468.
  • Bunch of API reviews, clean up and bug fixes toward Qt 4.6.
Some remarkable related stuff include:
Afonso Costa and I are working on some nice stuff embedding all the above for maemo ... so I'd say to keep tuned ..

Antônio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com


WebKit/EFL 0.1 released

2009-06-16 11:12 UTC  by  tonikitoo
The Browser team at INdT's OpenBossa Labs is proud to announce the 0.1 release of WebKit/EFL, a development milestone targeted the Enlightenment community.
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Running a text search engine in N810: CLucene

2009-03-23 09:39 UTC  by  tonikitoo
A search engine is, from a high level view, a computer program that comprises at least two tools: an indexer and a "searcher", both to work over some given content. Going deeper a bit on it, the indexer part would be the responsible to identify all of the terms in a document or corpus and builds a table (or whatever) that indicates where the terms are used. Basically it maps a term to documents it appears. On the other hand, the searcher is what makes it possible to perform quick queries over this indexed content.
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So, I am happy to broadcast the announcement of Fennec beta1 for the Nokia Linux devices. As pointed out by some Mozillia guys, this current release keeps agressively improving performance of the browser, giving to its users a boost of stability and responsiveness while surfing on the Web ... A

  • Feature-wise, flash player is supported now.
  • About the UI, I have not seen much huge differential changes for this beta, but fixes in what was already available have been making rendering, painting and panning a lot more usable then before too.
  • Startup time has been also hugely reduced, and it is really acceptable (~8 sec) now.
So, I'd say for those who have not installed it yet to give it a try, and so those who have, upgrading to this new beta should be automatic and smoooooth ...

There is a walkthrough video for this release. Check it out !

ps: also there is an on-going implementation of a gesture engine for fennec being driven by another Brazilian (Felipe Gomes) that can give it a taste of what is about to come soon ;)


Antonio Gomes
Quick sharing: for those who do not want to install Windows just to test Google Chromium browser :), run it on Linux by grabbing a crossover'ed version from here ... or follow instruction here.

--Antonio Gomes
For those who do Mozilla development on Linux, and have upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), it might be important to notice that the gcc 4.3.2 shipped in that release fixes an old bug, and Firefox 2.0.x and 3.0.x built from source on Ubutu 8.10 will abort immediately after launching due to "buffer overflow". Problem is reported here and fixed partially on the mozilla trunk (1.9.2 and on the forked Firefox 3.1 tree), but many parts of the big patch are still missing checking AND they did not land in Firefox 2.0.x and 3.0.x development trees (old CVS system).

That is the patch that solves the problem for on both crashy trees, from Fedore mozilla team, iirc.

--Antonio Gomes

2008 Wrap up !!

2009-01-08 08:14 UTC  by  tonikitoo
2008 was a extremely busy year. Many many sleepless nights and that is basically why I have not blogged that often.

Some personal highlights:
  • I got married and a beautiful little baby girl came.
  • At INdT, after almost 3 years working on Mozilla related projects, started doing some stuff with WebKit in the second half of 2008, and now I am officially full time allocated to work on the Webkit port to EFL (which is an extremely exciting project and deserves a dedicated blog post). I am right now working on my first not so foo patch :)
  • As I am still in love with Mozilla, I could not leave that passion aside, and I am extremely happy of also being working as consultant of two US companies (GetWellNetwork and Skyfire) on projects related to Mozilla technologies.
  • In the beginning of 2008, I joined the Master Degree program, at UFAM and I am excited to be working with Information Retrieval and a bunch of other cool TechWeb stuff. It is supposed to finished by of the year.
  • I could not do as much as I would like to help on some cool other open source projects, including Microb, Fennec and Prism, although whenever I got a overdose of coffee and can not get to sleep, I try to send some patches.
--Antonio Gomes

New wave of Mozilla coming: Fennec

2008-10-17 11:35 UTC  by  tonikitoo

Woot !!!

The first alpha of Fennec (Mozilla Mobile) is just out of the closet, aiming mainly to get feedback about the user experience ... If you have a n800 or n810, give it a try and file bugs on it.

Check a video of it in action here.

One-click install available here. Localizers, addon developer and whoever do not have a device in hand, desktop (x86) builds are available as well for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Performance is now under attack.

Stay tuned.

--Antonio gomes
tonikitoo at gmail

Using wired connections from you tablet.

2008-10-05 17:20 UTC  by  tonikitoo
This hack was originally needed mainly because I am usually under a proxied network at work, and for some security issues this connection can not be broadcast'ed by access points or routers, but I do want my tablet connected to the same wired network of my desktop.

So that is my way of doing that:

1. On the desktop, setup an adhoc connection manually using the pc's wlan interface (eth1).
2. And enable ip_forward in order make it to bridge to the wired network interface (eth0).

For (1) and (2) I use to use the following bash script (to be ran as root):

modprobe iptable_nat
iwconfig eth1 essid tonikitoo mode ad-hoc key off
ifconfig eth1 netmask
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

3. Set an ad hoc connection in the tablet as following (sshots taken by using system's Connection Manager):

Note is to be replaced by whatever name here.

Note: the SSID (also 'tonikitoo' here) has to match to the essid value set in line #2 of the pc script above.
Also note the value 'ad hoc' in 'network mode'.
Note2: Set proper 'Security method' here.

If your wired connection is under a proxy, set the same proxy address for your adhoc (in Advanced Settings palette).
Note: if the wired network requires no proxy, just ignore this step.

Set your ip, router and dns.
note: 'IP address' has to be in the same network of 'Router'.
note2: The IP set in 'Router' has to match the IP set in line #3
of the pc script above.
note3: 'Primary DNS address' has to match your pc's one (run 'cat /etc/resolv.conf' on the pc to check that).

Maybe this can help someone else, maybe not ... Maybe someone wants the tablet to be adhoc'ed to his laptop and also sharing its connection (wired, ppp, usb), maybe not ...

--Antonio Gomes


New Prism-Maemo repository

2008-09-14 13:28 UTC  by  tonikitoo
INdT has got me some space for my personal stuff, including prism-maemo port. So, please if you are interested in Prism-Maemo, use THIS REPOSITORY for newer updates. Obviously, the two previous repositories won't be updated any further (due to technical problems w/ the server).

Sorry about that.

--Antonio Gomes

(Smart)Find for Firefox 3.*

2008-08-29 18:15 UTC  by  tonikitoo
Inspired by our own need and other's, a couple of friends (André, Roberto and Tomaz) and I decided to increment Firefox' default find feature.


If you use Firefox, you had probably used the Firefox' findBar already. It is the simple and intuitive way users have to search for words in a web page. The main thing we "miss" is that it requires the user to type the exact (set of) word(s) he searches for to actually find it. Sometimes, however, lazy enough users *like us* want to just give the findbar a "clue" of what we want to find in the page, and even often just do not know. The result of that was the SmartFind addon for Firefox 3.x. From its site we have some usecases of SmartFind:

  1. "Schwarzenegger". This looks easy when you are looking at the word, but what if you do not have any idea what to write? Then you wonder "I would like to write something like "chuazenger" and for it to find similar words in the page".
  2. As another example, when you are on a page where accents are used and your keyboard is not configured to type such accents (~^`), the traditional find method will not be able to match with any word.
  3. You are just lazy like us and terrible in orthography :)

Smartfind ranks how similar each word in the page (yeah, that might take time depending on the webpage ... heuristics exists to speed it up, but new ones are welcome) is to the given word (input by the user). For such, we are implementing the levenshtein distance metric. The "how similar" can be trigged by the user through the Edit->SmartFind menu, to be more or less restrictive.

Well, in practical terms, whenever Firefox' original find method does not find something, SmartFind takes place and hitting a aditional "enter" fires its actition ...

If it is still not clear, see sshots bellow:

User is not from Austria and does not know how to spell this-big-name-above.

SmartFind finds it for him.

Disclaimer: This is just the first and quickly implemented public release, so there are some known problems:

  • Improve the way it gets text content from the webpage (better xpath expression, which ignores "object" , "style" , "script" tags' text content).
  • Fix problems with line break (lack of "br" tag) .
  • Implement an user-intuitive way to walk through the list of most similar items found: currently we are static to the top of the list.
  • Implement a fuzzy third state (similars ?) while comparing chars that could make SmartFind work much better: "for example, consider 'ë' as not completely different from 'e' or 'é' but similar". That done, the Finnish word "päivää" would be more similar to "paivaa" and so on ...
  • Port it to Fennec (Firefox-Mobile) browser.
  • Make it work with other Firefox addons, including FindInTabs.
  • Implement SoundEx into it (?).

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com