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N810 application is accepted

2007-11-10 17:24 UTC  by  lizhao
I found the email when I got up this afternoon, :D, and so glad that I haven't read the news from maemo news Web site. Otherwise, I might think my application hasn't be accepted.

For sure, it's a great deal to buy such an amazing gadgets with 99Euro, and what also makes me happy is maemo thank contributors in this way.

Thanks, maemo.
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make minimo maemo more stable

2007-09-17 14:36 UTC  by  lizhao
MicorB for ITOS2007HE may be on the way, but who knows when will it finally arrive. Based on the waiting experience, I decided to reinstall minimo, while waiting it.

When I tried minino 1 mth ago, it is not stable on 770, but I also heard if increase memory buffer size, it can perform much better. So, I try to set the buffer size to 4096 or 8192, according to mozilla site.

On 770, just run: vi /home/user/.mozilla/minimo/prefs.js and add one line:
user_pref("browser.cache.memory.capacity", 8192);
trying google calendar/reader/gmail for a while, yea, it is much more stable, but an annoying bug is still there.
I feel if there is unknown errors happened in rendering a page, the corresponding tab can not be closed, or refresh, and it will affect other tabs.
If anybody know how to solve this, plz tell me. :-)
try: user_pref("network.http.max-connections", 8); and user_pref("network.http.max-connections-per-server", 4);
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Display Icon in Maemo Application Manager

2007-09-17 10:05 UTC  by  lizhao
After making a deb package for maemo platform, and depolying it to a repository recognized by Maemo application manager, it is valuable to let application manager display a interesting icon beside the package name.

There are several points need to note:

  1. encode a 26x26 png image into base64 format, this can be done by: uuencode -m xxx_26x26.png /dev/stdout . Then the encoded texts (between the 1st and the last line) will be used in package.
  2. embed the texts into debian/control, in a section named: XB-Maemo-Icon-26. There must be a space before each line in this section.
  3. run dpkg-scanpackages to generate Packages.gz, and make sure the XB-Maemo-Icon-26 section is also copied into Packages.gz
Actually, application manager display icon based on the base64 data found in Packages.gz.

However, I found dpkg-scanpackages of some versions dismiss the icon section. For these versions, here is the workaround:


dpkg-scanpackages ....... > .../Packages.gz


cat $BIN_SCANPACKAGES | $BIN_SED -e "s/('Package',/('Package', 'Maemo-Icon-26',/" > $dpkg_scanpackages #this is for dpkg-scanpackage 1.3
cat $dpkg_scanpackages | $BIN_SED -e "s/Size MD5sum Section Priority Description))/Size MD5sum Section Priority Description Maemo-Icon-26))/" > $dpkg_scanpackages #this is for dpkg-scanpackage 1.4
chmod 755 $dpkg_scanpackages

$dpkg_scanpackages ....... > .../Packages.gz
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SDCV for Nokia Internet Tablet

2007-08-20 10:32 UTC  by  lizhao
sdcv is a lightweight console version of StarDict dictionary.
Now, sdcv for maemo has a simple GUI, which can speak words, and this page is depreciated! plz visit


For all releases, please download at its maemo garage project site


After install, please execute sdcv from console (osso-xterm). type "sdcv --help" for details.
Please goto stardict dictonary page to download dictionaries, and install following its instruction.


Version 0.4.2-2
Minor bug fix based on the same version of ubuntu
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Dictionary for Nokia Internet Tablet N770/N800

2007-08-16 22:18 UTC  by  lizhao
We have two GUI dictionary tools for N770/N800 (or ITOS 2007, or maemo 3.1/3.2) --- stardict and sdictviewer.

sdictviewer is based on python, and runs slowly on the slow devices. It even takes several seconds to search a word. I also prefer dictionaries provided by stardict.

However, hasn't release anything so far. I tried a version compiled by a friend, and found it is slow too. What even worse is lots of bugs cause it always crash on 770 with 2007 HE.

So, the command line version of stardict may be a good alternative. The latest source deb from ubuntu can be compiled on maemo development environment (scratchbox), without any change.

The problem is the compiled binary can be executed on scratchbox smoothly, but crashs on 770 device. I spend hours to figure out the bugs, and now it works great on 770 device.

So, it should be good idea to share the patch. A new project at is opened, named sdcv (StarDictCommandVersion). Source and binary will be uploaded soon. Welcome to test it on both 770 and 800.
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sdcv on 770/800 (ITOS 2007)

2007-08-07 14:09 UTC  by  lizhao
In previous article, we give stardict as an example to compile deb package on ITOS2007 platform. However, after trying stardict, I found it is slow and bug-full on my 770.

So, I decide to use the text mode version of stardict -- sdcv.

It is relative easier to build sdcv than stardict, as it does not need support of GUI libs, therefore, no need to change config files for automake tools.

The trouble I met is to install libglib2.0-dev on my scratchbox, as it need pkg-config package. Downloading libglib deb and forcing dpkg to install it can bypass this problem.

another problem is the config of libreadline, I do not bother to study into config file, and just replaced all @libreadline@ with -lreadline.

Now, you can download the deb package.
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Nokia N770: ITOS2007 HE MK2

2007-07-25 14:25 UTC  by  lizhao
I decided to get a Nokia internet tablet, when I found the basic Chinese support works.
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I am still staying in S'pore, where Nokia just begin n800 trial session, and the unknown date to sell. Last week, I booked a N800 from Amazon and my wife will goto US to pick up it for me. Interesting, the second day woot promoted Nokia N770 at $130. Wow, what price! So, canceled the 800 and I booked two 770 for my wife and me. What even more interesting is I found online shop all around the world begin to promote the N770, and expansys even deliver to S'pore with lower price. It's OK. The reason I love Nokia internet tablets is they are using Linux as OS, so that I can compile software I am interested in. Although I can only get the 770 next mth, I can not resist to do sth. for it. Due to my native language (Chinese), I think a good dictionary is a good startpoint. Guoyong has write a brief description of how to compile it. It's a great article, however, for a beginner, more details may be better. So, I add several points here.
  1. install cross-platform environment (scratchbox): please follow the instruction to install scratchbox (here)
  2. adjust auto build tools in scratchbox: please refer to this article to add a exectuable script into scratchbox.
  3. download a proper stardict source deb package: the reason to download a PROPER version of stardict is that the latest version need more dependences unsupported on the tablet. It's OK to use older version, as the new eye candy is not very important for me. We can get 2.4.5 from
  4. unpackage the source deb and apply patch: after download [dsc] [stardict_2.4.5.orig.tar.gz] [stardict_2.4.5-1.1.diff.gz], untar orig.tar.gz and zcat ../stardict_2.4.5-1.1.diff.gz | patch -p1
  5. modify in the source to disable some dependences unsupported on scratchbox
  6. modify debian/rules and debian/control in source to help debian package build system work
  7. dpkg-buildpackage
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