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N900 apps I woud like to make (maybe)

2010-03-06 18:01 UTC  by  tthurman
  1. An app to look up zipcodes.
  2. A sort of Python incubator: it would listen on a given port and there would be a program on the desktop that would upload Python scripts to it, and it would run them straight away. This is for use during development if you don't want to use scratchbox. (I may actually do this.)
  3. An app which knew all the feed lines and audience responses in Rocky Horror, so you could take it into showings with you and know what to call out, if you hadn't memorised them all.

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robotfindskitten controls

2010-03-03 14:51 UTC  by  tthurman
I have been porting Maemo robotfindskitten to Qt.  It's been quite impressively easy.  You can find the repo here and the annotated docs here.

In Maemo robotfindskitten, you can control robot either by using the hardware keys, or by tapping on the screen.  However, there are three things you can do with the hardware keys you can't do with the screen:
  • move in a random direction (R)
  • move towards something interesting (demo mode, D)
  • run (Shift)
In addition, there are three elements of the user interface other than hardware keys that are currently unused:
  • the centre of the screen
  • the two positions of the rocker switch
I think the centre of the screen should continue to do nothing, but I am considering pressing the rocker switch one way to mean "move towards something interesting", and tapping the screen while the rocker switch is pressed the other way to mean "run".  What do you think?

Also, in demo mode, dialogue boxes currently self-cancel after a few seconds.  Maybe this should be the rule in ordinary mode as well.  What do you think?

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