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Thomas Perl

Tetrepetete, SMS Backup and apkenv updates

2013-01-29 22:39 UTC  by  Thomas Perl
Whew, January is pretty much over already, and there haven't been any updates here. So this means here's a short cumulative update of what's happened over the last few weeks:

If you are not afraid of falling blocks, and don't mind the lack of colors, give Tetrepetete a try. Not to be confused with a game of a totally different name, this game brings falling blocks of 4 to your N900 and N950/N9. While the full color version is still not available as such, the free greyscale version is up for grabs as .deb on the website. Including a cameo appearance by That Rabbit from That Rabbit Game for no good reason. Play or discuss. Or be productive. Or something.

SMS Backup GUI
Instead of rolling my own solution from scratch, I found the wonderful MeegoSMSBackupRestore project by Tony Wang, which is a command-line tool for Harmattan devices to backup and restore SMS messages (as if that wasn't clear from the application name..). It was missing a GUI, so I've added one. The announcement and download, as well as the Debian source package (.dsc, .tar.gz) are available from an Internet near you. Feel like Git? We have you covered as well.

apkenv updates
If you haven't been watching the apkenv Git repo closely (I know you haven't), you might have missed the Pandora port by crowriot, which - while not being directly useful to Maemo/MeeGo users as such - also brought improvements to the Cut the Rope module, which somehow works now. To be discussed at, and patches (as always) welcome.

In other (totally unrelated) news, the thesis is done (yay!).
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Thomas Perl

gPodder 3.4.0 for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan

2012-12-23 19:03 UTC  by  Thomas Perl
As promised, following the 2.20.3 release for Maemo 4 and Maemo 5, a new version of gPodder 3 has been released today. This release brings some new improvements to the QML UI that should make scrolling in the episode list faster, as well as align a bit more with the Harmattan UX Guidelines.

gPodder 3.4.0 running on MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (N9)As always, updated packages will be available via Nokia Store once the QA process has finished. As there have been problems with recently (3.3.0 isn't even out of the staging area yet, after 3 months), we now provide a package of gPodder for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan on for those who want to avoid or can't use Nokia Store (you have to enable packages from unknown sources, and you might have to uninstall the previous version if it came from Nokia Store or Apps For MeeGo due to the Aegis security policy). The source and packaging is available in the "harmattan" branch in Git, as has always been the case.

I hope you like the new UI changes. If you are missing the feed update button in the lower left corner, try "pull to refresh" on the podcast list (this avoids accidental updates when pressing the back button twice). I'd like to create a nicer "pull to refresh" implementation, but the limitations of Qt 4's QML Flickable prevent me from creating a better one (if you have a better implementation than gPodder's PullDownHandle, I'd love to hear from you). Scrolling the episode list should now also be faster (than before), and some unnecessary animations were removed in the process.
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Thomas Perl

gPodder 2.20.3 for Maemo 4 and Maemo 5

2012-12-23 00:35 UTC  by  Thomas Perl
A new release of gPodder 2.x for Maemo 4 (aka Diablo, N800 + N810) and Maemo 5 (aka Fremantle, N900) is out, fixing YouTube-related issues (again ;).

gPodder 2.20.3 running on Maemo 4 (N810)Packages have been uploaded to Maemo Extras, but as people have reported problems with the autobuilder, and as seems to be moving these days, anyway (to the Hildon Foundation, apparently), we also provide for the first time since.. well, since a very long time I guess.. binary .deb packages for gPodder on Maemo 4 and Maemo 5 :)

gPodder 2.20.3 running on Maemo 5 (N900)You can find the download links on the gPodder download page - you can directly download gPodder 2.20.3 from the web browser in both OS versions, and choose to open the .deb file with the Application Manager. Be sure to choose the right package for your device (N8x0 users choose the Maemo 4 version, N900 users choose the Maemo 5 version). Enjoy :) Next up: A new release of gPodder 3.x for Harmattan. Soon!
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Thomas Perl

Billboard 1.0.7 available in Nokia Store

2012-12-13 14:06 UTC  by  Thomas Perl
A new version of Billboard, the standby screen customizing app for the N9 has been released and is now available from Nokia Store. It brings some nifty features such as in-line color customization, a battery bar and a battery icon:

The full ChangeLog is available on the Billboard website.
Questions and feedback can be left in the support thread on TMO.
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Thomas Perl

apkenv 42.1.0 source code release

2012-11-20 18:41 UTC  by  Thomas Perl
The compatibility layer for applications packed as .apk (that are running natively and use OpenGL ES) has seen its source code released yesterday. Supports Maemo 5 (Fremantle) and MeeGo 1.2 (Harmattan), which means your N900, N950 and N9 are covered. Documentation is provided in the source, and the wrapper generator scripts are also released. Looking forward to contributions and new modules from the community. Details can be found on the apkenv website.
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Thomas Perl
Here's something obvious (and I'm sure it has been discussed before, I just can't find the link right now), but it might be helpful if you haven't played around with SSH much yet, and your Wi-Fi Hotspot isn't working (the case for me right now). The goal is to get an internet connection over your N9/N950 from a PC (tested with Linux, expected to work with OS X and probably also works on Windows - on Windows you might need something like PuTTY).
  1. Enable developer mode on your device
  2. Connect your device to your computer via USB
  3. Select "SDK mode" when asked for the USB connection type
  4. Use the SDK connection utility, and select USB connection
  5. Note the password displayed in the "Connectivity Details" screen
  6. On your computer, use "ssh -D 9898 developer@"
  7. Accept the host key question, and enter the password from step 5
  8. You should be greeted by a Busybox prompt "/home/developer $" - leave that open in the terminal window in the background
  9. At this point, a SOCKS proxy server is running on port 9898, and you can use it in any applications supporting a SOCKS proxy (there are even utilities like socksify(1) (Debian package: dante-client) that make generic network applications work through a SOCKS proxy)
  10. To use it in Firefox, go to Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Network - Settings..., then choose "Manual proxy configuration" and set "SOCKS Host:" to localhost and port to 9898 (be sure to disable the proxy again when you want to browse via a normal Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection)
Instead of doing steps 4 and 5, you can set up a permanent password for your "user" account on the N9, and even set up a SSH key on the N9 to avoid having to enter the password. You can make step 6 simpler by adding an entry to your ~/.ssh/config file (on your host) - see ssh_config(5) for details:

Host n9proxy
    User developer
    DynamicForward 9898

After that, a "ssh n9proxy" (possibly followed by the developer password) is all you need to set up the proxy. This method is arguably easier (and definitely safer) than using the Wi-Fi hotspot, and instead of using up battery on your N9, it gets charged via the USB port while you are using it.

By the way: You will have to manually connect your N9 to your mobile internet connection, this won't happen automatically.
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Thomas Perl

Dalvik "Hello World" on Harmattan (in a chroot)

2012-10-23 16:07 UTC  by  Thomas Perl
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Thomas Perl
gPodder 2.20.2 has been released today, and gPodder 3.3.0 has also been released. Version 2.20.2 is for users of Maemo 4 (N800/N810) and Maemo 5 (N900) and version 3.3.0 is for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan users (N950/N9).

The reason why another 2.x release comes out at this point in time is because YouTube downloading was broken by another website change recently, and of course we don't want to leave our good old Maemo users without their daily YouTube video fix. A full list of changes for Maemo 4 and 5 can be found in the 2.20.2 release announcement.

Version 3.3.0 for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan brings some nice features like download resuming, filters for unfinished files, scroll position improvements and display of the publish date and file size in the shownotes. Of course, 3.3.0 also includes the YouTube download fix. A full list of changes can be found in the 3.3.0 release annoucement.

As a side note, Maemo 5 support has now been completely removed from the master branch as of 3.3.0 (it has never been officially supported, but you could kind of run in on the N900 with some motivation and work). N900 users really wanting to use gPodder 3 should use it on Nemo Mobile, supporting gPodder 3 and its QML UI in Maemo 5 is just too much work, and the time working on gPodder is better spent improving the Harmattan version and making sure that the 2.x branch doesn't break.

Here's the run-down of the release status for various versions and targets:

gPodder 2.20.2 is ready for testing in Extras-Testing for Maemo 5 Fremantle.
gPodder 2.20.2 is already in Extras for Maemo 4 Diablo.
gPodder 3.3.0 has been uploaded to Nokia Store QA for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan.
gPodder 3.3.0 has also been uploaded to the MeeGo Community OBS.
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Thomas Perl
I've somehow lost my good old "MaemoSDK" VirtualBox VM, so while I'm setting up the new VM, here are the instructions in case I or somebody else needs to do that again.
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Thomas Perl

Numpty Physics 0.3.3 for Harmattan is here

2012-09-02 10:59 UTC  by  Thomas Perl
Another project that has been on the back burner for a while is the new NumptyPhysics port to Harmattan ("new" because Aapo has ported it once before). One of the most important bug fixes (avoiding the multi-touch drawing error) has been committed a month ago, and

So, this weekend, Numpty Physics 0.3.3 has been released. This version includes some basic Harmattan integration work (single-instance, swipe lock integration, pause-in-background, squircle-style icon by flopjoke, ...) that will - hopefully - allow the application to also go into Nokia Store as free app (as Apps For MeeGo is still down).

NumptyPhysics is available as download on Github, or you can wait until it gets approved by Nokia Store QA and install it via the client. It's yet another project that used the shared "harmattan" organization on Github: - feel free to improve the code and send pull requests :) Also, please report any integration issues or minor things that could be improved for Harmattan integration on the bug tracker.
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Thomas Perl

Brain Party Git repository, new release 0.5.990

2012-08-31 18:56 UTC  by  Thomas Perl
Back in March I've been working on Brain Party for the N950/N9, and since then, I've uploaded it to Apps For MeeGo in May. With Apps For MeeGo being down more often recently, I thought it might be a good idea to upload it to Nokia Store, so more people can discover this nice game.

Before uploading to Nokia Store, some things have to be fixed - a big icon and screenshots have to be made/taken, single-instance launching and being a good multitasking citizen (pausing gameplay when put into background) is a precondition for QA to not fail, so these things have now been implemented.

In order to properly maintain Brain Party for the N950/N9 in the future, and to track changes, I've set up a Git repository in the Collaborative Harmattan Repository on Github (which gets used a lot - as of today, we have 35 repositories and 16 organization members, and you can get yourself added easily).

The Git repository of Brain Party starts off with an initial commit that is just a copy of the 0.5.91-2 source package contents from Fremantle (sans the artwork/music, which got added in a separate commit later), and then has (in a single commit) all Harmattan customizations that I did back in March, May and today. The repository content is quite big, as the images, sounds and music are all included now, but that shouldn't stop you from cloning it and hacking the code ;)

As written in the announcement on TMO, you can get your .deb from the downloads page or wait until it surfaces on Nokia Store as free app. As with most repositories on Github, we have an issue tracker where you can file pull requests, bugs and other things that you notice while using Brain Party :)
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Thomas Perl
gPodder 3.2.0 "The Great Radish Famine" has been released this week, and some users (not including me, otherwise I would have caught the bug earlier) had problems with the upgrade (see bug 1627 for details), so that's why gPodder 3.2.1 is already on its way to AFM and Nokia Store today. Expect the bug fix to appear as an update in the next few days.

Highlights of 3.2.0 are an improved UI (e.g. cover art in the "All episodes" list) and Flattr integration, so you can now support podcast authors via micropayments (you'll find the Flattr button below the shownotes for podcasts that publish a Flattr URL).

The gory details about what went wrong with packaging this time can be found in the 3.2.1 blog post, and bug 1627 contains - special thanks to Reiner for providing the necessary debugging info needed to get this sorted out (again, I was not experiencing this bug myself).

If your 3.2.0 update worked out fine (the bug didn't affect all users), this is not for you - just enjoy 3.2.0, and install 3.2.1 when it comes out :)
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