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iPhone 3G vs N810

2008-09-12 17:33 UTC  by  collin
I recently acquired an 3G iPhone just to check it out and write some software. I must say I'm already totally addicted to it. I'm sorry to say that but the N810 is no real competition. Stuff that really get me excited: really mobile email, very fast GPS (and maps), excellent connectivity (WLAN + 3G). The N810 has all these features too but just not in the same quality. Maybe I would be less impressed if the N810 had GSM/UMTS connectivity. The I only have to carry one device and have connectivity in most places factor just kicks ass.

Some points where the N810 still is slightly ahead: web browsing (big screen, flash), the hardware keyboard (nothing beats this on a shell), and of course the open source platform.

I'm sure that I will continue using my N810 for specific tasks once in awhile.


OLSRd 0.5.5 for Maemo

2008-07-28 23:08 UTC  by  collin
I just updated my Maemo port of OLSRd.

The package is in my Chinook repository, this is here.

Direct download is here

btw. this is due to some bugging by Gramels :-) Do you have free Internet again?

N810 on Vacation

2008-04-10 14:03 UTC  by  collin
I was on vacation traveling through Portugal for 10 days and I took my Nokia N810 with me to do email and to have something to browse the web (weather info etc). I must say it was super both the vacation and the N810 as a traveling device. Reading email or checking the web while having a coffee. We had free WiFi at all most every place we visited so I could use my N810 for Twitter (don't ask it is a private stream) to tell some stories directly from the vacation. One of the best things ever, we only needed one battery charger for three devices (we only had Nokia devices with us).

I already take the N810 every place I go while at home but now I'll take it on vacation too :-)

My N810 Review

2008-02-18 00:52 UTC  by  collin
I have a N810 since Wednesday so here is my micro review.

  • The Keyboard, I really love it. I noticed that I use it a lot (for everything possible).

  • Hardware buttons. Screen maximize/minimize moved to the left. New screen-lock button. This is really improves usability, excellent!

  • Look-and-feel, pretty awesome.

  • Speakers, they make NOISE!!1

  • GPS fix time, almost unusable.

  • Mini SD slot. Is there really not enough space to put in a normal-sized SD/MMC slot?

  • Micro-USB, WTF?

  • The keyboard layout, missing symbols (pipe and tab). See solution below.

In order to make the device hacker compatible one needs to modify the keyboard layout and at least add a PIPE and a TAB key. This can be easily done by editing the X11 keyboard layout. Mike Rowehl: This is Mobility had some small discussion in his blog. For now I made TAB to be Fn-Space and PIPE to be Shift-Minus. This way I don't loose either Euro nor Sterling/Pound.

Some must haves:

    update-rc.d -f metalayer-crawler0 remove (this thing sucks!)

    gconftool -s -t string /system/osso/connectivity/IAP/DEFAULT/type DUMMY (you need this to play with the network)

    Statusbar Load-Applet (CPU and MEM usage)
    IpHome Home Applet (show IP address)
    Important command line utils: SSH, mtr, bluez-utils, nmap, socat, wireless-tools, dsniff, ...

New stuff I've been thinking about: Location Home-applet, shows current position (maybe with street name lookup). Temperature Home-applet (see internal-temp app). New hardware-keyboard-based version of xkbd-bthid, also I need to support Windows and MacOSX (this will take some time).

Any comments or ideas for applications?

N810 got it!

2008-02-14 00:39 UTC  by  collin
Yea! I finally have a Nokia N810. I haven't done much yet since I was kind of busy the whole day. What I can say so far is: I like the keyboard.

More in the coming days.

Many thanks to my sponsor :-)

IpHome 0.5 for Maemo 4.x (Chinook)

2008-01-25 00:24 UTC  by  collin
other then I said before I'm now releasing my IpHome home/desktop plugin for Maemo 4.x (for the N8x0 devices) even I don't have a N810 yet.

In this release it now supports virtual interfaces in the style of wlan0:1 which was requested by some people.

Please report back any errors.

Left to do for Chinook is support for a transparent background - to get rid of the white ugly window.

Install IpHome

Stats for the MUlliNER.ORG Maemo Repository

2008-01-08 13:29 UTC  by  collin
In mid December I realized that it would be really helpful to know what exactly is going on with my Maemo repositories. So I decided to have a special webalizer only for the Maemo repository (I have a global webalizer for the whole domain). After looking at the stats I regret that I didn't do this right from the start.

Some interesting observations so far
    Most people already download Maemo 4.x (Chinook) packages
    last 12 days of December => 1.7 GB packages

I wouldn't have guessed that so many people already run Chinook in December (maybe only the super hard core early adapters use my stuff).

See the for yourself: MUlliNER.ORG Maemo Repository Stats

Btw: Many people ask me about ipHome applet (shows IP address on home screen). I'm going to release it as soon as I have my N810. I know this is not nice :-P

Playing with the N810 at 24C3

2008-01-01 18:49 UTC  by  collin
I had some time to play with the N810 while attending 24C3. The interesting part was that I saw quite a lot of people with a N810 in their hands - the ones I talked to had it imported from the U.S.

Since the N810 is mostly like the N800 (software wise) I only checkout the hardware. First impression was very good. The case looks very nice. I think it is a very clean design no bumps or strange edges. (Pictures don't tell you anything when it comes to hardware like this.) For me the most important thing to try was the keyboard since it is the novel part of the N-series. So I was very pleased to find it working just fine - much better then I expected (also I only had a couple of minutes). Sliding the keyboard up and down also seems to work nicely.

All in all it was a nice experience and I'm looking forward to get my own.

Update of my Chinook (Maemo 4) Repository

2007-12-16 22:15 UTC  by  collin
I finally updated my Chinook repository. Most of my Bora packages just work on Chinook. I only had to rebuild a few such as the Wireless Tools.

I'm about to rewrite IpHome (the IP address homepage applet) so it isn't in the repository yet. Also I managed to just rebuild it for Chinook but for some reason it makes the windows manager crash so I'm not putting it in the repository.

If you need more command line utilities for your OS2008 device feel free to leave a comment in my blog.

Add MUlliNER.ORG Chinook Repository

The N810 Internet Tablet is out!

2007-10-17 20:41 UTC  by  collin
New hardware features: GPS, sliding keyboard and a 400MHz CPU (specs. from Engadget). The device is a little smaller then the N800 (which I think is nice). The software is called OS2008 (who would have guessed?). They finally kicked out Opera and use a Gecko-based browser (see my older blog entry).

Another interesting thing for N800 owners is the fact the Nokia announced a OS2008 version for the N800. This means people who don't like to buy a new device will be able to get all the new eye candy for free. This basically is possible because the N800 and N810 hardware is very similar.

I'm really looking forward to the N810. For me as a Linux (shell) hacker a hardware keyboard will be extremely interesting. The N810 is supposed to by sold starting mid November.

here is a version of xkbd-bthid (my Bluetooth HID-Keyboard software) that works on the Nokia N800 (Maemo 3.2). I've finally found the time to fix it, also the number of users writing me emails to report that it doesn't work grew quite large in the last weeks.

xkbd-bthid still only supports the BOOT protocol which basically means no Windows and no MacOS X support. Linux is supported if you add -B to the hidd command line. Ubuntu users can do this in /etc/default/bluetooth.

Support for the REPORT protocol will defently come to xkbd-bthid.

Also please read the the package information before installing. Since you have to perform one small step manually before xkbd-bthid works. This is setting setuid to the wrapper executable. This is because dpkg on Maemo still doesn't do setuid.

Download/Install it using my Bora repository

RX-44 in my Weblog?

2007-10-12 13:10 UTC  by  collin
I have this nice script running every night to collect all unique User-Agent (aka. the name of the web browser) strings that contain interesting keywords one of them is arm. So today I checked the output of this script and I found the new Nokia tablet. The thing to look for is RX-44 since this is the new device code (see full analysis of ljprx 44).

So is this the new Nokia tablet?

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux armv6l; en-US; rv:1.9a6pre) Gecko/20070926 Firefox/3.0a1 Tablet browser 0.1.22 RX-34+RX-44_OSSO1.1_0.2007.39-13

Also this seems to be some kind of transition firmware since it says RX-34 and R-X44. Also the OSSO part is newly added part of the User-Agent string. I have 3 different User-Agent strings containing OSSO.

Of course this could also be the new Maemo 4.0 build running on a N800.


Just right now I found this: RX-44_2008SE

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux armv6l; en-GB; rv:1.9a6pre) Gecko/20071003 Firefox/3.0a1 Tablet browser 0.1.23 RX-34+RX-44_2008SE_1.2007.40-8