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Intel and Nokia have just announced that mobile Linux operating systems Moblin and Maemo are merging. The new OS is called MeeGo. Details are still emerging, but from the looks of it Intel will provide most of the core while Nokia is responsible for the UI (which will be based on Qt). One important bit of information already known is that MeeGo will use RPM packaging. So Maemo developers, better start reading.

According to the MeeGo architecture diagram, GTK will still be supported, although it is not clear to what extent. Two distinct user interfaces are referenced, called “MeeGo Handheld UX” and “MeeGo Netbook UX”. How does Maemo fit into all of this? Speculate away in the comments.


Some welcome news for all Qt on Maemo developers out there: Nokia intends to deploy the currently in Beta Qt 4.6 to all devices via software update — most probably already with the next major update PR1.2. Currently, Qt 4.6 (available from extras-devel) is completely optified and resides in /opt/qt4-maemo5. That will change with PR1.2, where it will move to the rootfs, replacing the community-supported Qt 4.5. What does this mean for Qt applications?

  • Qt 4.6 applications: If all goes well, nothing needs to be done. Deployed applications should pick up the libraries in /usr. You might need to edit your build scripts so they won’t look in /opt/qt4-maemo5/bin if you’re using qmake.
  • Qt 4.5 applications: This one is trickier. The Maemo5-specific parts in Qt 4.6 are neither API nor ABI compatible with the ones in Qt 4.5. This means that you’ll need at least a recompile, and probably also do source code modifications if you’re doing anything Maemo5-specific. Qt 4.5 applications on device will stop working until there is a Qt 4.6-based update available.

So all you Qt 4.5 users out there, install libqt4-maemo5-dev in scratchbox and start porting. :)