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Mohammed Hassan

My Arabic related TODO list for maemo

2007-12-04 17:45 UTC  by  Mohammed Hassan

This is my Arabic related TODO list for maemo. It's my personal one not the Nokia employee one :-)

* katoob should be fully functional (I'm learning here). Actually I did more work today and I guess it's fine.
* Package and publish some Arabic fonts (I know there's one provided by the browser team).
* See what can be done regarding input (Low priority. Sorry to say that I don't like the HIM plugin interface).
* Check apps. Is there anything useful and needs "porting" ?
* glibc/x11 Arabic locale ?
* Any suggestions ?

I'll not translate the UI for 3 reasons:
* I'm not of a translator.
* The license you agree to while downloading the OS image prevents me from doing that.
* Because we are using logical IDs in the code, we will f*** up the UI unless all of the strings are translated.

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Mohammed Hassan

katoob under maemo.

2007-12-03 16:31 UTC  by  Mohammed Hassan
image/png iconkatoob-maemo.png

So the svn repository now contains what should be katoob 0.5.9 (Hopefully). Which can now run under maemo.

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Mohammed Hassan

drupal and the N810

2007-10-22 13:04 UTC  by  Mohammed Hassan
image/png icons.png

Here it goes. Lighttpd, php, sqlite and drupal with sqlite support.

All compiled inside scratchbox using the beta Chinook SDK.

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