September 2009 sprint: committed tasks

2009-09-01 23:23 UTC by Andrew Flegg

This isn't a Nokia World update - you'll have to wait for tomorrow for that (well, later today!)

The monthly sprint meeting was held today (first Tuesday of the month). The committed tasks, and meeting actions, are now published in the usual location:

The main themes of the sprint are:

  • Packages being usable (and used) for Fremantle testing by people with devices in hand
  • Some automatic checks to prevent duff packages getting into -testing
  • SSO: accounts sync API between various systems
  • Published documentation on server upgrades
  • Council election held and results published
  • Community days of summit finalised
  • Sponsorship rejection/approval requests sent for everyone
  • Capacity planning for Fremantle

Each task in the sprint is assigned a MoSCoW prioritisation: one of must, should, could (or won't). The following people have committed to organise tasks in this sprint:

Day-to-day activities will be reported on the Qaiku #maemork channel.

The next sprint meeting will be held under a new Maemo Community Council on Tuesday, 6th October 2009 at 13:30 UTC.


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