Application Catalog Documents

If you’re ready to dive into installing additional applications onto your Internet Tablet, the Application Catalog User Manual is a good place to start. Here you can learn about browsing the catalog, searching for applications, and installing applications via the “One Click” process or by using application repositories.

Adding applications such as media players, games, productivity tools, and system utilities will enhance your tablet experience and provide you a way to personalize your Internet Tablet with comprehensive solutions suited for your specific needs. When you’re ready to browse the catalog go to the Downloads section, where you can browse applications by functionality, and see which applications are popular and highly rated.

User Manual

The document is intended to those who would like to download applications from the catalog. It covers:

  • installing applications by single click
  • installing applications if single click is not supported
  • locating installation instructions
  • various problematic cases with examples

Developer Manual

This document is more technical oriented and aims to help developers registering and maintaining their applications in the catalog. Here we cover the following tasks:
  • adding new application
  • editing or changing an existing application
  • creating an install file for single click installation
  • deleting an application