There are a great many ways to help improve the Maemo project as a community member.

Join a project

In the Garage you will find hundreds of community-run projects and applications in need of assistance. Here are some examples:

Join in

The easiest way to get involved is to join one of the Maemo community mailing lists, sign up for the user forums, and start talking to other users. You'd be surprised how much you can help.


Any contributed documentation like how-to, tips and tricks and tutorials are greatly appreciated and would immensely help the Maemo community. Our preferred submission method for documentation is our wiki. As per the Maemo contribution guidelines we ask that you make sure that all work you submit is your own, and is compatible with the Creative Commons license we use for the website.


If you have written an application using the maemo development platform and would like to announce it then visit our Application Catalog and add information about your project.

Other contributions

The Maemo community is always in need of writers, designers, translators, web designers, packagers and developers.