Bugs and features

You can help improving the Maemo software, documentation, website... Please file all bug reports and patches in maemo.org's Bugzilla .

For feature requests that are not totally trivial, use the maemo.org Brainstorm.

Reporting bugs doesn't take longer than writing emails after some practice. Bug reports are way more efficient for you because Bugzilla never forgets and always shows the status and history of any bug. Registration is needed to file bugs and receive email updates. It takes less than a minute.

Bug reporting newbies

If this is your first bug have a look to the guidelines . You might also want to have a look to this unofficial but illustrative guide published at TabletBlog.com:

Some shortcuts to submit new bugs:

Tips and instructions

Follow these steps to improve your contributor/developer performance - and help others do their work better too.

Search and vote bugs first

Before filing a bug make sure it is not already filed by someone else. Use the Search field for that, either introducing just keywords or narrowing the results using the Search . Note that you can vote on an existing report to increase its visibility and priority. Triagers do look to these votes when prioritizing issues for developers.

File the bugs in their best place

bugs.maemo.org is organized in so-called classifications (for example Official Applications, Official Platform, or 3rd party Extras). Each categories contains of products , and each product is divided in components . Try to find the best product and component for your bug, otherwise it might get longer for your report to get fixed.

Get the email notifications that interest you

If you comment on a bug remember to add yourself to the CC (there is a checkbox right below the comments text area), otherwise you might not receive the replies to your comment.

If you are interested or in charge of a specific component make sure your are watching the default QA Contact of that component in order to receive an email notification when there is activity on that component. To find the corresponding address for a component, go to the overview page , click on a product, and get the list of its components and its Default QA contacts. Copy the contact's address. Go to your Email preferences to add it to your watchlist and to define the type of notifications you want to receive in general.

Want to get even more involved? Start Triaging!

Join the maemo.org Bugsquad if you do not only want to report and read bugs and requests but actively help managing the existing ones (e.g. by improving the general quality of incoming reports or if you have good knowledge in a specific software field that interests you). There are no obligations once you have joined.

To developers

  • If you know a bug is for you, reassign it to you - no matter how long it will take to actually start working on it.
  • If you have acknowledged a bug and you reckon that needs to be processed, change the NEW value to ASSIGNED.
  • Specially if you are working or planning to work on a bug, the flag ASSIGNED is required. Flying from NEW to FIXED should happen only for those bugs you fix in minutes, hours, no more than one day.