Older releases

Below you will find links to our archives where you can access the old Maemo SDK releases. These releases include the usual Scratchbox rootstraps (arm/armel and i386), release notes and the installer script(s). These old releases are no longer supported by Nokia .

Maemo 5

Maemo 5 Beta 2 SDK

Maemo 5 Beta SDK


Maemo 4.1.1 Diablo

Maemo 4.1 Diablo

Maemo 4.0 Chinook Final

Maemo 4.0 Chinook Alpha

Maemo 4.0 Chinook Beta


Maemo 3.0 Bora

Maemo 3.1 Bora

Maemo 3.2 Bora


Maemo 2.1 Scirocco

Maemo 2.0 Mistral


Maemo 1.1

Maemo 1.0