Maemo 5 Beta 2 SDK


This release is outdated. Current SDK releases are available from Forum Nokia website.

The Maemo 5 Beta 2 SDK is an increment to the beta SDK released in April this year.  With this release, you can now develop status menu plugins. The developer documentation is now available in the wiki and we welcome contributions to these editable pages. Comments from the Task:Proof-read_Human_Interface_Guidelines have also been applied (Thanks guys for the work). See the announcement for a generic view of the release.


Downloads and documentation

Scratchbox installer

Maemo SDK installer

Installation instructions

Release Notes

Known issues


Wiki Pages

Maemo 5 Developer Guide (Draft)

Accelerometers in Maemo

Q & A SDK and Scratchbox

Q & A Porting to Fremantle



API References

Content changes between Maemo 5.0 beta  and beta2 releases

Content Comparison between Maemo 5.0 beta and beta2 releases

Simple examples




Using Fremantle Widgets

Uploading packages to Maemo Extras repository