Compatibility between maemo 4.x and maemo 5 pre-alpha release

Maemo 4.x is not totally API compatible with 5.x releases. More details

Compatibility between maemo 4.x releases

All maemo 4.x SDK releases are API compatible between each other.

Compatibility between maemo 4.1 and maemo 4.0.x releases

maemo 4.1 is compatible with maemo 4.0.x in general. There are however a few changes. Refer here for more details.

Compatibility between maemo 4.0.x and earlier releases

maemo 4.0.x is not API compatible with earlier releases. Please see API changes between 3.2 and 4.0 for more details.

Compatibility between maemo 3.x releases

All maemo 3.x SDK releases are API compatible between each other.

Compatibility between maemo 2.2 and maemo 3.x releases

Overall application compatibility between Nokia 770 with OS 2006 and Nokia N800 with OS 2007 is rather good.The maemo 2.2 development environment supports Nokia 770 Internet Tablets with OS 2006 Software Edition and maemo 3.x development environments support Nokia N800 Internet Tablets with OS 2007 Software Edition.

Most of the applications developed for Nokia 770 using maemo 2.2 will work as such with Nokia N800.

Some existing Nokia 770 open source applications have been shortly tested with Nokia N800. Test results are available in the maemo wiki. In some exceptional cases porting from maemo 2.2 to maemo 3.x will be required, but it is typically simple. For details please see the maemo 3.x Porting Guide.

Installation packages created for Nokia 770 will work with Nokia N800. Single click installations will however need separate installation files (or .install files).

For more details please refer to the Making a Package for the Application Manager in maemo 3.x documents.


Maemo 2.2 and 3.x releases support the same Scratchbox Apophis R4 version. For those who would like to have several development environments it is possible to install different maemo releases to the same Scratchbox Apophis R4 environment.

maemo 4.x Chinook requires updated Scratchbox R4, which is supported also by maemo 3.2. maemo 2.2 is incompatible with that Scratchbox version.

Linux flasher tool

The Linux flasher tool (flasher-3.0) is used in maemo 2.2, maemo 3.x and maemo 4.0 releases. This version works with all Nokia Internet Tablets.