Maemo sources on Gitorious

Many parts of Maemo are now being developed in the open on To find the most up-to-date, unreleased code, see For more information about how Maemo is developed, please read the open development wiki article.

Debian style repository

Source code packages can be found in the Maemo repository under their version or code name.

Source code packages can also be obtained by using apt-get. Make sure that you use correct content in your /etc/apt/sources.list file when working with different maemo releases. See details below.

These sources include all the Maemo-related packages. Since Maemo 3.2, the repository also includes the source packages of the free components shipped in the OS2007 and OS2008 (in previous versions they were delivered in a tarball).

Maemo 5 repositories

deb-src fremantle/sdk free
deb-src fremantle/tools free

Maemo 4.1 source repositories

For Maemo 4.1 use the following:

deb-src diablo/sdk free
deb-src diablo/tools free

Maemo 4.0 source repositories

For Maemo 4.0 use the following:

deb-src chinook free

Maemo 3.2 source repositories

For Maemo 3.2 use the following:

deb-src maemo3.2 free         

Maemo 2.2 source repositories

For Maemo 2.2 use the following:

deb-src gregale free  

Subversion repository

You can check out source codes from our subversion repository:

On the Building Hildon page in the GNOME wiki there are instructions on checking out and compiling the code outside of Scratchbox. The compiling Hildon page in the Hildon reference manual also contains useful information for building Hildon from sources.

You can read more on subversion in the Subversion Book.

By following this link you can see the recent changes in the maemo subversion repository.

Browsing the source

You can also browse the source code with a web browser just by clicking here or check source package repositories at

A cross-reference is available in the Cross-Reference.


For license information please see the licensing page.