Maemo Diablo Training Material

Maemo training courses provide an efficient overview of the tools and methodologies needed when developing applications and platform services to the maemo platform. Using hands-on exercises and examples, the participant will be able to write simple GUI applications and platform services that will integrate into the maemo platform and the packaging framework.

Maemo courses are designed for application and platform service developers and designers interested on mobile Linux development and maemo. Experience on application and system level programming in Linux on PC environment will help, but is not a prerequisite. Prequisites of fully understanding training material are knowledge of C programming in Linux-environment and basic knowledge about Debian development tools and Debian utilities used in software packaging

Maemo training material can be used as such to give class room trainings or as selfstudy material about mobile Linux technology but material can also be used as basis of your own training courses. Everybody interested on mobile Linux technology and development are encouraged to utilize maemo training as base material to create your own personalized mobile Linux courses. Everybody who follow material license terms can modify and extend the base material provided by maemo for their own training needs.

Maemo training material will be available as pre-generated html and pdf documents. To encourage wide usage of maemo training material all courses have been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License . Code examples included to training material are licensed under MIT-style License which allows free usage of provided example code in your own components.

If you want to contribute your own ideas or actual material to maemo training you can go to the Maemo Training section of wiki . Notice also that before taking Maemo training material into use in your own projects it is recommended to check wiki training pages for possible new material and known issues contributed by the Maemo community.

Training material for Maemo 4.1 Diablo

Maemo Diablo training material consists of following parts:

Maemo Technology Overview
- introduction to the Maemo technology and development environment
- can be used as independent training material and introduction to other Maemo courses
- planned to be 1 day lecture type course

Maemo Getting Started
- introduction to the Maemo platform and setting up environment
- can be used (if needed) at the beginning of Application and Platform Development training sessions
- planned to be 1 day class room course

Maemo Application Development
- introduction to Maemo application development on top of Maemo platform
- Maemo Getting Started as prerequisite
- can be used (together with Getting Started) as independent training material
- planned to be 3 day class room course 

Maemo Platform Development
- introduction to Maemo platform and service development
- Maemo Getting Started and Application Development as prerequisite
- can be used (together with Getting Started) as independent training material
- planned to be 2 day class room course