Please use the maemo.org bugzilla to report problems with the Maemo platform.

Note! You will need an account in order to file bugs in bugzilla.

Bug reporting process

When reporting bugs about Maemo, you should take into account that the platform includes many open source components which are not maintained by Maemo Software. Bugs against packages which have not been modified for Maemo should be reported upstream to their developers or maintainers. Only bugs against open source packages which have been modified for Maemo or packages made exclusively for Maemo should be reported in the bugzilla.

Bug reporting guidelines

There are two qualities that make a bug report useful. First is reproducibility, if an engineer can't see the bug themselves, then they can't fix it. A bug that is reproducible will get fixed much faster than one that's not, so providing clear, accurate steps to reproduce is important. Second is specificity, a bug that's too general or non-specific may leave the engineer unable to figure out where the bug is, or may leave them unable to fix it if the bug is too broad, so be specific.

Good quality bugs are the key to efficient and effective bug fixing—be clear, be accurate, and, most importantly, be polite! More details on good bug reporting can be found in the Bug Writing Guidelines.

Getting more involved

In order to create valuable bug reports for developers the maemo.org Bugsquad exists. Its members take a look at existing and incoming reports and ask for more information whenever required. This can be done by everybody interested in helping to make Maemo better and does not require coding skills.