Maemo 4.1 Diablo

The Maemo SDK 4.1 release provides a development environment for developing software for OS2008 version 4.2008.23-14. It replaces the Maemo SDK 4.0.1 Chinook release.


  • Diablo (4.1) is an enhancement release for Chinook (4.0.1)
  • Most of Chinook applications should continue to work without modifications. There are, however, a few changes from Chinook. Please refer to the SDK compatibility page for more details.
  • The Maemo SDK repository structure has been changed. It is now divided into 'sdk' and 'tools'. The 'sdk' repository contains all the build-time binaries and sources needed for software development, whereas the 'tools' repository contains tools that are useful in debugging and testing. It is safe to use the 'tools' repository on your device, but using the 'sdk' repository on-device is not recommended.
  • Scratchbox CPU transparency and maemo3 devkits have been upgraded to 1.0.7 and 1.0.3 respectively.
  • Scratchbox installer now installs scratchbox-toolchain-host-gcc by default.
  • The Chinook SDK can be easily upgraded to Diablo. Refer to INSTALL.txt for more details.
  • Maemo reference manual for Diablo is now available.
  • 99% of the sources compile.
  • Developer tools have been updated. Also included are some Nokia internal tools that are now open source such as sp-smaps, sp-memusage, sp-response-time and x-response-visualize.
  • OS2008 (4.2008.23-14) product sources are available in the 'sdk' repository.

SDK downloads


  • Scratchbox Apophis R4 is the cross compilation environment to be used with the Maemo 4.1 SDK. This release includes an installer script (read scratchbox installer script) which will download and install the required version of scratchbox to your host computer.
  • The Maemo 4.1 SDK can be installed by running the SDK installer script and following the given instructions.
  • For detailed installation instructions, please read INSTALL.txt.