New Council Introduction and 2012-11-16 Council Meeting Minutes

2012-11-19 22:11 UTC by Alexander Kozhevnikov

Hello all,

First, greetings to everyone from your new Council members. As you all already might know, on the council for this term are:

We look forward to serving you for the duration of our term. We will also keep posting the minutes of every meeting we hold, just as the last council did. Please do not hesitate to contact either of us with problems and/or concerns, and we will do our best to address them. Also, remember that the IRC room where community council meetings take place is open and you can always drop in when we hold the meetings (18 UTC, in #meeting-maemo on the FreeNode IRC network).

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming (Council Meeting Minutes):


Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: DocScrutinizer05, ivgalvez, qwazix, MentalistTraceur.
Absent: NielDK

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  1. Election of Chair
  2. Malfunctioning Coding Competition N950 Issue
  3. Board Update
  4. Other Infrastructure Discussion
  5. Misc topics

Topic 1 (Election of Chair):

  • Prior to meeting, DocScrutinizer nominated MentalistTraceur for chair.
  • MentalistTraceur accepted.
  • Vote was held, everyone present was in favor.
  • DocScrutinizer wished it noted that NielDK wasn't there to vote.
  • MentalistTraceur noted that he would be fine with a re-vote should NielDK wish to apply for chair.

Topic 2 (Malfunctioning Coding Competition N950 Issue):

  • Qwazix brought up that a receiver of a coding competition N950 had an issue with a portion of the screen being dead to touch.
  • Decided that first step is to see if receiver of the device got an e-mail confirmation with a contact address.
  • If they never got an e-mail confirmation or that contact doesn't work, qwazix will provide them with the contact e-mails other council members have to try.
  • Aside from that it's outside of Council's power.

Topic 3 (Board Update):

  • ivgalvez delivered an update from the Board meeting, particularly on the topic of the Board selecting admins, and their liability.
  • It was noted that no formal contract is necessary, that accepting an appointment from the Board constitutes a verbal contract under the relevant not-for-profit law.
  • Board will have an officer appointed to be the official administrator, but this "officer" can be either an individual or a group (such as the whole Council).
  • This administrator is not necessarily the most technically knowledgeable or the one doing the bulk of the administration, but rather is to hold the root passwords, grant/revoke access as necessary, and coordinate the "real" admins.
  • DocScrutinizer was nominated for that position by the Council.
  • ivgalvez will take this nomination to the Board at the next Board meeting.

Topic 4 (Other Infrastructure Discussion):

  • No news/progress on the current infrastructure situation.
  • Wiki allows login again, but still no editing.
  • Nemein has not responded to requests for an estimated time to fix the situation.

Topic 5 (Misc topics):

(Note: ivgalvez had to leave at this point)
IRC Cloaks:

  • woody14619 will have his cloak changed from maemo/community/council to
  • maemo/community/contributor.
  • e*_ (Estel) and Stskeeps will have their maemo/community/council cloaks removed.
  • qwazix and MentalistTraceur will have maemo/community/council cloaks added.

Action Items:

  • qwazix will follow up with dirksonguer regarding his malfunctioning N950.
  • ivgalvez will take the DocScrutinizer nomination to the Board during next board meeting.
  • DocScrutinizer will handle the IRC cloak changes.