Meet the new (Q1 2011) Maemo Community Council!

2011-03-19 22:05 UTC by Tim Samoff

After several days of allowing people to offer their opinions about whether or not to hold an election for the five Maemo Community Council candidates, it has become very clear that almost everyone in our community who is engaged in this process will accept the "no election" scenario and grant the candidates full Council-ship.

This being said, it brings me great pleasure -- and pride -- to announce the new, Q1 2011 Maemo Community Council:

As stated plenty of times in the past, these five contributors have put in timeless hours supporting our community, Maemo, MeeGo, and Nokia. They are all people who our community has expressed much support for and who will do what it takes to see to it that this community remains vibrant and active.

In speaking for the entire previous Council, of which I was the standing Chair, I'd like to offer a warm welcome (and welcome back to a few of these folks) and wish them a happy and productive term!

Remember, the position of Community Council member is completely voluntary and unpaid. These fine people are serving you, the Maemo Community, in their free time, out of the goodness of their hearts and a passion for what Maemo is and means. Please join me in my welcoming and remember to use the Council as much as you can -- their job is to listen to the community (via, the Community Development mailing list,,, etc.) and attempt to coordinate community efforts and communicate the important stuff to Nokia.

Once again, thank you all for the ongoing support. This Council only exists because of you.