Maemo Brainstorm...

2009-06-19 17:20 UTC by Tim Samoff

Maemo Brainstorm

So, you're a Maemo Device user and you've got some ideas about how to make it better, don't you? And, you've always wondered where to voice those ideas, right? But, even if you did, Nokia would never listen to you, would they? Well, all of that has changed.

Introducing: Maemo Brainstorm*

Brainstorm isn't just another bug reporting tool (we still have Bugzilla for that). No, Brainstorm is a place where you can post ideas (any ideas), comment on yours and others' ideas, and even offer solutions to ideas, all with an understanding that Nokia is actually listening.

So, what's the big idea? Anything.

If you have an idea about how an application could be improved -- or even an application that should be developed, Brainstorm is where you should post it. If you want to tell us about that cool widget that you always use on some other competitor's device, tell us at Brainstorm. If you'd like to submit that dream of putting a 72-megapixel camera and a high-performance ultra-small single crystalline silicon microphone on the next Maemo Device, submit it at Brainstorm.

Brainstorm is where you can interact directly with various departments of the Maemo Devices team at Nokia. This is where you will be heard.

As with other brainstorming-type systems (see the Ubuntu Brainstorm as one example), this system will have a number of moderators who will try to help out the process. They are:

As you can see, a few of these people are Nokians. Others were selected from the current Maemo Bugsquad. Finally, there are a couple of frequent Maemo contributors. If you'd like to help out, let us know in the Community section of the Talk forums.

We're looking forward to seeing your submissions!

So, what are you waiting for?

* account required.


Tim Samoff
Karma: 1634

"F Random": Good point. How about adding the idea to the Brainstorm? If not, let me know and I will.

2009-06-22 13:39 UTC
F Random
Karma: 25

We seem to have a slightly strange implementation, as it appears that unlike all other brainstorm type systems I have seen we can only rate solutions and not the actual idea. Therefore it becomes hard to see which ideas are most important to the community as the votes are diluted between different solutions.

2009-06-22 10:31 UTC
Hanno Zulla
Karma: 44

Actually, I'm waiting for the device. Where is it?

2009-06-19 22:10 UTC


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