Meet *our* new debmaster...

2009-02-12 16:27 UTC by Tim Samoff

Jeremiah Foster More specifically, meet Jeremiah Foster . In fact, while Jeremiah is the Maemo community's first official debmaster , he may actually be the first debmaster anywhere...ever. (Don't believe me? Try Googling it .)

But, it's cooler than that... This means that we, the Maemo community, now have a paid employee whose sole job is to help developers package1 their applications for mainstream consumption. So, if you're beginning to develop for Maemo and would like to learn how to package your software, contact Jeremiah . If you're a developer who just doesn't like the packaging process, contact Jeremiah . If you're just interested in what Debian packaging is in general, contact Jeremiah . I'm not telling you to abuse Jeremiah, of course, but... Ok, abuse him. No, I take that back. His contract isn't supposed to start until Febeuary 16, so wait until then to start the abuse.

Jeremiah has a history in programming in Perl, Python, and more. He's attended Harvard and Boston University, just to name a couple of schools. He's worked for some major Fortune 500 companies. He's written articles on Graphical Toolkits for Mac OS X. He gave a great presentation on packaging Perl from CPAN for Debian at FSCons in 2008. He knows what he's doing has has a passion for open source software and Debian packaging.

I'd like to thank Maemo SW (i.e., Nokia) for seeing need for an official, paid debmaster. The more we can do to present the public with Maemo applications that are clean and easy to install, the more we will spread the word about how cool Maemo is.

Please join me in welcoming Jeremiah to our community.

1 See Debian Packages .


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Andre Klapper
Karma: 1257

Great news. Welcome to the fun. :-)

2009-02-16 08:52 UTC
Dave Neary
Karma: 1195

Welcome to the team Jeremiah! Looking forward to see you work with us.


2009-02-13 08:26 UTC
Jeremiah Foster
Karma: 594

Thanks, I really look forward to working with everyone and hope to help as much as I can. I feel it is really important to help get your software into Maemo and try and smooth the path into the repos.

2009-02-12 22:32 UTC
Valério Valério
Karma: 1434

I will ask you wisdom to review my future packages :).

2009-02-12 18:09 UTC
Ciro Ippolito
Karma: 197

Great move, there are a lot of good projects on maemo that deserve more attentions and having someone helping debianize seem perfect. Meanwhile I want to thank Faheem Pervez aka qwerty12 for his amazing job: he debianiaed a lot of apps, involved in tons of projects and always gave great suggestions on ITT ( I always felt a bit guilty to ask him to debianize my things :) ). Buon lavoro!

2009-02-12 18:08 UTC
Jeremiah Foster
Karma: 594

heh, I'm looking forward to your code! :-)

2009-02-12 17:37 UTC
Andrea Grandi
Karma: 662

I think I'll "abuse" you a bit, when I'll release something in Python ;)

2009-02-12 16:32 UTC
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