Maemo Reference Manual and Tutorial documents are longer and more detailed release documents that cover maemo development platform and supported technology areas in a more detailed way.

For maemo Diablo 4.1.x release there is Reference Manual and for earlier maemo Gregale 2.2, Bora 3.x and Chinook 4.0.x releases there are separate tutorial documents available that help maemo newbies to start development with maemo development platform and Internet Tablets.

Maemo Diablo Reference Manual

For maemo Diablo 4.1.x release there is Maemo Diablo Reference Manual that provides detailed and comprehensive guide for newbies how to setup maemo development environment and begin maemo development.

Notice that all source code examples used as part of maemo Diablo release documentation are available from Garage from maemo examples project.

Maemo Tutorials for earlier maemo releases

Maemo Chinook 4.0.x Tutorial - Maemo Bora 3.x Tutorial - Maemo Gregale 2.2 Tutorial

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