Maemo release documentation explains in a detailed and practical way how to setup maemo development environment and use technologies supported by maemo platform and development environment.

Maemo release documentation for Diablo has been combined into one maemo Diablo Reference Manual. Reference manuals are typically maemo release specific and more generic documentation (like maemo IDE Integration support) is provided as separate documents.

Maemo 5 documentation

A draft version of the developer documentation is available here.

Maemo Diablo release documentation

For maemo Diablo 4.1.x all release specific documentation is available as maemo Diablo Reference Manual.

Notice that all source code examples used as part of maemo Diablo Reference Manual are available from Garage from maemo examples project.

Maemo release documentation for earlier releases

Maemo Chinook 4.0.x release documentation - Maemo Bora 3.x release documentation - Maemo Gregale 2.2 release documentation

Please enter bug reports about documentation and source code examples using under product "website" and component "documentation". You can also give feedback or make a feature request by setting the issue's "severity" to "enhancement".

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