So what do you think?

2009-04-23 00:23 UTC by Tim Samoff

europe.jpgIf you're like most people who have contacted me since my last post, you are pretty sick of the ├╝ber-80s pop-metal anthem, "The Final Countdown" by Europe, spinning in the back of your head. Well, good news... The new website has barely been out a day and we've already gotten some good feedback and some bug reports -- all to be expected. Personally, I think the change-over went even more smoothly than I ever expected (thank you X-Fade!). All this, regardless of what you have playing on repeat in Canola.

As stated previously, there will still be a lot of issues to be worked out in the coming weeks -- and subsidiary pages that need to be worked into the new design. We'll try to accomplish all of these things in as timely a manner as possible (there are really only two people who are integrating actual design stuff, so please bare with us).

You may have noticed that the "Talk" button up in the main menu now points to Internet Tablet Talk. This is an interim solution that is helping us get ready for when itT is styled to look just like this new site (thanks Reggie!).

Again, thanks for the feedback and bug reporting. We really appreciate it.

Let us know here in the comments what you think about the new site & design!