Maemo Community Council Elections Approaching!

2011-02-23 00:10 UTC by Tim Samoff

Time sort of swept right by us during this term of the Maemo Community Council. The Maemo Community has seen a lot happen within the past six months: MeeGo gained its wings (and then had them proverbially clipped); we watched and attended the first-ever MeeGo Conference in Dublin, Ireland; the CSSU has grown steadily and surely and has been gaining more and more traction with casual users... The overall community psyche has had its fair share of ups and downs to say the least. If anything, Maemo has proven that it can stay active despite everything else that's going on around the open source ecosphere.

Now, the time has come to begin work towards the next term (March 2011 - September 2011) for the Maemo Community Council. This means publishing a list of all of the members who are eligible to run, opening the self-nomination period, voting, etc. To add to the urgency of these tasks, we are running a little behind schedule as well. But, the Council has developed a timeline and long-time supporter, Dave Neary, has accepted our request to assist us in with the technicalities of the election process (this is one of the things that Dave always took care of as a paid employee of and he has graciously volunteered to help again). Thanks, Dave!

The timeline breaks down as follows:

  • 2011-02-24 (Thursday): List published, nominations open
  • 23:59 UTC, 2011-02-10 (Thursday): Nominations close
  • 00:00 UTC, 2011-03-14 (Monday): Voting opens
  • 23:59 UTC, 2011-03-20 (Sunday): Election closes

Hopefully, we can stick to the 24 February start-date, but it is all contigent on getting a list of elligible candidates published, etc. So, please allow for some fudging on the dates and time.

If you have been with for a while and have over 100 Karma-points, you are elligible to run for canditacy. Please consider doing so, as our community needs the support of a cohesive Council now more than ever.