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2009-01-26 04:34 UTC by Tim Samoff

The more dedicated among you may follow one (or several) of the Maemo mailing lists . A bunch of you probably read Internet Tablet Talk (soon to become !). One or two of you may have even figured something out via this article on EIPI 's Mobile Tablets blog. But, if my assumptions are correct, there are many of you probably rely solely on Maemo Planet in order to know what's going on with in the world of Internet Tablets and . However you get your news, I wanted to make sure you knew about something very exciting: is changing...

If you follow the maemo-community mailing list, you already know this. If you came across this thread at itT, you already know as well. But, if you hadn't heard yet, we are fully underway in a complete redesign of the look & feel of the website. I've posted a few images below. You can click on them to see larger versions.

e9608d08eb5f11dd85ca7905bfc7e5c4e5c4_maemo-org-main-redesign-01.png 16c2f6a0eb6011dd86498be16086bdb0bdb0_maemo-org-standard-redesign-01.png 1f227e2eeb6011dd8b1c3be0e0b1d0a4d0a4_maemo-org-development-redesign-01.png

Because of help from a number of people the new "look" is being implemented and tested as we speak. We have been working hard on creating a site that is both visually appealing and easy to use. I'd like to take a moment to point out some of the main influencers: Dave Neary , Niels Breet (X-Fade), Andrew Flegg (Jaffa), Glaubert Oliveira (the logo designer/contest winner and OpenBossa employee), Andre Cunha (OpenBossa employee), Henri Bergius (bergie) of Nemein (the company behind The Midgard Project , the back-end of this very website), Lauri Manner (neithan) from Nemein, and Reggie Suplido (creator and maintainer of Internet Tablet Talk). Of course, I 'm involved too. There are also a number of other people who I hope will forgive me for not mentioning their names here.

If you're interested in monitoring our progress — or even joining in the discussion — there are several ways to do it. First, I'd suggest subscribing to the maemo-community mailing list. Maemo-community is for community-related topics and has reatively low traffic. If you'd like to partake in a little finer grain, feel free to subscribe to maemo2midgard-commits . Here, you'll receive an email every time someone adds or changes something on the test site. Speaking of test sites, you can always just hop over to and see what's happening. Warning: the test site will often appear broken (or no different than the current site) and won't always function properly.

We hope you like what you see. Trust me when I say that it will be light year ahead as far as your user experience is concerned.


Andrew Zhilin
Karma: 1100

Can you please remove me from the list since I haven't done totally anything for Absolutely nothing.

2009-01-26 17:42 UTC
Karma: 1414

Yep right now it s ok.

And again thx for the great work. The new style is also not slower on microb. Which is a great thing.

2009-01-26 17:29 UTC
Tim Samoff
Karma: 1634

Thanks, Oskar!

Benoît, if it was... It isn't now. Thanks for pointing it out.

2009-01-26 13:54 UTC
Oskar Welzl
Karma: 962

I like it a lot. It's fresh, inviting and professional. Thanks for the great work!

2009-01-26 08:47 UTC
Karma: 1414

I like the new design...

It's seems that someone have push the test site to the wrong directory. have the new design. But appear broken at this time on Chrome.

2009-01-26 08:14 UTC


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