Introducing the fourth Maemo Community Council

2010-04-03 15:32 UTC by Andrew Flegg

The election of the fourth Maemo Community Council has concluded, and the results announced. As chair of the new council, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves:

72px-Mcc-ryan_abel.jpgRyan Abel (GeneralAntilles)
"I've been involved with Maemo in one way or another since the earliest days of the 770, I love this platform, I love this community, and I'd like to help make it the best it can be." Ryan has been on the council twice before: as chair in the inaugral council, and as an active member during the second.
72px-Rga2.pngRandall Arnold (Texrat)
"I was originally involved with the Maemo devices as a Nokia factory QA engineer and in 2009 transitioned into more of a community-support role when my Nokia position was eliminated." Randall is continuing on the council after being elected to the third council.
72px-Mcc-atilla_csipa.jpgAttila Csipa (achipa/attila77)
"I'm a software consultant specializing in OSS technologies by day and Open Source hacker/language geek by night. I joined the Maemo community ranks in 2008 when I (almost by chance) acquired a N810, and was almost instantly taken by the possibilities, both of the Maemo devices themselves and the already formed community around them." After a long time in the community, and being very active in the support of Python and Qt in Maemo, Attila is elected to the council for the first time.
72px-Mcc-andrew_flegg.jpgAndrew Flegg (Jaffa) - chair
"I'm a software architect and developer in my day job, and bought a 770 the day they went on sale. Having moved up through each generation, I've tried to be active and involved in all aspects of the Maemo community. As well as a community member, I've been "scratching my itches" with projects such as tablet-encode, Hermes, Catorise and now MWKN (Maemo Weekly News)." Andrew, like Ryan, was a member of the inaugral council, and chaired the second.
72px-Mcc-javispedro.jpegJavier S. Pedro (javispedro)
"Computer engineering student in Barcelona, Spain; and the owner of N900 and N810. I've been the developer of some game ports with some system stuff; this year I've finally experienced the stress of having thousands of feature requests (and TODO items) and not knowing where to start :)". Javier is the newest community member on the council, and brings a fresh perspective.

This term is going to see many changes, following the announcement from Nokia and Intel of Moblin and Maemo merging to form MeeGo. Exactly what this transition will involve remains to be seen, but hopefully we'll be able to help steer our community through to a stronger place.

We've already been hard at work: selecting a chair (me); revamped the council homepage (further suggestions welcome) and set up a link between the council blog and the Community forum at Talk. In particular, the new homepage features a "hot topics" table listing the biggest and widest spanning issues facing the community at the moment, and a particular point of contact for them.

We're your council, so please get in touch via email (; IRC; mailing lists or Talk. Please remember, though, that the council doesn't (and shouldn't!) do everything. If you want to step up to organise something and want our support, we'll be happy to give it!


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